A Guide To Galactic Greatness

This is our “Guide to Galactic Greatness”. Please note it is only an advice…but a very sage advice at that!

Commander Dark Spirit

Chapter 1: The Start!

We all start on that 164 fielder you were given to start with. That is not enough room to build an empire on – You are going to need a much bigger one to really get started. This first planet, Homeworld, is to be abandoned so build only what is needed to get your Gaia’s: Shipyard 4, research lab 2 so you can research energy tech 1 to unlock pulse drive 3.

We usually send some resources to new players to help you get started. Let us know it you need more…we have a thread for that on the forum.

Chapter 2 Gaia’s

You’ll need quite a few Gaia’s to get yourself those 300+ fielders. More if you set your standards higher!! Just build to your requirements.
It could be that the first Gaia you send lands you the desired 300+…..and it could take a lot of attempts….maybe even 100 if you’re unlucky. Usually around 40….
A planet surveyor helps but is not needed. Just keep trying….and it will happen!

The advised way to start colonizing? Send a group of Gaia’s with some spare hydro to a planet nearby your intended colony slot and send them from there. Consider moving in to one of our stronghold systems (or near one). It’s much easier to share resources and group defend with folks that are close, and you can grab resources from the debris fields we leave when we hit NPCs nearby.
If you do send a lot of colony ships, space them out every 4 to 5 mins so you get a chance to assess the new colony before the next ship arrives. If you don’t ABANDON the planet soon enough the next ship bounces back home. Just give yourself enough time to get rid of a dud planet….and make TRIPLE sure you abandon the right planet!!

Every new colonisation will give you a new, random, number of fields. So you may hit that 320 on the first try….or it could be on the 101st try…..

So, Some (or a lot) Gaia’s later you just got your brand new planet and it is a keeper! Fieldcount 300+ …maybe you have the best, 320 fields! Congrats!!
But now you have only 1….Keep colonizing the next planet…until you have 7 to 9 300+ field planets. 7 to 9 depends on your intended game style. That is discussed elsewhere on the forum. TM and me, we have 7 planets and 2 slots available for plugs/MAC…

And where do you colonize best? Well, we strongly advice you colonize in our strongholds. Much easier to help, group defend, group attack, send resources and trade when you are in the same system!

Also, do not colonize twice in the same system. Spread out, approx 20 systems apart, preferably in the same galaxy. This gives you a wider search area for NPC and prevents that one enemy heph landing in system gets to plunder all your resources if he gets lucky!

Chapter 3: The New Colony

Now, what do you build on the shiny new planet, the 300+ fielder? Well, let’s start with resources! Let us know if you need resources, how many and where. We want to help you, but we don’t want to swamp you with resources. Just ask if needed, where and how much. There is no shame in that!

Well, since you have just found your keeper, get a moon on that thing! Pronto!! Once you have a few ships/defenses on the planet, let us know on the Free Moon Shots thread, and we will send probes in groups of 10,000 to ‘attack’. Moons are very useful, as we will discuss later.

Ok, what to build on the planet?

First: capitol. Then, at capitol 10, foundry!

Keep building capitol and foundry (whichever is faster) until at least level 15 before building anything else. The higher the better. It will save you so much time later!

Then, you need a shipyard to build ships. Level 13 is needed for a heph. I’d stop at that.
A factory level 4 to build droids.

You also need research labs. Start with a level 10 so you can develop FTL Tech Lvl 7 and AI Tech Lvl 8 so you can start on that ARCnet. More labs plus ARCnet makes for greatly reduced research times, and more researches completed makes you stronger, faster and better. Then continue with Foundries and Capitols!

Chapter 4 After The Start….

You can’t research while building labs and you can’t build labs while still researching….
So….Preferably you would have the same research lab level on all planets. When a research is finished upgrade the Research labs on all planets! Try to keep the levels equal!!

Same for foundries and ships. You can’t upgrade foundries when building ships and you can’t build ships when upgrading foundries!

Chapter 5 Mines

Don’t waste time and resources on mines, resource den, solar or nuclear power plants.
If you get any large fleet, your hydro syntheziser can never keep up. And let’s not even talk about ore or crystal mine. It’s floating around everywhere, NPC’s give the stuff as well….absolute waste of time! Same for resource den.

So you have your research lab going up to…say… 50, your shipyard 13, factory 4, foundry and capitol at 30…35…40…45…

Basically you have this standard at every planet as a minimum……and you got more resources? then continue with the foundry and capitol!! Up, up, up!!
Remember: up your foundry, building time gets halved! Up it 5 levels…and it’s 32 times faster!! Rinse and repeat!

Chapter 6 Make The Colony Special!

Now 320 fields are a lot…. but we’ve filled them already to close to 200….at least!! Can’t keep building everything. I mean…. a hydro storage that is of any use for a trade merchant at a decent price, you’re looking at hydro level 70? That 320 is coming close!

So, designate 1 planet to hydro storage. Another planet maybe to crystal storage…

Don’t forget that when a research is completed you might want to upgrade all your research labs again… on all planets!!

Chapter 7 The Moon

So how about that moon?
Remember you got one early on? Because it takes a lot of time to build it up!!

To get the fastest moon build speeds…. do the shortest build times for cap and lunar base…. until lunar base is a minimum of 16. Maybe even 18…
Only then start on Oracle and Warp Gate…. although, in all honesty…. most of us couldn’t wait and build a warp gate somewhere before Lunar Base level 16.

The End

Thanks for reading this far. These are not commands or requirements, but rather guidance. These are the lessons that we have learned from those that were here before us, and maybe some by making mistakes of our own. This is a game, and it is supposed to be fun, so play it how you want. We get a kick out of talking about this game, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

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