10-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #15 10-2004



It is time for another newsletter, made by yours truly. As it is 19:39 now on my clock I am well on time, 4 hours and 21 minutes before deadline I will probably have time to spare.
So a new newsletter and once again Im stunned by the lack of funstuff. Anyway, its ur loss. Furthermore some routine stuff, PIA/PA progress, Alliance inside and more (like the credits).

23:21 update. Crap looks like it will be fast work after all… *damnes*

Alliance Update

can I ask you some questions?
ok, shott your questions
so how is SWaRM doing this round of PIA?
greater than ever
what is our rank then?
we have been 3rd so far, and just a small step away from 1 that is
we are currently 4
that is very good
we are 3 again
how many active members do we got so far?
31 very active members
none inactive so far
who is first then within the aliance?
ranked top100
so recommend anyone for MotM
has zious been motm ?
why should he be?
because he has done so much for us
attack bots
battle calcs
ahh, ok, sounds like reason enough
hmmm, do I need more…
erm… he makes scripts
noo, for the newsletter I meant
which are nice
but more reasons for him to be MotM 😛
I meant for the Pia PRogress
madmax is doing a great job, that is worth mentioning
crispy and fossie<--- our newest DC's Ok tnx for the info

Ok, so what? I was lazy, when aint I Anyway, it was clear and to the chase, seems like SWaRM is doing good

Member of the month

Ok on nomination of sax I have selected Zious as this months member of the month. I feared a while back there wouldn’t be any more MotM’s for a while, but Zious proved us all for reasons named above that he deserves this honorary title. Here is the.. errr… interview?

o Zious
zious pious
* Alexei slaps zious around a bit with a freshly caught trout
answer me! 😛

ok, find out for yourself then
I was gonna tell ya
but now you just have to go and read
Maybe, I can still change my mind you know
I was gonna make you Member of the Month
You know, for all the stuff you did for us
Like the bots
and the quality scripts
not to mention the bcalc
and sax mentioned you are a quality DC
but I guess you just got tough luck
to not responding to me when I want to make the interview…
A well, read up..
*smirks; Thats at least one reader ill be having*
* Alexei walks away


Ok, seems like Im all on myself for this. Fine, but don’t expect too much. Since Im not a 24 online machine. Ugh… just read it…

Why Kama is respected

* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
echo, echo, echo… echo ~cho… oh…
* Jaded slaps J-Kama-Ka-C with the NO TALKING sign
* J-Kama-Ka-C mumbles
* J-Kama-Ka-C wants +voice
why kama?
so I can take over the world
ok mojojojo
my skull is neither transparent nor laminated…
r u sure
* qtips has quit IRC (Quit)
well it’s kinda hard to see
but I haven’t blinded anyone with the sheen lately
Kama 😛
hi Peetsers
lo Kama
* Alexei sets mode: +v J-Kama-Ka-C

* Alexei slaps J-Kama-Ka-C around a bit with a large trout
mmm vocal
good to havee a friend in high places, isnt it ^^
indeed it is

Stargate… Ofcourse I was bluffing

ow w00t.. tokra… part 1
* Painy|Sh0p is now known as [ND]Painy
heh, it’s “great”
althoguh i’ve only seen it once properly-ish
<[ND]Painy> mmm random yougurts
too bad ive seen season 8 totally
I know how its gonna end ;P
I hate you
and im not telling
I hate you so very much
<[ND]Painy> wots this?
there’s a cliff hangar right…
so we can expect season 9…
* Ambisagrus has joined #swarmcore
Im not gonna tee-elll
na na na na


* J-Kama-Ka-C has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<[ND]Painy> lo Rookie
lo Painy
* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
you win again gravity..;

Evil (?) Moo

lo alexei
lo inuki
hey mooey 😛
cuz I know you love it
How am i supposed to be evil if you call me that ?
<[ND]Painy> mooeywooey
<[ND]Painy> ^^
thats his full name 😛
<[ND]Painy> lol
<[ND]Painy> :>
hmmm – lets see who to kick first alexei or painy ? 😛
<[ND]Painy> errr… hmm
* [ND]Painy is now known as bob
well i c now painy now


Otha Pplz!

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