The SWaRM SFC Toolbar is an all in one tool for the various incarnations of the SFC game. Including,

    • Quick Links to all things SWaRM and game related
    • Auto Galaxy parse
    • Battle Report Parser

Espionage Report Parser


  • 1.8.4

03 July 2012
– Removed the auto parse for entire galaxies. Normal parsing when you browse systems still work fine.

  • 1.7.3

28 August 2011
– Fixed Parse button not appearing in Uni 2 SFC.
– Fixed auto parse, << and >> buttons.

  • 1.7.1

12 July 2011
– Toolbar now parses espionage directly from the messages screen.  Either tick specific reports to parse, or check them all and it will return a link with the parsed espionage reports all in one place.
– Quick links are now organised by game.

  • 1.7.0

08 July 2011
– Toolbar now recognises SFC Universe 2 and SFX Universe 2.
– Minor upgrade in the update check (to make it easier for me :P)

  • 1.6.3

05 July 2011
– Fix for Firefox 5 and 6

  • 1.6.2

01 May 2011
– Fix for Firefox 4

  • 1.6.1

28 Aug 2010
– Bug release fixing the quick links not working.

  • 1.6.0

27 Aug 2010
– Fixed the more energy needed box going missing if you haven’t got enough energy and you are hiding the advertising links (Thanks Klattu)
– Quick Links now are on the right hand side of the toolbar permenantly.
– Now Parse System and Galaxy show the current system/galaxy
– Buttons that cannot be used on a specific page now are hidden from view. (Quick Links and parse esp are visible all the time)
– Added Espionage parser input box for single espionage parses. Opens the report either in the current window or a new tab depending on your settings for the quick links.

07 May 2010
– Version 1.1 Released
– Updated quick links to open in new tabs

08 May 2010
– Added << and >> buttons to allow browsing through galaxies easier.
– Added game links to the Quick Links dropdown.

09 May 2010
– Version 1.2 Released
– Added battlecalc to Quick Links dropdown (Thanks RobGale)
– Added “SWaRM Toolbar Options” to the Tools menu
– Added the option to open Quick Links in new tab or existing tab (Inside SWaRM Toolbar Options on the Tools menu)
– Added auto parse system on page load option.
– Updated tooltips for the << and >> buttons.
– Added fields to store SFC and SFX login details – These are not used yet, but are for future use in planet status checks if implemented.
– Added update check in Quick Links.
– Added auto check for updates option in options.

  • 1.5.0

01 June 2010
– Battle report parser

  • 1.4.0

26 May 2010
– Added a Stop Parse button that allows you to cancel the galaxy parse while it is underway. (Thanks Zaphod for the idea)
– Implemented the same functionality that greasemonkey has to remove the orange advertising links ingame. Can be turned on and off as wished in options.
– Changed the time for page loading to a random value between 1 and 8 seconds while doing the galaxy auto parse. (Helps to make it look more human to BFG)
– Added a debug mode (For my testing)

  • 1.3.0

11 May 2010
– Added Wiki to Quick Links
– Added Parse Galaxy Button
– Fixed << and >> buttons to stop the game from moving your current selected planet back to your homeworld. (Thanks Jerold for spotting this one)
– Fixed Quick Links not working on new install until options have been set once. (Thanks Insom for spotting this one)
– Added auto setting default preferences. Auto Parse, Auto Update check and Open quick links in new tab all enabled by default.


  • 1.7.0

08 July 2011
– Toolbar now recognises SFC Universe 2 and SFX Universe 2.
– Minor upgrade in the update check (to make it easier for me :P)