8/9-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #13 8/9-2004



Hello all to this 13th edition of the SWaRM newsletter. Heh, I didn’t realize it was this late already so I better get started I think ^^; Ok lets see, what do we got in this edition. Ofcourse the usual stuff: Pia/PA Udates, Alliance inside… omg… Member of the month *insert panic and screams* *damnes* ok… I better hope sax will respond to my messages.. I hate not giving a member the honor. Anyway, what else… I guess the funstuff will be there, tho it wont be as much as other days. Bazza’s column will be here… I hope I can find his piece :P. What else.. nope I think that’s about it. I hope you enjoy it

Pia/PA Progress

To start of, planetarion become a bit boring imho.. I never got away good really, so that would make it less fun for me, as well that the rules of PAX still linger. Lets face it, its far from round 4 ^^ Anyway, SWaRM has settled on its trusty 15th spot, like so many rounds before. Its not that good, but its not that bad either.

Alliance inside

This is a sad piece, for I have seen far too many good people leave. Grunja, baz, SNOOP and several others. What happened to good ol fashion loyalty? Think what you are doing to us, to SWaRM! For every officer lost we have to replace it, every time we have to retrain an officer. Also saying “Ill be visiting the forums” wont help that much, we need you as a member! What good is forum activity if we cant even give basic defense? Im sure you all got good reasons like school (im doing a 34 hour a week university study) or work (I work 3 evenings in the week now). The thing is, the minimum activity is set to visiting the forums once a day and some IRC activity during the week. This in all will take at max 2 hours of time! Then the game itself, wasn’t it SWaRMs intention to band the small players together so we would make a strong force in numbers? So a lot of ingame activity isn’t required as well. So why are you leaving? Isnt even our most favourite HC, anom ofc, (no offence) away for times? So why do you all complain? Get yer butts over here!

Bazz’s Column

Ok then everyone, I’m back for another column with you all, and this week I will continue to talk about the factors of living at home, and this week we move on the one factor that 99% of you hate your fellow sibling. I’m sure you do don’t you?

So I think for a perspective I can understand most of you may have had your fair share of problems with your brothers or sisters, well I have 3 so I think I speak from experience, problems are more than regular in my household, now this can cause major disruption to the flow of thing, arguments have always escalated and I’m sure those of you that argue are well aware.

Now it has never come to a proper fight but I may just assume that some of you have actually got into fights, but we wont go into that now, now I’m my own opinion I think that I may have slightly preferred to be a single child, now regardless of that I’m happy with having 3 sisters.

Recently I also read a book, this book went into some detail about how children are treated, It detailed that in 98.4% * < hehe facts are important :P > * house with a standard family of 4, 2 children; one male and one female, it would always be the male taking the short end on every stick, thus making the other sibling appear to be the favourite.

Now as far as having more than one sibling in the house goes then I can only speak from my knowledge, I hate it; I want HER * my emphasis is because I don’t like her out * as soon as possible. Now with no disrespect towards women, as I am in no means a SEXIST, but all their makeup and that time of the month just go so boring when all they really mean is I want to shout and scream at you cause I have an excuse.

Well that concludes my bitching about life at home. Hate it most of the time, and I’m sure all of you do to, don’t you?

Member of the Month

Each month it gets harder and harder… There just aren’t any members that stand out or… im not active enough. Anyway I cant say I can select somebody at this moment. SO Ill just make a call to the members that actually read this: Alert me when you think somebody deserves the MotM award! I need your help on this one, I cant decide on my own anymore (never could have anyway ;P) So please I urge you to contact me!


*points towards the MotM piece* Again due to my reduced activity and possibly the activity on IRC, I have only few pieces to post here. So if you are engaged in a funny convo in #swarmcore, or you witness one, send it to me! Just copy/paste it to a word file and email me! ([email protected]) I need it, the newsletter needs it!


hey there grunja
hey there baz, you seen saxyfone?
I am here grunja, don’t worry.
hey to you too sax, hows things?
fine, just fine ty. and you grunja?
good ty, listening to MUSE, as usual
ahhh good music that is!!
muse?? isn’t that what tekki is listenig to?? be careful you might end up like him!
don’t worry, it takes more than music to drive anyone that crazy!!
idd…like bad language, low will power, you know, the random stuff
you got a point there
sax always has a good point
ok another good point
ok you realize I am reading this
not that it matters, I haven’t insulted you yet
you mean your going too?
I didn’t say that, stop putting words in my mouth
was just cecking m8t

SWaRM’s Research dept

Gah! I can’t see!
Just opened a Vick tub
And its burning my eyes
even better than tubs of vicks, use those nose things
the little sticks you shove up your nose
life savers
vicks inhalers or something like that
vicks is supposed to be good for bags under the eyes, but I don’t fancy putting it there
i just stuck the stick there and my left eye is watering
might have jabbed my eye though
ah meeer both eyes watering
but my eyes feel unblocked
unblocked of what?
lol something like that
feels about right
* Lard thanks Norris for his contribution to science
no problem we have to take these steps to improve our humanity
* Rookie has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
once we control eye colds, we control the world
by we i mean SwaRM
ive checked other alliance’s and none of them are researching like we are
* Crispin has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
yer they dont see the big picture
on a similar note, I believe I have a method for solving paradoxes of self-reference and thus have disproved Godel’s incompleteness theory
i’m intrigued, please continue
ahh no, sorry forgot to carry the 1
ah shame, but no worries
so we have research into eye colds, paradoxes of self-reference, anything else?
you can’t clear your ears of wax using lighter fluid
or dry socks in a microwave
even on defrost
wow really? even on defrost?
this is good stuff
yeah, try the socks but don’t try the ear wax thing, you might go deaf
yer something to avoid there
I always like to push the boundaries of science

I hate loud things in the morning

ok… im this close –> <--- from creating a virus that only affects construction workers ok
not only did they wake me up very rudely
* Baz np: Linkin Park – Linkin Park – My December [04:20m/320Kbps/44KHz]
but now they are making it impossible for me to study
well stick ur head out ur windo and tell em to feck off
be as rude as them
hmmm a virus… I think I name either Sniper Rifle or shotgun
or stupe lower
or buy some earmuffs
but he cant hear him self think then
Jaded, I was wearing earplugs while I slept!


Ppl of the funstuff
The imaginary MotM
The leaving people (yea right!)
Anyone I forgot

“The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater the probability that the group will achieve its goals. “ – Rensis Likert

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