If you come online to find yourself under attack (or become a target while online) there’s a few things you should do:

    – firstly, stay calm and don’t panic, if you panic you will make a mistake
    – check the eta of the attacking fleet
    – change to another planet in a different galaxy, often attackers will recall if they see the * appear for too long
    – report the incoming to the rest of the alliance

When reporting the incoming attack:

    – work out the time the attack lands, in gametime please.
    – place a message ingame with the title ‘Under Attack: g23, Lands: <time>’
    – include details such as, the coords of your planet, your defenses/ships at home, as much detail as you can about the attacking fleet, the attackers name and coords.
    – log on to IRC

If people are available to defend and the time allows it, then it will be attempted. Or if there is someone near that has an oracle, they can attempt to trap them on their return should they land.

If the attack is too near to landing and no moon owners can assist. You can try

    – probing the attacker
    – messaging the attacker informing them you are online, be pleasent and polite!