Introducing SWaRM General Forum

To All SWaRM,
Past, Present and Future, and those who just like being around our general awesomeness

We now have a forum space dedicated to, well stuff I suppose. Rather than being game specific this forum is open to all. It’s long overdue and we hope it is well received.

SWaRM has, and always will be a community first and foremost, each game has it’s own community and we’d like to bring these communities under one roof, to one big party.

So please take a look and we hope to see you on the flipside.

Any request for new sections can be sent to me or posted on the forum.



Forum Admin

One Response to “Introducing SWaRM General Forum”

  • SpaceFumble says:

    I’m in!
    Most excellent tool, Stu|, of course, as are most of yours! Greatly appreciate your efforts to bring us closer.

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