07-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #12 (!!) 07-2004


I am in deep shit. Last two weeks almost everything that could go wrong did. First I loose my wallet, including all of my important papers like bank pas, Registration papers for the university and passport. Right before I went on vacation! So after a quick debrief with my mum we decided to use some sort of speed procedure for my passport so I could go on vacation just one day later. I would go on bike with my friends. And on the first day it rained! The second day was no different and the third day was more of the same. So after a heated discussion we decided to go back, going no further then 85 KM from my place. Anyway Sunday we arrived, yesterday it rained some more and I lost my keys and thus access to my room. Late in the evening I finally found my keys again and after my friends left the next day I finally got some rest… Given I had money to buy food from, which I didn’t. That day I lived of old bread and some soup 🙁 Today I wake up to get some money directly from the bank clerk and he says its not possible. At this time I panicked, cuz without any money and not much friends in Maastricht I had no way of getting to my parents (that’s where my new bankpas resides). So I head back to my room, but then I realize my apartment door was locked. And again I was keyless. After wandering through the city I managed to get a hold of one of the few friend I have in Maastricht and with the last of my cell phones battery I managed to borrow some cash from him. Now I sit in my room thanks to a house mate that came back today (again late in the evening) from his vacation.
Now… I can finally relax, working on my newsletter and after a relaxing game of Warcraft III: TFT I am roaring to go into the elections!
But that’s not all! This is the 12th newsletter! You know what that means? I am at this for a whole year! I have been entertaining you every month with a Member of the Month and funstuff. Ive kept you updated with everything that has been happening. And all of that with just missing one deadline (last months), tho it was close sometimes! I remember making a newsletter 30 mins before it was the 1st :P.
In other news, I managed to drag someone else into the newsletter madness. Whether he will be continuing to write or if it is just a one-time deal we will have to see. But in this newsletter I welcome Bazza! Welcome dude and good luck

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Planetia Progress

Planetia… Hasent made any progress at all. The new round is far far away and speed rounds are held everyday. Sax has been the loyal player there, doing exceptionally well for himself and for SWaRM. By being one of the best players there is, SWaRM often is high on the rankings thanks to him.

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Alliance Inside

Reviewing the old newsletters made me realise SWaRM has been on a move the last year. Ive been here as one of the longest members in SWaRM. Only few surpass me in time of membership. I wish I could say we only made progress, but I cant. SWaRM has had a lot of setbacks the last year, I could name them all. But if I am not mistaken its all in the old newsletters, or at least part of it. But there is one thing SWaRM always did: Get back on its feet. It will take more then a few setbacks to bring SWaRM down and I got the feeling that as long as SWaRM hold true to its nature we will survive. I will hope there will be more members like me, sax, rookie and others but most importantly like anom. If we stick together there will be no stopping us, not now, not ever.
Good thing is tho that activity in IRC and on the forums is high, at least by a select few members. But activity inspires activity right ^^ To all the lesser active ones I recommend you participate in the many fun things on the forum, there is a lot of good stuff there.

On other cheerful news: Elections are coming up! Sign-ups are closed and the questions are being asked. I hope you all will read the answers carefully and vote for him who you think would be best for the job.
Good luck to all the runners!

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Member of the Month

This was one of the hardest parts ever. And I have a more or less sad announcement to make. This month and last month I found no one really worth of the title. Henceforth I have decided not to make anyone Member of the Month this month. I hope you can respect my decision and all I have to say now is.. Go for it next month!

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Bazz’s column

First of all let me say hey to all of you, and secondly, thanks to Alexei for giving me this opportunity, he has been very lenient, and held back till the last second for this little article.

Now, for my first time I’m going to try and talk about something of interest, I would say fun things but been funny is not my strong point normally, anyway time to put my no skills to work and talk to you all.

Living at home, I just don’t know how people that are like in their early 20’s can still live at home, I’m 16 and I hate it, whether it’s the fact some people have a better relationship with the parent than I do with mine could be why I don’t see how they can put up with it, I’ve always been at home before everyone else in my family has finished work, and my responsibilities came down to every think that needed doing I had to do, Now what I don’t understand is why some people choose to stay at home their hole lives, or how their parents can do every think for them it total *censored* baffles me, then again I guess been the youngest in the hole family doesn’t help.

To be fair, I suppose that some of you can do this because of the way you have been brought up, not that I haven’t been brought up well, but with the military its slightly different, so what I would like to know is * assuming Alexei does not mind OFC * is what you all think about living at home.

Thanks for the time and a bit of the lime light Alexei, and hope y’all enjoy reading this.

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Funstuff! And even more then ever to celebrate my yearly being as a newsletter editor. Need I keep on reminding ppl you can also send in ur funny things of IRC? I think not, ofcourse every one knows that so I expect a truckload of funny IRC stuff from all officers and active members 😛
Anyway here is what I gathered

The other kind of def

<[DC]TheJoker> you need def vamp
hope not!!
<[DC]TheJoker> you need attack?
depends what u have to offer
im going to bed in 2 mins
got exam in the morning
<[DC]TheJoker> what are youre coords
<[DC]TheJoker> maybe i can arrange an attack on you

Domestic defense calls

my gf is mad at me
help grunja help
whats the co-ords!
rofl Opus
<[DC]TheJoker> down under
<[DC]TheJoker> moist?
o no….those are here measurments
ill check with hydra and lithium for some help!
<[DC]TheJoker> in youre dreams
i dont think SWaRM handles domestic defence calls


liston up all I´m happy to announce that Baz has accepted the job as PA DC
… DC?
congrats baz
you may tag now if you want Baz
<[DC]TheJoker> yesss baz dc
* Baz says thank you
jeeej baz
go baz \o\ \o/ /o/
congrats!… but wats DC? lol
<[DC]TheJoker> defence commander
* Baz is now known as [DC]Baz
oh right
Dealer of Coke
<[DC]TheJoker> hahahaha

Alcoholists in #swarmcore?

hmmm… pub still open 1h
should i make a run for it?
just make sure u dont run into the bar

That’s what you get when you don’t research

im good too
launching an attack
tho if I were to send space-turtles, theyd get their faster
I think my ships are doing it on purpose
I dnt believe i’m still on the autojoin message lol
sitting on base for 5 extra hours drinking tea and coffee, till someone says: Ok weve pestered Alexei long enough now. Lets go!
or they are installing the latest of the cappucino technology in their ships, but have to retrofit the entire hull plating to make enough room
u started on the news letter yet
in all 400 of their ships


So how is everyone today then?
ok i guess
ogenki desu ka
stop with that talk
aotherwise ill pull my kendo stick out on yall
* Hex slaps Baz[DC] around a bit with a Japanese dictionary
* Baz[DC] screams
* Baz[DC] cowars away for dictionarys of anykind


ive seen stats talking!
only in the overview the admins have left a message
Please note: P, Pea & Pie on IRC are BOTS and therefore will NOT reply to PM’s
SWaRMHQ can talk too…
when I telepathicly makes it
hex can talk too…
me too btw
or isn’t he a bot?
yeah he is
my bot was very intelligent ^^
* Baz[DC] slaps alexei and his bot
Hex almight BOT say something!!!!!
* Hex is not a bot, he mearly has no life


first weekend of september is impossible
it’s my birthday!!!

even better
and you don’t want to celeibrate with us?
ill hide in the cake and give u a free lap dance

Stus mind

* Stu|[B.] is now known as Stu|
* Stu| looks around
* Hex wonders what Stu| is looking at
* Stu| doesnt know
* Hex isnt supprised
* Stu| looks for something else

We honor privacy at SWaRM.. We really do!

congrats PhantomPT
anom you got time for a PM ?
* Blueknight throws CONFETTI & BALLOONS in the air for ƒ PhantomPT ƒ`;~’@~~~*`;.’@~~~~*`; PhantomPT .’`~;`~`@~~~~*`;.’@~~~~*`;.’`~;`~`@~~~*`; PhantomPT .’@~~~~*`;.’`~;`~`@~~~~*`;.’@~~~~*` PhantomPT ;.’`~;`~`@~~~*`;.’@~~~~*`; PhantomPT .’`~;`~`@~~~~*`;.’@~~~*`; PhantomPT .’`~;`~`@~~~~*`;.’@~~~~*`; PhantomPT .’`~;`~`@~~~~*`;.
welcome abord
anom asked me many personal things
she’s a very curious person
welcome to the real swarm pahntom
yeah she is 😛
anom never game me my interveiw
yes she is like that.. but don’t worry, it will all be posted on the forums… 🙂
* Zimeon has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
i did mine by main
lol at BK
what, you don’t do that naymore?

It works in FF…

uch, sleeping in a tent does no good for your sleep in a total
im dead tired
yet my friends wont want to go to sleep
and I cant yet go to sleep untill I convince them
when are you sleeping in a tent ?
yesterday, the day before that

and the day before tyhe day before that day
or sumthing
dont mind him, he’s drunk
your lucky
he’s been sleeping in a tent
alexei, RL is NOT like Final Fantasy!! sleeping in a tent will not make you better!!
its my sisters birthday today, shes 14 – shes got 5 of her 14 yr old friends round for a sleep over and there on a dance mat
They dont usually goto sleep on a sleepover till well past 4 in the morning
sax…. really? I thought sleeping in a tent fully restored my health!
im gonna get no sleep tonight
alexei has been playing too much again…

Forest Hugger?

* Forest has joined #swarmcore
* Hex|afk sets mode: +v Forest
* Forest has left #swarmcore
aww – i wanted to be a tree hugger

Shouldn’t this be censored?

* Stu2 slaps sax|A around a bit with a large trout
* sax|A traps Stu2 in Pandoras Box.
grr sax
* ViRuS pokes pandoras box
I can let you in if that is what you want virus
* ViRuS starts heating the box up with a blow torch
i havnt raped stu in ages
so yeah i dont mind
put me in sax

he’s just not irresistble anymore
hehe tekki i wouldnt say no in a pitch black box
lol :>
* sax|A traps virus inside his pandoras box
* Stu2 rigs pandoras box with c4
* ViRuS eats the C4
* sax|A rapes stu2 up against the box
* Stu2 presses the detonator button
* ViRuS walks closer to stu
* sax|A hits ViRuS over the head with a rotten sashimi.
wrong guy
* ViRuS falls down
* sax|A resurrects virus
* ViRuS has intergestion from the C4
aiweeeee its a zombie
* sax|A then continues to rape stu2
* Stu2 breaks sax neck
* ViRuS rapes stu
nah its not the same
ur right tekki
* Stu2 kneess virus in the bollocks so hard, his balls came out of his mouth
* ViRuS swallows his bollocks back
that is pretty hard to do…seing what condition you are in sty
* ViRuS knocks stu out and leaves thro the secret door to get out
* Stu2 gets worms teleporter, and teleports to saftey
well sax is dead, virus should have a very squeeky voice
i win (generally)
* Stu2 has quit IRC (Quit)
* Zeke has quit IRC (Quit: Bye bye!)
he didn’t stay for long…
and I don’t miss him…
I say we won virus

For the muse fans

howd y?r
is that all….
stop spamming
fine , u?
I think it was quite evident by the slapping.
Fine thanks, a bit tired.
Cuase I had to go to school to sign out and everything.
tekkis time is runnin out
he needs to go to school to sign out!
how did it come to this
*cough*sorry bout that*cough
haha :>


and your virusscan found it?
file snatcher?
you are not able to delete those files
that is the most annoying thing
you have to delete the whole folder
the most annoying thing is when your PC doesnt turn on
:< * Stu|[B.] is now known as Stu| yeah i know those things 😐
and even entering the folder activates the virus
but I did make it without loosing any of my po I mean music

sax = psychic?

* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +v Alexei

lo alexei
* P sets mode: +o Alexei
lo sax
thats quite good Sax

lo alexei
I want the logs
I know lucifer
off what happened 5 secs before I joined 😛
I am sure you will alexei

* Alexei wacks sax with a deadline
[14:53] I think alexei is coming on now
[14:53] can feel him…distantly
[14:54] hehe
[14:54] * SeaJaws has joined #swarmcore
[14:54] * Xiphoid|sleep sets mode: +v SeaJaws
[14:54] * SeaJaws has quit IRC (Read error: EOF from client)
[14:54] hmmm
[14:54] nope
[14:54] lol
[14:54] maybe they are the same
[14:54] he just forgot to change his nick
[14:54] praps
[14:54] so he had to reconnect
[14:55] * Alexei has joined #swarmcore
there you go

I felt you coming on
or…I could smell you

__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Personal Favorites
These are my personal favourites from each newsletter I managed to save since we moved from geckos server.

Fear the love of Stu|

<@Stu|> oh my lover!!!!!
* @Stu| runs to Xsploit and gives him a huuuuuuuuuge kiss
<+Tekki> lol
* +Xsploit kicks stu in the nuts
<@Stu|> ow, but my luv is stronger than the pain
* @Stu| rubs his body all over Xsploit
<@Stu|> touch me
<@Stu|> feel
<@Stu|> me
<@Stu|> oh yes!
<+Tekki> heh
* +[SW]Greco runs to protect his own nuts
* +Xsploit hides
<@Stu|> give me some of ur loving baby
<+Tekki> heh
<@Stu|> where u gone?
* @Stu| looks for Xsploit
* @Stu| finds him cowering in the corner
* @Stu| holds him there
* @Stu| looks deeply into his eyes
<@Stu|> Do You Love Me?
<@Stu|> Oh Baby Do You Love Me?
<+steve> no
<+Tekki> #corner
*t* ban #swarmcore Xsploit I’ll Take That As A No Then
* T sets mode: +b *!*[email protected]*
* Xsploit was kicked by T ((Stu) I’ll Take That As A No Then )
-T- Added ban *!*[email protected]* to #swarmcore at level 75

After the 8th tick of PIA

is there anything else to do after const and res at this tick?
just wait
righto, will give up my bandwidth to the rest of you then
lo Kama
* J-Kama-Ka-C can’t load the logout button it’s so slow, hehe

Or die trying

lol Tekki
dark_TSX was the one you forced to join Swarm???
Now thats what I call recruiting

“Join us or die trying not to”

Quote of the month
* [DC]Baz I’m drinking to make everyone in here seem interesting.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________


I would like to express my personal thanks towards Gecko, dafreak and AAngel. Though they left in a very disgraceful manner they still do care about SWaRM. I like to thank them for returning my old newsletters to me.
Gecko, AAngel and dafreak: THANKS

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