10-2003, Author Unknown

Newsletter #4 10-2003

It’s once more time for a new newsletter. And I will try to keep you up to date with news and entertained with whatever it takes for the duration of this newsletter. This was perhaps the hardest one to make, since PAX is going nowhere. Luckily Planetia came into play and made up the lost time on PAX. Planetia is what PA used to be, though it’s not the original it comes close to PA round 7 (I think). More on that later. Furthermore will this newsletter be a IRC special, cuz I found lots of funny stuff to enter. Thanks to all who made this possible!!


PA Progress

There is little to talk about in this section. PA just isn’t what it used to be. ‘Where has the addiction gone’ so to say. The changes Spinner and the other creators made were just in the wrong direction. Like Moo said on the forums, in the beginning it was ok. But later on it gets boring and repetitive. Also attacking has been made too easy just because defending sucks. Even at an overkill defense fleet you can still get roids and damage the defenders, because of some lame ‘we all fire at the same time’ rule.


Alliance inside

We have been doing some nice things, especially Planetia related. And since SWaRM has spread to Planetia next to Planetarion. Alliance inside will cover any activity no matter from what game it is. Ofcourse I will tell clearly over what game I am speaking.

Planetia (clear enough?)

Like I said we have been doing some nice things on Alliance area’s in Planetia. A really nice NAP with Combined Powers and Enigma. I believe we have Hard Metal to thank for that. More exiting is the massive war going on between Carthexis and several Alliances, including SWARM. It is a war which could have mayor consequences on Planetia gameplay. But even more on SWaRM’s reputation. I think that if we play it good we might be more respected and perhaps more feared (dream on Alexei) in Planetia then we are in Planetarion.


This is the bit more trickier part of my Newsletter. And my best guess is to be honest, I’ve given up on Planetarion. Thus I am no longer following the happenings around Planetarion. So I can no longer give any news concerning Planetarion.


Member of the Month

Also the Member of the Month section will be different, the expansion to Planetia will affect the Member of the Month. Because SWaRM is still SWaRM and I think that any member has a right to become Member of the Month, whether he/she plays Planetia or Planetarion.

Alrighty then, we move on to this months Member of the Month. And this months Member of the Month is SNOOP! The reason for this time is, how Kama likes to put it: Quality Spamming. Now that’s a good reason I say. Furthermore he has third most posts on the forums and he has two to three times as much posts as the follow up.
Here is the exclusive:

[automated msg] Please standby for acknowledgement. I am using a secure query event. You will be notified if accepted. Until then your msgs will be ignored.
[automated msg] Query request accepted.
didnt notice you there
how bout a quick interview
🙂 just got back frm uni
cause youre the new Member of the Month!
well i dont know wot 2 say then
You have Kama to thank for that
apart frm thanxs 😀
why do you think you were chosen?
dunno probably cause me and my team beat kama at noughts and crosses on the boards lol
active on boards?
Well kama calls it Quality spamming
well i learned frm the best
Its guys like you that make the boards a better place to be 😛
heh i try
it also has somethin 2 do with having 5 hr gaps between lectures at uni
Can I have a few things for the records (not obligated)?
like real name, Age and place of habitat?
craig, 20, UK (nottingham) and likes spamming and playig pa heh
ill upload it right now
and ty all!


IRC stuff and more

YES it is once more time for your favorite newsletter item. And wow, do I got some funny stuff for you. For this IRC Special I found loads of IRC stuff. It’s the best. I hope you enjoy it 😛

Rookie the hacker:

Did u attack today alexei?
with what game?
but i dont think so
unless someone is hacking my account PA 🙂 I hacked ur account and launched ur fleet at a top 10 planet
Fat chance, I got no ships at all

The odd effects of beer:

* Alexei drinks beer
mmmm, beer
ooo, feeling a bit woozy now
* Alexei stumbles around the room
*points to the fridge (toilet)*
beer… (zombie like spoken)
* dafreak has joined #swarmcore
* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +v dafreak
hey dafreak
* GexBot sets mode: +o dafreak
and that dafreak left of you
and that dafreak right of you
* dafreak has quit IRC (Quit)
was it something i said?

Op power!

* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +o Alexei
* themast sets mode: +o hempknight
hehe 🙂
hey hemp
welcome to the opped ppl
i noticed
* Alexei offers hemp an op chair
hence “hehe”
*sits at the op table (notice’s Kama’s coffee mug)*
*drinks some coffee*
* Meere|bbl has quit IRC (Quit: [-;< -==--> Ping Timeout <---== >;-])
* Alexei reads chair label: Gecko
ooo, i feel all high and mighty now
we are sad
yes we are

Op power 2!!

* Alexei goes to fridge behind him and takes a beer
*trys to sober up*
* Alexei tosses another beer to hemp
it will help
it always does for me
ooo, that beer looks awfully tempting
like it almost screams out: “Drink me, open me!!”
or, give me to alexei!!
* Alexei finishes beer and takes beer from hemp
suit yourself
mmmm, what a delicious beer
* Alexei opens beercan with a perfect PSHHT!
* Kore|Film is now known as Kore|Casino
you sure you dont want it?
drink up!

Coffee and Kama

mmm coffee
mmm Kama’s mug
*drinks more coffee*
* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +v J-Kama-Ka-C
oo kama!
woooohoooo im rank 13 in the universe on planetia
hey Alex
o Xiphoid o Hemp
better stash that mug ow hemp
hi J-Kama-Ka-C
silence alexei!
lo xiphoid
he wasent drinking from your coffee mug Kama
better not have been…
* hempknight hides
look over there
* J-Kama-Ka-C looks
*runs away*
(runs faster because of all the coffee he drank)

How to get stats kicked

~xstat Tekki
[stat] Channel: #swarmcore, nick: Tekki. Lines: 1147, words per line: 3.87. Joins: 98. Kicked 0 people, and was kicked 24 times.
[stat] 3.40% of these lines are repeats, 3.05% are actions and 0.00% include colour. Swearing was detected in 1.13% of them.
[stat] Recent quote: lol thats crap
* Stats was kicked by SWaRMHQ (Bad Language)
thats great
this is getting out of hand YES U GOT STAT KICKED


* Abaddon sues Alexei for being afk
wot is afk??
all for killing??
away fighting kings??

Problems with anom?

u recalled y? No I didnt I was attacking Anom by mistake (60:4:1) lol
lol that not good

Qoute of the month

my pc is powered by pc a hamster in a wheel
Games dont affect childeren. If pacman had affected us when we were young, we all would be running around in dark rooms, eating magic pills and listning to repetetive electronic music.


Cuz of this late newsletter im just gonna name all new swarmcore ranked members. No flashy stuff, it would take to much space. So here we begin:

Congrats to:

Dragonspike Leon
Chain5aw Jerra
Bill AKA Smee Burdet20
Riksta AKA RC Deiwos
Valiant Fow
ProXorp Melmar AKA Pingu
IvanMc AKA Ivan Horus
Astelan Mklone
BeemerT Chez
Gubble D. Gleep Trojan Horse
Infra Baldie
Steve Ginley
Horizon MrOgre
Shim AKA Altek

And as I like to say, you are no true member unless your named in the newsletter 😛



Me ofcourse
And Xiphoid

Only 15 more days for the next newsletter 🙁

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