04-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #10 04-2004


Once more and on time o/ yes, for once this newsletter is gonna be great! And rookie is gonna luv it!
Well after a day of celebrating (it was my birthday, april 21st) I withdraw myself to my pc. It is actually the first birthday I feel like… wow its become a habit… It no longer really special… perhaps cuz this year Im in my room, 150-200 KM apart from my nearest family. So I did what I loved most these days: Game online. And the thing I hate most: Making a test (which I completely failed btw)
Anyway, now Im bored and I remember I have to make a newsletter. So here I am.
In this newsletter: The Usual (PIA and PA thingies, Alliance inside, funstuff and MotM)


Planetia Progress

Well actually.. there hasent been any progress at all. The begin of the round has been postponed and it is starting to become PA like. I remember at the end off round 9 of Pa someone saying, It was the first time PA crew were actually early with something. I liked it, anyway We are all mentally preparing ourselves for the next round, we are also mentally tormenting ourselves on why this must take so long…

Also PIA related: sax has been playing several speed rounds last week and he did great in those rounds. Every two days or so he came asking whether we could play and in the last round I decided to play as well. At first we did fine, we all four followed the cunning plan. Which resulted in us four (all of us) being roided because we had 0 defense and 70-100 roids. After we restrated/recovered things quickly looked up. Attacks were at a minimum and we joined one of the four alliances in the game. There we were relatively safe and got plenty of def. Unfortunatly I had to quit at that moment and another gal member had already quit, leaving sax and Ethen behind. After I woke up the next day sax urged me to log in once more and I saw to my joy that they had successfully claimed 1st and 2nd position!
We can safely (well… don’t push it Alexei) say we have the best PIA player on our alliance!

Alliance Inside

The alliance is doing great at the moment. With recruits once more flowing in and the first being promoted, not to mention anoms return, all things are looking up.

The second IRC RPG is in the make and all who want to participate should go he the games forum and read the thing. I strongly recommend it, since we had a lot of fun the last time. Also a SWaRM squad has been created in Subspace: Continuum and under the name SWaRMCore we are wreaking havoc .

Member of the Month

In this section we discuss the Member of the Month. It is an honorary title given to a member every month for doing something really good for the alliance. Dragonbait was the first, he build SWaRMHQ. Gecko was one, he had a mild heart attack but the first thing when he came online was visit #swamrcore. Themast was responsible for a monster growth for SWaRM in PA r9. Every member of the month has done something special in order to do SWaRM good. There is much strife amongst the higher officers for the Member of the Month title. I don’t give the title to just anyone
This month another Member elected as Member of the Month.
What do you need to do to become Member of the Month?
cos hes sexeh
Is sexehness a priority? No, but it helps!
yes he’s active
Activity is usually a good step in the right direction, but usually not enough to become Member of the Month.
did arrange a nice attack in PA
now this may not seem to much, but good attacks were pretty rare But now I have great confidence in this up and coming new BC!

Congrats to Dark_TSX.

May his attacks be swift and his cap high!


Alright, this month its back and better then ever! I have loads of fun stuff cause of an increase of activity from yours truly. Result: Three full pages of #swarmcore madness!
I hope you enjoy it!

A mouth full

me eating
youll never guess from where im chatting atm
im in my room o/ I finally got internet
you dont know half how good this feels
* BlinkingSpirit is now known as Alexei
now to get some decent programs
like winamp
(a little time passes)
finished eating
so you couldnt chat before cuz you had ur mouth full? 😛


I`m quite buissy
on what?
eating trying to do some paper work
* themast has joined #swarmcore
* Xiphoid|Away sets mode: +v themast
* Xenomorph sets mode: +l 21
huh, what? eating the paperwork?
figuring aout loads of alliance buisness
* Rookie slaps Alexei around a bit with a large trout
ur nuts :b
thats what im good at rooks

Stu| for HC!

Stu are you a HC?
You’re not?
Hex, Sax, Rookie, Anom and…
* ]Shooter[ has joined #swarmcore
* Xiphoid|Away sets mode: +v ]Shooter[
Yes you are!!
I knew that.
Erm look over there , its a frog
* tekershee runs off

No script

and get 10 A*
and go own Planetarion
And I’ll give you all free accouts.
Apart from themast.
w00t lol @ tekki
* themast slaps tekki
* Tekershee slaps themast with his no script IRC Client haha

Or die trying

lol Tekki
dark_TSX was the one you forced to join Swarm???
Now thats what I call recruiting

“Join us or die trying not to”

Sharp thingies

hehe got matrix revolutions on dvd
* Tek|Afk goes to squall’s house
* Squall locks all doors and windows
then again Mr I-Love-PSO-and-Muse has a big TV.
I have sharp objects!!

Nudity in #swarmcore

wb Chelle
now the worst part of the day
deciding what to wear
lol i hate it so much!!
i have class to go to
so i cant wear nothing for the rest of the day
Your living in the wrong place then.
but Tekki its not like you benefit in any way shape or form from me being naked
I know
I’m just making conversation.


hmm where is the pic of SNOOP?
av i still got acess to the webby?
who is who?
this is you?
on the right side?
me far right
GF next 2 meh
2 birds getting there pints knoked off the side lol
where the copyright is over eh?
they think snoop is to ugly, and its ment to say censored
but it got mixed up in translation
now im getting my mean face on

Tuesday, nice day

<[SW]r0gre> I am MR OGRE
<[SW]r0gre> Ogre s are not nice peeps
<[SW]r0gre> cept on Tuesdays

Not that kind of fun…

so sax what u been doing since the last speed round?
I have been working on many matters.
but most of all had fun together with alexei
spam wars
fun together?
not THAT kind of fun Walki

Stop wining

* Tekki sighs stop sighing
Sure, everyone pick on me _ ok
See anom,
See what swarm’s become
* themast picks on tekki
Used to be “the friendly alliance”
stop whining tekki

Quote of the month
“Alexei is a really good DJ, he just doesn’t have a working microphone, or any Kamaimeble tunes”


Funstuff pplz
Member of the month

“The less their ability, the more their conceit.”

And yay Kama is back in #swarmcore, ph34r y3 unknowing recruits!
TigerLily says lo

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