05-06-02, Author Jackass

Edition #2 2002 by Jackass

Welcome to the Jackass Newsletter Special number 2!!!


Jackass Hour thingy…

Right so here we are again…me at my comp and in irc…me writing this cos im bored again…pfft

Right so ill start with the important things then ill move onto the fun things like last time I reckon


Once again we are welcomed back to the exiting time of the new round and all the planning of it all. This round…well actually I dunno if this has happened before cos I have only been with SWaRM for 2 rounds now so…but this round we have a mother gal and it looks like this is going to be the best round and gal I have ever taken part in!
The following are in the gal

Mr. Peets
Metropolitan DanClarkos
Commanding Duke Nic
Lord Hairy

Sorry about the weird colours..it was copied from the galaxy screen.but good luck to everyone in it!
A lot has changed about the PA setup especially the ingame AH (Alliance Hosting)
Which leads me onto my next point


There is now ingame alliance page which I think looks and is amazing so far.it is baiscly the same to use as our old page and u don’t need to open another IE, which, I dunno about u guys but it saves me one hell of a lot of space when im on here.


Lots of things going on in SWaRM atm…we are going to be moving sites to the ingame AH soon.
Among other things the rankings in general have been very good…the highest swarm tag has got to was 10 I think and the SWaRM mother gal got to the top 200 at one point which was great fun and a lot of SWaRM members are still high in the rankings…I would like to point out modnar at this point who has once got the rank of 26th which I thought was fantastic.well done modnar


Right now this is my favourite bit cos I always laugh at the stuff we write in irc so im gonna copy some and put it here!

we demand to know!
just sumfin
u wouldn’t have said this if u secretly wanted to tell us
no i dont want to tell you really
i just thought i did but i dont
you cant just say something like that, and then dont tell us
ever eaten raw bacon
off a fat girls stomach
haw haw
eeeerrrrrrr im gonna be ill

one of the funniest things in there today

rincewind is az btw

i need more funny stuff to put in the newsletter
well im shutting up now so there
ARGH! there is a lady lying outside my appartment topless.. with the biggest tits in the world..
although my weekend could do you about 4 issues
and then she is lying on her stomach.. argh!
Hax put your dick away

Haw haw haw

Anyway that’s it for this….whenever

Looking forward to your comments..

p.s good luck in the round! Not that you’ll need it or anything….;-)

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