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New Browser based IRC URL

Hi all

After the recent problems with the browser based irc client I have migrated it over to the same server that runs the actual irc server. This way if the web server is down you should still be able to use the chat until I can bring it back up.

You can use it via the link



Spongebob Squarepants 2012 pumpkin – Timelapse video

New Up/Downgrade for the Toolbar

Hey all

Matt from BFG recently popped into our IRC for a chat about the toolbar.  He asked me to remove the functionality that allows us to auto parse a galaxy.

Please bear in mind that the parsing as you browse functions are all still working fine, but the button that allows us to parse an entire galaxy without user intervention is now disabled.




Stu| Charity Wax – Followup

Thought I would upload some pics and vids for you all see the pain.

I’ve been lazy and not removed my donate page so you can still donate @


Vid 1

Vid 2

Vid 3

Vid 4

Vid 5

Vid 6

SWaRM Toolbar 1.8.3 Released

Hi all

This new update brings with it the following enhancements…

  • Ability to add new games for parsing remotely without a toolbar update.
  • Support for NOVA
  • Small code enhancements to reduce the duplication
  • Ability to switch between the stable release channel and the development(bleeding edge) channels as you like.

As always, any bugs please reply to this post.


Stu|’s Charity Wax

Hey All

I’m getting my back waxed for charity, Check it out!



SWaRM Meetup, Midlands England

This meet up has been cancelled due to lack of funds. Petey will organise another one in the summer next time Maaike is in the country. Details will be issued on the facebook group.

Starfleet Commander Nova

Bluefrog have launched yet another new universe, this time introducing some new ideas.

The new ships are very nice overall, the new player protection has recently been modified giving new players very good protection, allowing them to quickly build up to a good level.

Well worth playing folks, and it certainly needs the boost in numbers.


aka Aeon Phoenix

Parser Update

Hi All

I have today released a parser update.

I have told it to erase galaxy data before it inserts new stuff, just to clear out any crap we have in there.

So please make sure all universes are parsed again within the next week so I can enable the updates and start tracking player status’s again.


SWaRM Meetup Photos – 2012-01-06

Courtesy of Tyr –