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SWaRM IRC – Preconfigured Client

For all those that are annoyed with the web interface, you can now download a preconfigured mIRC installation.

It is here. Unzip it to a folder and run mirc.exe . It will prompt for you to register, just hit continue and it won’t ask again until the next time you run it.

After a time the continue button gets delayed, just be patient and it will come back, no need to buy it unless you fancy it.  It’s not that expensive.

When you start it up, it will ask you for your nickname, and it will not ask you this again.

There are a couple of menu items at the top under the Commands menu.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.7.2 Released

Hi All

Today’s very very minor update fixes a bug with the toolbar not showing a parse button on SFC Uni2.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.7.1 Released

Hi All

Tonights update is a fairly large one.

It now allows direct parsing of espionage reports from the messages screen.  Check the espionage reports (or just hit check all) and you will see a new window open up with a list of parsed espionage in a group.

The other update relates to the quick links.  They are now separated by game.


Galaxy Search – Now Shows Hephs

Tonights update will show heph’s in the galaxy search results. There is also a new checkbox on the search form that will display only Hephs if it’s ticked.

Head over to your respective galaxy search and check it out!

There will be a lack of hephs listed at first, but as the universe is parsed again it will fill up.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.7.0 Released

Hi all

Today’s update enables the data capture for the SFC 2 and SFX 2. The searches aren’t working just yet. But they will be enabled over the next few days.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.6.3 Released

Todays update is a tiny release to enable the toolbar to work on firefox 5 and 6. There are no other changes.

You can download the toolbar through the usual update process or