Researching Technologies allows you to unlock new buildings, ships and other techs.

There are currently 15 branches available.
– Laser Tech
– Weapon Tech, upgrades your weapon by 10% per level
– Shield Tech, upgrades your shields by 10% per level
– Armour Tech, upgrades your armour by 10% per level
– Particle Tech
– Jet Drive, increases the speed of Jet Drive ships by 10%
– AI Tech, increases your maximum number of fleets by 1 per level
– Energy Tech, increases the energy output of your nuclear plants
– Espionage Tech, increases the success rate of your probes, the intel you get when under attack and increases your resistence to enemy probes
– Pulse Drive, increases the speed of Pulse Drive ships by 20%
– Plasma Tech
– FTL Tech
– Expedition Tech, unlocks new ‘Daily Missions’
– ARCNet, allows for faster research by using multiple research labs, each level allows one more lab to be used
– Warp Drive, increases the speed of Warp Drive ships by 30%

Certain ships gain major speed increases when a certain level tech is reached.

    – Atlas, changes from Jet Drive to Pulse Drive once level 5 Pulse Drive is researched
    – Ares, changes from Pulse Drive to Warp Drive when Warp Drive level 8 is researched.

It is vital to remember that having a good set of battle techs will drastically improve your combat effectiveness.

Although tech quickly becomes expensive, the score and benefits gained last forever so they are always worth doing.

When first starting out in the game it’s important to set yourself a target to unlock and work towards that one target.