This is a guide for what to do AFTER you have a moon.

Moon building comes down to 3 things:

1. Resources
2. Need
3. Time

Lunar bases are a necessity. And every 3rd build will need to be a base in order to be able to keep building. There is an exception to this (more later). Beyond that you can build Capitol, Shipyard, Oracle, Warp Gate and defenses (if you build a Shipyard). It is generally agreed that defenses are not worth building on a moon, so for sake of this discussion, we will leave Shipyards (and defenses) out of the equation.

1. Resources – All the buildings unique to a moon require twice as much crystal as anything else, therefore your ability to build relies on how much crystal you have, can produce or otherwise acquire.

2. Need – Very simply, if you don’t have two moons you don’t need a warp gate. Concentrate on building Oracles

3. Time – If you have two moons, you probably want to get gates built as fast as possible, which is what pushed me into writing this help guide. What is the fastest way to build a gate on a moon? Any experienced player knows the value of building Capitol to reduce build times, but what is the optimal Capitol level to build to?

So tackling the gate question…Time and resources, fast or cheap. Let’s look at extremes.

Keep building Bases and two Capitols until you have Capitol 8, at which point you will have one field left and use that to build your gate. Yes, this is your last field, and once your gate is complete you will have to tear down a Capitol to do further building. Doing it this way instead of building to Capitol 7 and then a gate gains you 30:06 hours. You decide if it is worth tearing down a Capitol 8 (51.2K/15.4K/25.6K O/C/H) to save 30 hours.
Total time: 361:06 hours (15+ days)
Ore: 2402000
Crystal: 4630600
Hydrogen: 2351000
(plus resources to teardown Capitol 8, if you continue to build)

Simple…One base, one gate
Total time: 2400 hours (that’s 100 days)
Ore: 2020000
Crystal: 4040000
Hydrogen: 2020000

Obviously cheapest isn’t the way to go as the difference is resources is fairly insignificant. This is where your available crystal decides how fast you can build.

So if you decide you can’t afford to build to Capitol 8 before starting your gate, just follow the same one base, 2 capitol until you are down to 4M crystal and one field, then build your gate, tearing down your last capitol afterward.