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Introducing SWaRM General Forum

To All SWaRM,
Past, Present and Future, and those who just like being around our general awesomeness

We now have a forum space dedicated to, well stuff I suppose. Rather than being game specific this forum is open to all. It’s long overdue and we hope it is well received.

SWaRM has, and always will be a community first and foremost, each game has it’s own community and we’d like to bring these communities under one roof, to one big party.

So please take a look and we hope to see you on the flipside.

Any request for new sections can be sent to me or posted on the forum.



Forum Admin

Defiance (MMO)

Defiance is an MMO that looks great. So if anyone fancies joining me then reply here.

Game is currently in Beta and is due for full launch early April 2013.

Ties in with the TV show of the same name, so what happens on screen is reflected in game and possibly vice versa for season 2 they say.


Once full release comes around I’ll start SWaRM up and post how to join or find me info.


For more info

SWaRM Meetup, Midlands England

This meet up has been cancelled due to lack of funds. Petey will organise another one in the summer next time Maaike is in the country. Details will be issued on the facebook group.

Starfleet Commander Nova

Bluefrog have launched yet another new universe, this time introducing some new ideas.

The new ships are very nice overall, the new player protection has recently been modified giving new players very good protection, allowing them to quickly build up to a good level.

Well worth playing folks, and it certainly needs the boost in numbers.


aka Aeon Phoenix