29/05/2003, Author Unknown

#1 Newsletter 2003/05
My desk, 29/05/2003

Hi there, ill be trying to substitute Jackass in this longly delayed Newsletter, remembered to us by themast 🙂

Ill try to be as funny to read as Jackass and will try to follow his writting method .

Well here i sit, after having had dinner, browsing my iddle IRC in search for funny and interesting passages, and trying to remember news bout pa and swarm.


Round 9

It has been a farely good round to play, but not very good for pa in general. With one of

SWaRM’s mother gal hitting 70M in the end, and having SWaRM made very good naps and liaisons

more specificaly with entity, madcows and vision. Round was dominated by weet and the usual

major fights in the end didnt take place for

the fun spoiling of hundreds of fans.


Round 9.5

Round 9 has ended and 9.5 is about to start. Beeing free and with some changes (tech tree done,

etc) its hopped it will get lots of new blood. And will be a good vacation while we wait for r10.

While galaxies of 25 planets r composed, anom and the HC is working to get AH site up, and talks

with other alliances are beeing relaunched. We hope to keep getting the good amount of new

inscriptions weve had all round 9 and hope u all have fun.

Kama got his motherboard fixed, moved house and is back for good and so is johna from his work far

away from uk, working in Dpts and with officers so things get up to date.



Just some short passages of things said around in ur favourite chan, swarmcore :p

Questions, Oh questions:

(19:12) *** Stats sets mode: +v YoureDoomed
(19:13) huh?
(19:13) why do i get +
(19:13) sjeez

Domestic violence 🙂 reported live:

(19:47) *** Stats sets mode: +v Tyr
(19:48) lo
(19:48) won’t be here long
(19:48) just checking in
(19:48) :p
(19:54) *** Quits: krim-away ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
(19:54) 🙂
(19:54) just cooking my dinner
(19:54) so hungry :\
(20:00) .
(20:00) i’m under attack
(20:00) my wife is hitting me
(20:01) you like it?
(20:01) no?
(20:01) then do what she tell’s you to do
(20:03) hehehe…..

Anom working hard:

(20:23) *** anom|away is now known as anom
(20:23) hehe am back – hi all :-))
(20:25) lo anom
(20:27) 🙂 lol been “fighting” AHs slowness and accpting apps there. Took me almost 2 hours!!!! grrrrrrr

Tyrs major and only concern (k/d) :p :

(20:28) does anyone no if jacks playin this round?


Ok here it is. I know it lacks a bit of info but things r just starting (and so am i in this new

experience), so bare with me for a while plz :p

S0LDieR, all copyrights NOT reserved


Newsletter #2

Here is the second newsletter of year 2003. Its supposed to be weekly but i think itll be closer to biannually. Anyway, I have volunteerd to get the newsletter back on track. Anom has agreed and appointed me as one of the editors. And since she is on a three week vacation atm she’ll be unable to upload my stuff. So ill do it myself.

In order to keep up with monthly newsletters (lets start simple shall we?) I probably need loads on info on whats happening in the Alliance. I am asking the members of our alliance to report any changes or interesting stuff thats been happening.

Alliance inside:

So here should come a piece written by a HC (or somebody who happens to know) important changes in the alliances business. But since im fairly unaware on this, though I am pretty active, ill guess the new bot is the newest thing. More on that later on.

PA Progress:

And here should come something about progress in the game itself. This i am even more unawre of since the round is almost ending. And I guess it turned out alright. Scores within the alliance are on an aveerage basis now: 4.013.000 Which is pretty reasonable. Our highest is rounded down: 8.750.000 by Stagnation. And with little proud we can say our alliance tag is no. 44. Which isnt that bad since we arent that big of an alliance (well, were not one of the biggest). All together we did pretty well.

Member Of The Month:

This is the new column in the renewed Newsletter. Each week henceforth shall we (or just me), the Editors, choose a Member Of The Month. It’s an honorary title, which you earn by doing something special for the alliance. This months Member Of The Month is Dragonbait. He has developed a new bot for the alliance channel. Here is the exclusive interview.

Member of the Month exclusive:
yo dragonbait
about the newsletter
you have been elected member of the month
cool why?
what it do?
Nothing its an honorary title
where is the newsletter
It will be posted on the avidgamers newsletter board
can I have a short interview with you, the member of the month?
what do want to know?
First of for the record
Real name\age\sex
dont give out my real name sorry
age 26
sex M
right, well i cant force you
Whats your ranking in SWaRMcore?
look it up 😛
ah, a regular member i see here
Why do you think you got the member of the week title?
well i help out alot of differnt ppl with differnt things
mostly server work for gecko and AAngel
and setting up Bots and the like the backgound stuff that happends
Right well, the main reason was that you are creating a new bot for the channel
So what does the new bot do?
What features does it have?
ATM it just runs the channel but i will be adding stuff to it i.e
seen al that neat stuff
runs the channel … in kickin bad language fellows?
yeah ops deops
multiple users
yeah plus i dont like mIRC bots
anything usefull for the regular member?
if all goes well a i need to speak to AAngel about this but it MIGHT be about to post Defence request and other info driectly to the website and read of it
ahh, thats very handy
lot of work to do
i bet
i have a attack bot written in perl to use atm
one more question
who do you think should be next week member of the week?
hmm not sure ive been a bit busy with the server and the bot to see whats been going on
ok, well it happens
tnx for the insight

And here ends the Member Of The Month column. We’ll be looking for a new Member Of The Month well … next month.

IRC lines
What would a newsletter be without some funny parts of what is said in the IRC Channel.

Kama still has very little control over other members:

hi all
\o Alexei
\o Kama
anything interesting going down here?
guess not
that’s right
hehe, I don’t allow anything to ‘go down’
* Alexei steps into nearby elevator
* J-Kama-Ka-C frowns
* Alexei hits basement button
* J-Kama-Ka-C damns the fact they are on the floor of the IRC building 🙁

Tyr is still sorily being missed:

* Tyr has joined #swarmcore
* Stats sets mode: +v Tyr
\o Warlord
* AAngel is going to work on the new and faster SWaRM site this week end
* SpellBound has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* J-Kama-Ka-C makes guinea pig noises
* AAngel tosses rotten veggies at Kama
lo folks
* Tyr huggles all the ladies (col)
* Alcohol is now known as Alcohol[zzz]

The amazing features of the new bot:

ok, ok, so what am I doing up here?
tell em the 3 strike rule… for hte BOT
3 strike rule??
* AAngel doesn’t do baseball
my opinion exactly
Moley should be due to implenent it soonish
caugh it up kama
well the idea being that would get the bot to spank anyone misbehaving, and kicking anyone breaking the language rules
* LandyNotHere has quit IRC (Quit: when you have nothing to say .. keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid. It is better than opening it and removing any doubt)
firstly it’s apparently going to dispatch warnings
thus, it will initate kick mode
thus, it will iniate kick ban mode
and therefore will mop the floor with anyone disobeying
and it will babysit the kids…. drink all of kama’s beer… and straighten out AAngels halo!
…what b33r… Kama has no b33r…
oh yea one last thing it will put Anom in shackles.. so she cannot go and party on weekends with out ALL of us!

Though it still doesnt work perfectly:

* dragonbait pets bkeeper
* dragonbait slaps bkeeper around a bit with a large trout
* AAngel rubs bkeeper…
nice bkeeper….nice bkeeper…
* dragonbait has left #swarmcore
* dragonbait has joined #swarmcore
* Stats sets mode: +v dragonbait
* bkeeper sets mode: +o dragonbait
good bot

Quote of the week:
a wise man once said: “A padded jacket is an acceptable gift even in summer.”

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