03-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #9 03-2004


Ok, I may have heard you thinking: “A second March newsletter?” Well, yeah. Because the first one was actually a February newsletter, but so much delayed I it was brought out in march. But I’m sure you won’t mind a bit right? Heh, by now this one is also very much delayed :S I guess itll just have to do…

Plus in this edition: News about our lost HC! I got the full logs!
And ofcourse the Member of the Month, funstuff etc etc etc.

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Planetia Progress

Planetia is doing ok, with havoc ended we prepare ourselves for the new round. We have been in a climb this round and we should continue this way and move up to a higher rank. Like the 5th we were last round!

Pa Progress

We been doing ok with Planetarion. Round PAX.5 has begun and since Im not playing I can tell very little about this. I do know we now have an alliance with Valhalla, which is a good thing

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Alliance Inside

Return of Anom

Well most important news is that themast phoned anom. She says she is still working on redecorating her office and she misses us . Here are the logs:

?? i just spoke to anom
realy? yes really
what did she say?
what did she say?
😛 she is fine and is still decorating her officer
* Xenomorph sets mode: +l 16
officer? office lol
still redecorating? yes
if she said so
Walki would like to hear this she really misses you all and cant wait to get back
how long does she estimate it will take? dont know
ow :S
how did she sound?
😛 lol at the start she thought i had the worng number
did she say: “omg I miss that Rookie…”? no
I was wondering, how did you introduce urself to her, as themast or as ur real name?
she thought you called the wrong number?
yea I was wondering to i told her that the round has ended and of the new priv allied channel etc
Thats how you introduced yourself?
lol 😛 no
lol lol
“Helo the round has ended”
i can hear it now
Hello, this is mona
the round has ended
sry tm
Its nice done of you
yeah Just a litle funny to
i told her that the round has ended i did not really know what to say for a start
well, good to know she is ok
I thought thats how you started it no rookie i did not start it like that
I know now gd it sounds werid talking about PA on the phone
hehe, I bet
lol me too
how did she sound?
old young I dont know her age and it sounds weird to hear a voice anyway

RPG madness

What also happened last week was that I organized a role play event on Xiphoids server. Saddened to say, almost nobody of SWaRM showed up though a few members applied. Actually, only sax was actually participating (you don’t count hex, you didn’t move one bit).
Well, as it started I tried to explain the rules of the game. This wasn’t an easy task since the chanserv bot wouldn’t let me mute the whole bunch. Result was chaos. Everybody asked questions before I could explain and eventually I just decided to do the check in and instruct players in game. After a good hour I got finally got in the game myself. First I started out as a shop owner, since I didn’t allow everybody to but weapons yet. Once this was done I assumed the role of both the barkeeper and a guild master, trying to recruit souls for my cause. Which was much harder then I thought, because of an error I made in the beginning. Non the less, it was fun. Fighting was in the beginning a bit confusing but also got better along the way. Role play was good and it was fun at the end.
Having learned a lot from this, I do not intend to give up this game and decide to host another one. Of course, to make it succeed I need loads of players and a few volunteers to be a DM. The next time, will be bigger, better and of course more fun! I hope you all will join in because it is really, the more the merrier. I will be accepting applications at all times .

This event is scheduled in three weeks. Make sure you keep the Friday open, it will most likely start at 14.00 with the briefing and the actual game will start at 14:45. Be there!

Member of the month

Another fortunate Member of the Month this month, even though a full month hasn’t passed yet. So the original Member of the Month just has bad luck. This also means more bad luck for me, since I have to pick yet another MotM.
And this time it is *drums* Stu|!! For fixing us a new server (as soon as we pay ofc :P)

lo Stu| ^^
question: Have you ever been Motm before?
Member of the Month?
ermmm, dont think so
well, then you are now o/
for fixing us a server
* Stu| does a dance

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Im sorry, no fun stuff this month. Now don’t go crying, IRC just been inactive due to the end of Planetia. It will be there next month and because im finally getting internet at my room (o/) I will be online more often . Also t isn’t all my fault, since you (the member) didn’t send in any.

My apologies, but it cant be helped

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anyone else

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