09-2003, Author Unknown

Newsletter #3 09-2003

Well since its already medio september I thought its time for another newsletter. Many things lately, tickstart, recruitment open and the regular stuff (Member of the Month, IRC stuff) enough to fill a newsletter with. I wish all a good round and happy roid hunting!


PA Progress

The main event ofcourse is, how can it be something else, the tickstart and thus the official start of the new round. As far as I heard almost everybody got of well and got a lot roids in protection time. Thanks to some strategy posts I also made a decent start. All gals were doing fine, with Lell (Axis) a time in the #1 gal and Gecko in a top 10 gal, I think we’re lucky to have them (or is it just natural?). Anyway, as PA X finally started it was still getting used to. Especially cuz I didn’t play the BETA and I’m sure all who haven’t played the BETA have the same feeling. No more scanning for roids and no more mass wave amps felt weird, but good. Engineering is mega-handy cuz now I don’t need to be a Minister to get the resource bonus ;). Ofcourse Engineering has other more helpful bonuses, its just not that im always a minister :P. Covert Ops is handy but no gamewinner, with CovOps you can do just the little damage you always wanted. I don’t have an opinion on fleet missions yet, since I haven’t researched it yet, but I will soon.
All in all it’s different, but ok. I look forward to this round and I’m gonna do my very best.


Alliance Inside

The newest is, how can it be something else, the new website. A marvel to behold, compared to the old avids. With increased functionality and looks it is quite the improvement. I hereby wish to congratulate Gecko, AAngel, Stu, dafreak and all those I’ve missed on a job very well done on behalf of all the SWaRM members.
A new site for a new PA, I know I couldn’t have done it better.

With the recruitment back open anom and themast can do their thing again. Only if it is for two weeks for themast (too bad). With his departure there is once more an opening for officer and I’m seeing an officer shortage existing, I heard the other night that some officers are actually doing two jobs at the same time. Hope I might add some promotions lower in this newsy.

Further more our current position is #18 in the universe of alliances. I find it a respectable place for a defensive alliance, but we must grow since we can do nothing else :P.


Member of the Month

And this month another Member of the Month. And this months Member of the Month is…. *drums plz* tadaa! It’s themast! A member unlike anyone else, he was sole responsible for a monster growth in r9.5 Therefore and his intentions to do the same for this round has made him this Months Member of the Month. Congrats!!

Here’s the exclusive:

anom and I decided that you are the new Member of the Month what for
for proved recruiting abilities
and as a good-bye gift well i am not leaving anymore < ---- watch this line! no? no
you got your account upgraded?? yes
well anyway
still the recruiting thing still counts k
so you are not getting away from me that easily doh
so you are the new Member of the Month
how does it feel? it feals weird
ok, thats a new one
anyway do i get anything
no, its honorary
you were responsible for a giant growth in r9.5 hmm well i am trying to do that again this RD ok
how many ppl did you recruit in r9.5? i have no idea i would say about 30-40
thats about half the alliance :S
we even had to close the recruitment to contain you for a while yes i know
but the Under-Review ppl dont yeah i suppose they dont i also suppose u will tell them on the next newsletter
yep i will
how long have you been member of SWaRM? When did you join? well i joined in RD 9 that how i got promoted cos i heard from past forums that SWaRM recuitment was down a lot and i wanted to change that
so you joined SWaRM to boost recruitment ?? nah i joined cos i needed a good allinace
aha and then i thought why dont i take to to the next stage so i did
ambitious lol
hmmm this is about it
one more thing ok
if you wish ok ask away
for the record: Real name, age and place (where you live)
only if you wish ok Real name: Fraser age: 16 Place:Aberdeen, scotland
thanks ok
this will appear in the newsletter i thought so
ok tnx for the interview np


IRC stuff

This is a Kama special, since we are short on IRC stuff. Kama is always ready to supply us with enough stuff. And I specially added a piece of Tyr on request 😉

Kama, ur still the idiot stereotype for me:

. Tyr twiddles his thumbs
•J-Kama-Ka-C• hehe
. SNOOP ties Tyr’s thumbs together
•Gecko• kama
•Gecko• other room
. Tyr does a power ranger impression and plays upon the ocarina of the green one calling a giant robot trex or summit 😀
. Tyr dresses like a likkle ninja and does ye ol’ poky in eye trick and then points and laughs at moo
. Moo cries 🙁
. Tyr huggles mooeywooey*
•J-Kama-Ka-C• it was quite clearly a giant mecha godzilla (dragon zord)
•Moo• 🙂
•Tyr• lol
. Tyr will neva think of kama in the same way again
•J-Kama-Ka-C• whoo hoo
•J-Kama-Ka-C• no more idiot sterotype for me o/
•Tyr• lol
•Tyr• no, u now get the weird fecking freak one lol

Kama talks sense

GreenAlge: “The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the alge…”
J-Kama-Ka-: yes, a slimy green coating can easily overpower the strongest of foes
J-Kama-Ka-: I shudder just to think
GreenAlge: you’d be surprised 😉
GreenAlge: *suprised
J-Kama-Ka-: I’m sure I’d be something

Quote of the month:
War is not about right but who’s left


Sorted by gained rank:

dafreak – Promoted to Senior Officer

Alexei – Promoted to Officer – Newsletter Editor <--- that’s me! Themast – Promoted to Officer – Recruitment Dept Lell - Promoted to Officer - W&D dept Tyr - Promoted to Officer - Advisor TheSpeditor - Promoted to Swarmcore Member FernandeZ - Promoted to Swarmcore Member _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits: Me! anom GreenAlge and SNOOP (couldnt have done it with out you) E-Flat themast Its as we feared, Kama's monopoly 🙁

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