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Newsletter #14 09-2004



Hello all loyal and/or other members. This is another late newsletter by yours truly. In an effort to keep this going I’ll just fix you guys up with some Progress reports, a little inside of the alliance info, Bazz’s Column, an editorial from (I)Nuki and funstuff… or what I managed to scrape from my logs. I still have to decide on a Member of the Month, but it seems like nobody not-yet-chosen gives a damn about it or doesn’t know of it. So Ill just probably end up not giving the award. Actually, I notice that only the old and faithful only reply to my newsletter. So if you are a new members and this is the first newsletter you read, or you never bothered to reply: Make me happy for once and reply now.
Other then that… Enjoy!

Planetarion Progress

SwaRM’s true home, the online space game Planetraion, is beginning its 12th Round soon. As we speak, the Beta game is running, and SWaRM is off to a booming start! With our SW/New Dawn allied galaxy and various members over the galaxies, we’ve leaped in to the new game fighting. With no HC’s present to begin with, our very own LakeBodom formed SWaRM, and we began on our way to the top. Shortly after, our lovely Anom turned up to take the reins. Climbing in to the Top 10 within the starting hours, we’ve done amazingly well, but have slipped back into a comfortable 16th position for now. Our members are doing well, with high scores and successful attacks. Fortunately, we’ve had few defence calls, which means we’re either an imposing lot or just getting lucky. Lets hope Round 12 proves to be a prosperous and joyous round for us all!

Alliance Inside

Some important changes have been decided on in the last HC meeting. *goes to copy-paste*

http://www.swarmhq.net/showthread.php?p=4859#post4859 for the PA ppl
http://www.swarmhq.net/showthread.php?t=262 for the PIA ppl

Basically it comes down to everybody lower then Officer gets to be a recruit again and you can prove yourselves active again. In my opinion this shouldn’t be hard at all if you made it the first time. Heck, even I could make it.

Anyway, it comes down to activity. So my invitation to you is to be active and come up with an idea for a game in #swarmcore. Also I want a strawberrie pie and a new graphics card for my ‘old’ PC. Now, I know this is near futile to ask, cause in my last newsletters I got zilch response for whatever I asked for, whether it was for funstuff or for other thingies (remember farsight?). But I do hope to get some response on the pie thingy, I like pie.
Bottom line: Got an idea for a game on IRC? Talk about it! There is usually a lot of response (usually from me) if you think its fun.

Member of the Month

Errr…. Lets just skip this… No one was exceptionally worthy these days. Also with the last three months no usefull member I will just cancel this until I do find a good member.

Bazz’s column

Well, first thing is first, hello to all who are taken the time to read what I write, whether it is interesting or not.

I suppose my article this week will be about working, cause my sorry ass now has a job , now I figure that at least 90% of you have jobs, Now don’t get me wrong cause lord knows someone will take this the wrong way, but works sucks, and anyone who works has to much time on their hands, including Myself OFC.

Recently I started working for “Shakespeare “K2” now for those of you that don’t know, Yes it is a fishing company, and no I don’t work for them, I’m a K2 associate.

Well, I like to think I work for them, because after all I am only on part time, Monday to Friday 7 till 5. and yet, I still do all the odd jobs, I don’t have a particular title, but the best thing is, I work with women ^.^. and don’t think im a sexist, by no means am I, but the gossip that comes from the office is great, especially on a night out with em, and they get drunk, the truth is revealed.

Now what would be nice to know is how everyone else feels about work, I mean, I enjoy the money and all, but it can be so boring sometimes, and tbh I wouldn’t mind actually having to work in one place instead of all over, I mean I work at a desk, much like most of you probably do, but I work in a warehouse and in a office and the rest, but all things considered I think its worth the money.

^^ as regards all the mumba jumba I talked, I would like to know what yall fell about your job and how it suites you if its worth the money ( not whether u want to be paid more < that’s another subject ) but that’s for letting me take some of ur time up hope its slightly interesting and ill think of something better for next week and I will create another forums page thingy for u all to discuss this in if u would like me to Mr Baz Inuki’s part The Tragedy of Science is the Dismissal of a Beautiful Theory with an Ugly Fact It is only human nature to try and understand that which we cannot control, hoping to gain an insight in to the workings of the universe and that of our own existence. Spiffy, ay? It’s this kind of thinking which allows us the freedom and individuality we seek in life. With over six billion human inhabitants on Earth, it’s fast becoming harder to be recognised, to stand up above the ranks of the masses. But why do we perceiver and strike out to achieve our dreams, to do the impossible and unbelievable? Is it for personal gratification, to be able to live out a dream? Maybe we are looking to prove something, to others or ourselves? Or is it out of fear? Let me explain…. As you can tell, with so many people on the planet, not everyone is going to become noticed in the public eye. When we die, all that is left to prove we existed is old trinkets and memories. This begins to fade, and with each passing year, the memories we left behind become fainter and fainter. Soon, we will become forgotten. And it is this fear of being forgotten, washed away in the sands of time, that drives us to tempt the boundaries of life and always strive for more. Think of famous people – Churchill, Shakespeare, Lincoln, are just a few quick names. All of them did something with their lives; they pushed boundaries in their own ways, stepping outside the normality to make a difference. These are names that are able to survive the harsh mistress of time, names which will live on so long as humans exist. But, no matter what they did, these people are still only humans; they too must breathe, eat, love, and deal with hardships life throws at them. And the point of all of this? To show you that no matter who you are, nor where you are, there is always something more. No situation impossible, no limit unreachable. Grasp your fears with an iron fist and strike out! Don’t let an ugly fact like reality ruin the dreams you hold closest. Funstuff Hello all, this section is in DIRE NEED. It is SLOWLY DYING. I need funstuff real bad, I need my shots of funstuff. So please please help me! Send in funny convos you had with other ppl. Please help me! SWaRM needs you! In the mean time here is my analysis of #swarmcore: 25 Mins ago - The Prowler [22:52] [ #swarmcore ] Top10: 1. sax (12736) 2. Tekershee (5620) 3. LakeBodom (4946) 4. baz (3241) 5. Inuki (3026) 6. Alexei (1673) 7. Crispin (1559) 8. Jaded (1255) 9. Zious (1162) 10. painy1 (1131)
[22:52] BAH
[22:52] u been spamming Alexei!!!!!!
[22:52] \o\ \o/ /o/
[22:52] not spamming
[22:52] talking
[22:52] pfft
[22:52] :>
[22:52] 😛
[22:52] “right”
[22:52] lol
[22:52] “yes”
[22:53] “ok”
[22:53] I got some serious work to do
[22:53] “whats talkin like this all about”
[22:53] tonite
[22:53] :>
[22:53] now I shall “aquire” some candy from my neighbour
[22:53] lol
[22:53] cuz Im out, and he got sweets
[22:53] now i shal “beat” alexei with my ryhtm stick
[22:53] and isnt home
[22:53] lol
[22:53] he invited u in for sweets
[22:53] .
[22:53] sorry
[22:53] uncalled for
[22:54] rather his key invited me in
[22:54] /

1 hr, 3 mins ago – RC 3

[22:17] I might go buy 12ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON THREE.
[22:18] * painy has joined #swarmcore
[22:19] Bah
[22:19] Have they made it fun for mroe then 2 minutes now?
[22:20] Anything past sending roller coasters flying?
[22:20] Which was rather fun, I’ll admit =D
[22:20] lol
[22:20] Nah..

1hr, 21 mins ago – Sideburns

[21:49] 14yr old Canadian girls have beards
[21:49] .
[21:49] your new board
[21:49] Its a well unknown fact
[21:49] They do!?
[21:49] nice
[21:49] lol
[21:50] I don’t know many girls with beards.
[21:50] and just looking at it??
[21:50] they have bumfluff but not beards.
[21:50] you bored?
[21:50] well oncve
[21:50] Its funny when they have moustaches
[21:50] but like im going asgain
[21:50] And sideburns
[21:50] so i want me own bord
[21:50] aha
[21:50] 😛
[21:50] I just got my new pc
[21:50] LOL
[21:50] Wait,…
[21:50] lol
[21:50] I have sideburns!
[21:50] * Tekki cries

1 hrs 52 mins ago – Enter Themast

[21:28] lo themast
[21:28] Like, punch in the genitals low
[21:28] omg he knows i am here
[21:29] * Jaws-UT2k4 is now known as SeaJaws
[21:29] omg tm
[21:29] run!
[21:29] what for
[21:30] Dunno, you said something about sax knowing you are here so it might be quite a bad thing ://
[21:30] lol

2 hrs, 1 min ago – Enter the Tekki

[21:19] * Tekki has joined #swarmcore
[21:19] Back!
[21:22] * [ND]Painy has left #swarmcore
[21:22] * [ND]Painy has joined #swarmcore
[21:22] <[ND]Painy> nooo not tekki
[21:22] <[ND]Painy> lol
[21:22] o_O
[21:22] <[ND]Painy> 😛
[21:22] <[ND]Painy> joke
[21:22] * Tekki adds Painy to hated list.
[21:22] * Tekki throws away pen
[21:22] <[ND]Painy> :< [21:22] <[ND]Painy> :><: [21:27] Low blow Tekki, low blod…
[21:27] blow*
[21:27] Low Blow?
[21:27] * themast slaps sax around a bit with a large trout
[21:27] 6Thank you themast for the 7trout 6. I now have 3 322 6Trout’s in my collection.
[21:27] Like blowjob low?
[21:28] w00t
[21:28] <[ND]Painy> lol
[21:28] lo themast
[21:28] Like, punch in the genitals low

2 hrs 21 mins ago – Ping-age

[20:59] !ping
[20:59] * WhispeR slaps sax around a bit with a large trout
[20:59] !ping
[20:59] 6Thank you WhispeR for the 7trout 6. I now have 3 321 6Trout’s in my collection.
[20:59] !ping
[20:59] !ping
[20:59] * sax ties WhispeR with a razor-sharp wire.
[21:00] !ping
[21:00] i said !ping meh big boy!
[21:00] * WhispeR
[21:00] [21:02] [WhispeR PING reply]: 13secs
[21:00] wow my ping is bad
[21:00] 😛
[21:00] !ping

3 hrs, 7 mins ago – Beaut

[20:13] Anyone seen the new UT engine?
[20:13] * jermain has joined #swarmcore
[20:13] nope
[20:13] * mutha has joined #swarmcore
[20:13] Beautiful
[20:14] thank u
[20:14] lol
[20:14] Lol
[20:14] say the magic word
[20:14] shit
[20:14] * mutha has left #swarmcore
[20:14] who was that?
[20:15] Mutha, it appears
[20:16] he was obviously beautfiul
[20:16] Idd

Im gonna quit here, wouldn’t want to pick my entire logs. My conclusion is that SWaRM is a decent chan but sanity is in short supply here. So be carefull, for you know: It might be contagious…

Quote of the month

a quote?
for the month
“Distortion is not what you see, it’s what you can actually percept as a individual”
how about that..?
looks nice
xept that I dont understand it 😛
but thats qhat is great about it
you live to confuse
dont you?
Well not really.
But confusions fun.


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