Do’s & Don’ts of Colonisation
– make use of all 9 slots, even if you only have a colony for a few days, you’ll be gaining income from it where as a slot not being used is not generating you income.
– have your highest earning planet set as your homeworld (do this from settings at the botto of the page), this only really applies if your using the ‘gift’ system connected to your facebook friends.
– remember to make use of droids on all colonies, they may only give a 2% increase but every little counts and you can add one extra droid every 3 levels of mine.

Do Not…
– keep any colony with slots less than your homeworld
– have all colonies in the same sector, if you do fall victim to attack, having all your planets in one place will likely result in each planet being attacked.

It’s Advisable Not To…
– have all planets in the same galaxy, similar to the reason for not having them in the same sector, with the added bonus that spread out colonies are hard to trace for most alliances.

MAC Guide
MAC stands for ‘Mobile Attack Colony’. MAC’s are used to allow for shorter attack times and to open new areas of the universe to attack.
Be sure to scout areas out covertly before moving, probing people before you arrive will often tip them off. It’s hit and miss but more often than not you’ll find a target very quickly.

The best way to work a MAC is to use two colony slots, land on a new area with one slot and multiple gaia, once your ready to move on, colonise the new area, leaving behind enough cargo ships to send all the gained resources to where ever you want to send them. Once the cargo fleet has deployed home, you can abandon that colony and send the transport fleet to your new location, repeat the cycle over and over until you’ve destroyed everyone everywhere.

What to build?
A lot of players that I have encountered who use a MAC fall for the same mistake, they build hydrogen storage buildings. There’s no point in building storages for a MAC, the idea is to move on within a few days, and most of the ones I’ve seen haven’t even got any hydrogen income. If you are to build anything on a MAC it should be a few levels of hydrogen synthesiser, at least then when your offline your gaining a small amount of hydrogen to fuel your fleet.

What Ships To Send
Hades are the cheapest big ship for hydrogen consumption, and hercs are fairly cheap to fuel to send resources home with. But it depends how far your going so work out whats best for you. Ships like Athena and Dionysus are incredibly expensive on fuel.

Slot Guide
When colonising it’s vital to remember that slots are not upgradeable (terraforming is not cost effective in reality) so try and try again to get a high number of slots.

Every building and building upgrade uses up one slot.

Each planet number in a sector has a given limit to the minimum and maximum slot count, and also a small chance of getting a ‘mega’ planet or ‘puny’ planet. Slots 4 to 8 have the best chance of getting a higher number of slots, where as 1 to 3 and 9 to 15 have a lower chance.

As well as the variation in size of planets, planets closer to #1 are closer to the sun and therefore gain more energy from Helios, and planets closer to #15 are colder planets and gain a boost to hydrogen production. Overall it’s more cost effective to go towards #1 as oppose to #15, the benefit of Helios far outweighs the boost to Hydro production.