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New Browser based IRC URL

Hi all

After the recent problems with the browser based irc client I have migrated it over to the same server that runs the actual irc server. This way if the web server is down you should still be able to use the chat until I can bring it back up.

You can use it via the link



Spongebob Squarepants 2012 pumpkin – Timelapse video

New Up/Downgrade for the Toolbar

Hey all

Matt from BFG recently popped into our IRC for a chat about the toolbar.  He asked me to remove the functionality that allows us to auto parse a galaxy.

Please bear in mind that the parsing as you browse functions are all still working fine, but the button that allows us to parse an entire galaxy without user intervention is now disabled.




Stu| Charity Wax – Followup

Thought I would upload some pics and vids for you all see the pain.

I’ve been lazy and not removed my donate page so you can still donate @


Vid 1

Vid 2

Vid 3

Vid 4

Vid 5

Vid 6

SWaRM Toolbar 1.8.3 Released

Hi all

This new update brings with it the following enhancements…

  • Ability to add new games for parsing remotely without a toolbar update.
  • Support for NOVA
  • Small code enhancements to reduce the duplication
  • Ability to switch between the stable release channel and the development(bleeding edge) channels as you like.

As always, any bugs please reply to this post.


Stu|’s Charity Wax

Hey All

I’m getting my back waxed for charity, Check it out!



Parser Update

Hi All

I have today released a parser update.

I have told it to erase galaxy data before it inserts new stuff, just to clear out any crap we have in there.

So please make sure all universes are parsed again within the next week so I can enable the updates and start tracking player status’s again.


SWaRM Meetup Photos – 2012-01-06

Courtesy of Tyr –

2012 SWaRM Aims

Hi Everyone

I thought I’d update you all on some of the plans I have for this year. Will make it nice to look back in 2013 and see how many actually got done!

  • Rewrite the galaxy parser. At the moment it’s hammering my servers CPU doing all the processing and is frequently at 70-100%. I can change this by optimising the parsing so it’s faster per galaxy and this should reduce the load as well as hopefully finally eliminate any duplicates for good.
  • Rewrite the toolbar – I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and as much as I like the XUL side of firefox, more and more people are using chrome to do the parsing. So I will change the toolbar so that it uses good ‘old’ HTML5 to allow chrome users to install and parse. The other aim of this rewrite is to give me the ability to have separate release channels for the toolbar so that the people that want the most bleeding edge version can keep up with recent builds.
  • Do more integration of IRC and the portal and maybe even some admin updates to allow memberlists to be synchronised across the portal and all the forums. This is known in most circles as Single Sign-On.
    • On a personal note, I am getting married this year to my beautiful fiance in Malta. So I’ll pretty much be unavailable for most of June.

      I’d love for more of you to get involved this year in making the alliance more active in IRC and feel free to put yourselves forward as portal editors and/or submit posts to me on IRC and I will get them up on the portal!

      Well, that’s as much as I can think of right now, edits may follow as and when I think of new ideas!

      Have a good year this year and remember “Be excellent to each other”.


Merry Christmas SWaRM!

May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow.
Wish you lots of love, joy and happiness this Christmas.