01-2004, Author Unknown

Newsletter #7 01-2004


Well its a brand new year with SwaRM in Chaos there is fortunatly one bright spot: this here newsletter. I found it hard to get started and sought loads of excuses to postpone the newsletter. Amongst these were RL and tests. 15 mins before 1 februari I’ve run out of excuses (and time). So I guess I’ll construct a newsletter in the 15 mins I got left. So here we go, enjoy!

__________________________________________________ ____________________

Alliance inside

One of the lesser difficult items, though I find it too bad that most of it is already told on the forums. Ill give a brief summary:

It all started when anom called a meeting after the new HC was chosen cause S0LDieR left. She thought (and maybe it was) that gecko was trying to take over. She was set to a lower then lowest rank on the webby and found it worthy for a meeting with a few ppl. In the meeting was discussed that what would happen if Gecko left. There should be a new webby etc. These logs leaked and AAngel got a hold on them and send em through to all the officers. Then she and Gecko decided to leave SWaRM. Xiphoid asked dafreak for the webby and after some hustle it was given to him. Then Xiphoid set up the new webby, but also johna left and Kama was voted away from his HC position. So SWaRM needed four brand new HC’s. First was decided that for speed reasons all Hcwould be chosen simultaniously, but someone fouled up and did the voting wrong. So since we couldn’t trust the members anymore it was decided that voting would go one at the time and 24 hours per HC.

Out of these votes so far came the winners: Hex, Xiphoid and sax. The fourth vote is still in progress, but therookie is looking good with 2 votes ;-).

__________________________________________________ ____________________

Planetia Progress

The round of Planetia ended and SWaRM did pretty bad cause of the internal problems. A lot of members left, but on the bright side activity has gone up a bit. So we are looking wit h new active HC’s forward to a new round of planetia. All has been set, members have created accounts, ingame alliance up and running. On my behalf the round can commence!
As an old SWaRM proverb goes:
Lets roid the universe and have fun doing it!

__________________________________________________ ____________________


Ahh, its good to reach this part again. I renamed the IRC-stuff to funstuff, cause I found the name better. Members haven’t been that sharing so it may be a bit low atm. But remeber, you make this section work!


* Stu was kicked by Xenomorph (Bad language kick, Next time is ban time)
* Xenomorph was kicked by Hex (Xenomorph)
* Xenomorph has joined #swarmcore
* T sets mode: +o Xenomorph
* Hex was kicked by Xiphoid (Hex)
* Xiphoid sets mode: +v Xenomorph
* Hex has joined #swarmcore
* T sets mode: +o Hex

Sax the spammer

Sax the spammer.
He spams so much
the moment he leaves
stats follows
[22:33] * Quits: +sax ([email protected] ) (Quit )
[22:33] * Quits: +Stats ([email protected] ) (Signed off )

Fear the love of Stu|

<@Stu|> oh my lover!!!!!
* @Stu| runs to Xsploit and gives him a huuuuuuuuuge kiss
<+Tekki> lol
* +Xsploit kicks stu in the nuts
<@Stu|> ow, but my luv is stronger than the pain
* @Stu| rubs his body all over Xsploit
<@Stu|> touch me
<@Stu|> feel
<@Stu|> me
<@Stu|> oh yes!
<+Tekki> heh
* +[SW]Greco runs to protect his own nuts
* +Xsploit hides
<@Stu|> give me some of ur loving baby
<+Tekki> heh
<@Stu|> where u gone?
* @Stu| looks for Xsploit
* @Stu| finds him cowering in the corner
* @Stu| holds him there
* @Stu| looks deeply into his eyes
<@Stu|> Do You Love Me?
<@Stu|> Oh Baby Do You Love Me?
<+steve> no
<+Tekki> #corner
*t* ban #swarmcore Xsploit I’ll Take That As A No Then
* T sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]*
* Xsploit was kicked by T ((Stu) I’ll Take That As A No Then )
-T- Added ban *!*[email protected]* to #swarmcore at level 75

Tak Trouble

Okay so I just send my roiding fleet
and you know what it just said to me!?
did it say “Welcome” by any chance Tek?
No it said “You cannot attack your own planet”
At that point, I figured out I typed in the wrong co-ords.
Then you know what it said!?
“Tek. you are an idiot” ? 😛
No it said “You cannot attack planets under 20% of your score”
only you Tekki, only you…….
then I figured out I typed in the wrong co-ords again.

Sleepy Xiphoid

* Xiphoid|sleep is back after 2d44m: sleeping
* Xiphoid|sleep is now known as Xiphoid

Quote of the Month

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies”. – Moshe Dayan

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Member of the Month

Heh, when I started this newsletter 30 mins ago I forgot this important aspect. Too bad, I got a good idea who I want to be Member of the Month. Too bad he/she isnt online. Sigh…

Anyway, though I first agreed no HC should become Member of the Month I feel like I should make an exception here. For my thought fell on anom and how she handled the situation and stuck with SWaRM the whole time. In my eyes there can be no better HC then her. I feel she deserved it more then anyone else. Congrats!

__________________________________________________ ____________________


Me ofc me, who else???
Alexei, overcredit never hurt anyone
Anom, for seeing SWaRM still exists thanks Anom, I really mean that
Stu, tekki and others for the funstuff
And everybody else I forgot

“Better to forgive and forget then to forever live in anger.” – me


Newsletter #8 03-2004


Once again once more I find the time to write this newsletter. Things have been looking up lately. Less attack (well on our gal that is ^^) and the speedround was fun, but more on that later. Ofc we’ll be having a Member of the Month and Funstuff. All I further can say is: Enjoy

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Alliance Inside

Its all pretty quiet in our alliance since the last elections and that’s nice for a change. No big decisions, no mayor changes. Its just nice You must understand that with so little happening its really hard to come up with something. I guess the boards are pretty active, but I miss those recruits on the spammorringer board. All the fun happens there . Also the IRC activity didn’t seem all that bad. Though defense could be better, I heard some complaints here and there. So all I can say is be active and have fun ^^

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Planetia Progress

This is one item I think we should do better on. Defense has been scarce and though we are a defensive alliance, there haven’t been any good attacks. And ofcourse its easy to criticize others, but that’s why I do it ^^ On the good side I notice activity and recruitment are up so we are growing

Planetarion Progress

In return here is the lost PA Progress. It has made its come back because of the fun speedround. Saturday the 14th there was a free speedround and Kama invited me to join in. Giving PA a second (or third.. or fourth) chance I decided to participate. A long with sax, Ginley and a few friends of us we set up a private gal. I woke up at 8AM GMT So I wouldn’t miss the tickstart (11AM GMT). Unfortunately my PC broke and I couldn’t fix it until 12:22 Fortunatly when I did log in I saw to my pleasant surprise that sax was 6th of the universe, so I took a risk and started initiating roids like hell and quick caught up to others in roidcount. At 13:30 there was hardly a difference between me and the average galmember. All went good and the gal rose and rose until we were the sixth of the universe. So we were really on a roll Then the trouble started. After making some good attacks we were mayorly attacked by a certain gal belonging to the alliance we know in Planetia as… the Dragons! And they continuesly attack us and other gals. And we were severely weakened because we had a few inactives in our gal. sax then decided to look for communication between gals and found a channel in which ppl were discussing how to deal with the Dragons. Eventually, because lack of action and strategic decision making (let them fight it out themselves then kill the weakened ones) we didn’t participate in the attack. Too bad it was already evening then and at 2PM we decided to call it a night and went too bed. Interesting was however my score. When I went to bed I was 52nd and when I woke up I was 34th :-P. All in all it was very fun playing PA the fast way. I hope more will join next time ^^

__________________________________________________ __________________________________

Member of the Month

This is getting harder and harder to write. As most of the really active people are already MotM and therefore are no longer entitled to a second time. But after long consideration and a little help from some people I decided to make raist our latest Member of the Month. He defended other within our alliance more than most. So he is commended for his defense giving skillz and thus entering the select list of all Members of the Month.

Congratulations Raist o//

__________________________________________________ __________________________________


Well, here we come to our most favorite part of the newsletter. And I must say, by keeping my eyes open, I gathered some good stuff ^^. I hope you will find so too. Enjoy


Gin|Bot has joined #honeycomb
* T sets mode: +v Gin|Bot
does everybody has a bot nowadays?
heh nope
this is a special bot
mine is special too, what makes yours so different? his has more bottons to press

After the 8th tick of PIA

is there anything else to do after const and res at this tick?
just wait
righto, will give up my bandwidth to the rest of you then
lo Kama
* J-Kama-Ka-C can’t load the logout button it’s so slow, hehe

And hex attended to NAP discussions later on


whats up Phoid?
* Xiphoid cant type

I notice
* Xiphoid is kinda drunk
keep up the good work

will do
* Xiphoid sets mode: -o Xiphoid
* Xiphoid shouldnt be trusted with op when drunk
i kick steve for no reason when im sober so
your right about something
u perm ban him when drunk :b
good idea
see hehe
lol 😐
did you…?
did i what?
* Hex sets mode: -o Hex

yes Hex u drunk aswell
tho im still drinking hehe
* Xiphoid slaps Hex around a bit with the remains of a big Smelly Trout!
* Hex burns Xiphoid’s house down
didn know that one
* Hex slaps Xiphoid around with a pink Macintosh
but i still owned u at bowling
* Xiphoid is teh 1337
* BlueSpider has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
szvdsnk vd s;k vd;k d sv#
i win
what are you guys on about??
we have been out drinkin tonite hehe
I can tell
the life u saced will be alone to find your inner sences
i winnor teh racing cept stutwo rammed me
* Rookie looks at Xiphoid
so xip won after
ur nuts both
* Xiphoid is teh 1337
I dont know what you guys are talking about :b
im not nuts
im bolts
nice one
ty ty ty

Rookie is famous ^^

Rookie> about 5 people have came asked me if I am THE Rookie and I say yes and ask who thei are ….
and they just go “nm” its another Rookie etc 😐 wtf
I AM THE ROOKIE FFS u must be so popular
Rookie, autograph this for me, i know it looks like a blank check but it isnt honest

Quote of the month:

The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions

__________________________________________________ __________________________________


Someone writing this thing
Rookie, themast, Hex, Xiph, Ginley, Kama, etc etc etc For their contribution to the funstuff
All the participants of the PA speedround
All those other SWaRM member who made this newsletter possible

“A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” – Roald Dahl

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