The Galaxy Search tool is basically a search tool that searches the database that is created and updated by the parsers.

The parsers get data from the SWaRM SFC Toolbar. The toolbar send espionage reports and system data to the parsers that then parse it and insert into the database ready for searching.

You must be logged into the respective forum for the game you wish to search (and be in the correct groups) in order for the search to work.


11 July 2011
Version 1.6
Enhancement: Added the ability to search for Hephs

13 May 2010
Version 1.5
Bug: planets with debris don’t show player name, rank or alliance.
Bug: some planets/moons are being duplicated on additional parses.
Fixed: When a query returns no results. Now it tells you instead of it looking like it’s doing nothing.
Change: Search for alliance is no longer a dropdown to speed up loading times.

24 May 2010
Added: Recent Intel field to results. Shows the most recent parsed espionage report for that planet. – Might bring up reports matching Extreme planets. I’ve not yet added a separation for that in the report parser so that will happen until that is resolved.
Change: Changed the CSS to better lay the results table out.
Added: Loading image for searches. So you know somethings happening on searches that have a lot of results.

26 May 2010
Fixed: Planets with debris now are fully parsed.
Added: Mark as duplicate button. Also removes that row from the table on screen.
Fixed: Any planet/player/alliance name that has entities that need to be encoded to be viewed i.e. <>& are now searchable.

06 August 2010
Fixed: Duplicates should be no more!!!!! – Note: Only applies to new parsing. So reparsing galaxies should remove all duplicates.

10 September 2010
Changed the way values are stored in the database and outputted to screen. Planets should now be in the correct order (except moons may appear before planets…)
Also outputted co-ordinates will now be converted to links if pasting ingame.

12 September 2010
You can now only search the games that you are playing with SWaRM. So ex players can only search ex universe and normal can only search the normal universe. Obviously if you play both then you can search both.
Player ranks will be consistent throughout the results now as well as their alliance.

12 October 2010
Added: Player’s current status indicator and their last status indicator as we have in the database.

13 November 2010
Fixed: Character encoding is all done in utf8. Fixing a bug where html entities were being encoded in ISO8859-1 and so not searchable.