11-2003, Author Alexei

Newsletter #5 11-2003

Here it is, unexpected, yet pleasent the new newsletter. Ok so I said I wouldnt make a november edition. But as RL settled down a bit I got some spare time and some good stories to put in it. Stories like the LT mishap and the elections. Also we have a new member of the month. Enjoy!


PA Progress

I wouldnt have a clue on what is happening in Planetarion. Last I heard it was dull as hell. I dont think that will have changed.

On the other hand, Planetia is a turbulent game. With loads that is happening. It all started last friday night, 21-11-2003.
SWaRM had a NAP with Lithium, a larger alliance, but unfortunatly Lithium split up into two sections for unknown reasons. The smaller inactive side remained Lithium, but the larger and active side broke relations with SWaRM and renamed to LT. A LT member, whose name is also unknown, attacked our member, SNOOP.
When requesting def Opus not only send def, but also retaliated against SNOOP’s attacker. The HC of LT were not pleased at all by this action and came with a lot of trouble to our chan and started threatening us to wage war on us if we didnt recall.
The only officer who was online at that time was Steve, and thanks to Steve the situation began to stabalize. Apperently for some reason (I know the HC was a jerk) he refused to talk to Steve anymore. Thats when I came online, steve then asked me if I could talk to him.
So I did, he was very rude to say the least and at first I really thought this is gonna be war. Fortunatly i stalled him long enough. Opus then came online and I asked to recall. The whole situation stabilized after that. And with great help from Steve we are now friends and they might be possible allies.

A message from Steve:
<[DC]steve> you could put in the newsletter steve the mighty saves swarm from another war as he negortiates with the mighty enemies


Alliance inside:

With the resigning of S0LDieR we now have 4 HC’s. That is one HC short. So there are gonna be elections for a new HC. Several officers have stepped forward to be candidates. They are: Xiphoid, Stu|, gecko, themast, Teki and yours truly: Alexei. With hard campaigning underway we can only start to wonder why the officers would want to be HC. Lets ask them for their personal reasons:

First of Gecko:

To the members of SWaRM I would like you to vote for the best candidate whom you think is best suited for the job. I hope that you select me for this position. All of the candidates that are on the ballot are more than capable to perform the task at hand.

Second themast:

I would say the 2 most important resons why i would be a good HC is mostly in IRC and recuitment. For the past 2-3 weeks HC irc activity is down a lot and so I think moral is down and ofc that has to change.
For recuitment I am going to carry on as normal trying to spot the spys and the people who really want to be a good member. Thx for your time and I hope u vote for me.

Third Stu|:

No comment 😛

Fourth Tekki:

The reason for being HC… Because I am there for the members.

Fifth Xiphoid:

Im not coming into this election thinking im better than any of the other candidates, i come here asking for achance to prove what i can do and to atempt to earn your trust and respect and for the oportunity to do all i possibly can for swarm. Also i wish all the other candidates the best of luck may the best person win

Last Alexei:

As an HC I will try to do my best for the alliance, but even more important: I’ll do my best for its members. Because thats what I think is being HC all about. To be there for the members. So I will try to keep SWaRM and its members alive and protected. And I will do the very best I can for this alliance and it’s members, so we can enjoy Planetarion and Planetia to the max!


Member of the Month

This Months Member of the month has his title because he helped in the LT situation as described in the PA progress section. To thank him for helping prevent a war, anom and me decided to make him Member of the Month.

Here is the exclusive:

hey Steve
<[DC]steve> lo again is planetia up again?
but guess what
<[DC]steve> your HC?
you are the new Member of the Month!
<[DC]steve> oh thnks
needless to say, but why do you think you earned the title?
<[DC]steve> ermmmmmm spam?
<[DC]steve> hehehe
because you helped so much with the LT situation
<[DC]steve> well at the end of the day now ive got a slight diffrent role
<[DC]steve> but thnks for member of the month its great
well some things for the record are needed
like real name, age and where you live
ofc it isnt obligated
<[DC]steve> oh right steve hutt stoke-on-trent england and im 26 a lawyer
thanks Steve

TMF (themasts Facts):

this is a new section in the newsletter founded by themast. I believe he had something alike on the old boards. Lets hpe he can keep this up.

1) If you were to continue farting non-stop for 6 years and 3 months then the energy released would equal a nuclear bomb

2) Europe has 46 countries and a population of 730,916,000 people (est)

3) Glittertind in is the highest pointing norway, at 8,110 ft. (2,472m).

4) There are about 203 counties in the world today

5)The winds on Neptune are the fastest in the solar system. It can reach up
to 1,240 MPH (2,000 KPH)


IRC stuff and more:

I got some nice pieces here, enjoy!

Memory loss?

thanx again for defence tekki 🙂
Half Life 2 rules man
how can you dislike HL2 ?
Why!? It looks so sweet!
I defended?


*** Moo has joined #swarmcore
*** SWaRMHQ sets mode +v on Moo
!op me
*** SWaRMHQ sets mode +o on Moo
wb |-)
what ?
*** GreenAlge sets mode -o on GreenAlge
!op me
*** Moo sets mode +o on GreenAlge
haha, yep…
a non-automated BOT!

Another way to dodge bullets:

lets op alge
*** themast sets mode +o on GreenAlge
thanks 😉
* themast shows alge a big op chair
hmmmmmm OP chair… ooooo ice cream….. pizza…… errmmmm…. what was I saying?
* themast steals kama’s mug
*** Kore|Bowling is now known as Korenchkin mmmmuuuuhahaha
Kama isn’t even hear
*here oh well
* GreenAlge steals kama’s mug from themast
* themast get johna’s gun and points it at alge aha
johna has a gun?
* GreenAlge whips out his lightsaber
* themast uses johna as a sheild and fires the gun
* GreenAlge ignites his saber and chops himself his head off so the bullet misses him

Al-Qaida in SWaRM?

* SkeletalAlexei slaps himself around a bit with a large trout
* Xiphoid slaps SkeletalAlexei with a fire hose!
* SkeletalAlexei takes fire hose from Xiphoid then aim it at him then opens little valve
* Xiphoid hacks into SkeletalAlexei’s computer and deletes all of his porn. Ha!
* SkeletalAlexei is now known as SuicideBomber
* SuicideBomber storms at Xiphoid
* SuicideBomber pulls ripcord
*parachute folds out*
damn wrong suit!



More promotions this month. I hereby like to welcome all new members and I would like to congratulate all new officers!

Congrats to:

aap aka Metabaron

Our newest SWaRMCore ranked members 🙂

Congratulations to


a old member came back (welcome back – red)

Congratulations to

Moo – Recruitment Dept
Steve – DC/BC
Tekki – DC/BC
the_rookie – DC/BC
GreenAlge – Web Assistant
MrOgre – Free sector

our new Officers!

Congratulations to


our new Senior Officer !!

And as I like to say, you are no true member unless your named in the newsletter 😛



Me ofcourse

All the candidates

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