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New Up/Downgrade for the Toolbar

Hey all

Matt from BFG recently popped into our IRC for a chat about the toolbar.  He asked me to remove the functionality that allows us to auto parse a galaxy.

Please bear in mind that the parsing as you browse functions are all still working fine, but the button that allows us to parse an entire galaxy without user intervention is now disabled.




SWaRM Toolbar 1.8.3 Released

Hi all

This new update brings with it the following enhancements…

  • Ability to add new games for parsing remotely without a toolbar update.
  • Support for NOVA
  • Small code enhancements to reduce the duplication
  • Ability to switch between the stable release channel and the development(bleeding edge) channels as you like.

As always, any bugs please reply to this post.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.7.7 Released

Hi Everyone

Today I release yet another version of the toolbar.

This release enables me to enable or disable the iframe code without releasing a new version and so annoying everyone! It also gives me the control to enable or disable this setting per game instead of being global.

As a side note, it also makes it a lot easier to add new games to the toolbar, this change will be completed in the next release which shouldn’t be for a few weeks now.


SWaRM Toolbar 1.7.5 Released

Hi everyone

Sorry to those that updated last night, I have had to release another update because of my own shortsightedness. I had disabled the buttons for every SFC game except original uni 1. This update fixes that and also increases the version of firefox that the toolbar works with up to 10.*.

Happy parsing/hunting!