Advanced Play Tips

Are you active, have a Heph that you want to chip away at a DF with? Timing is often crucial in the game. This is an example.

Here is a suggestion…. I promote having 2 ‘spare’ planet slots for Mac, etc. If your heph on on the DF, and you want to resume harvesting… lets say about 18 hours hours later. Pick a vacant slot in a neighbouring system, and choose a flight time of 9 hours. Dispatch the Heph.

From a moon, dispatch a planet to arrive at that same slot, BEORE 9 hours. A colony will be made in that slot. Your heph will ‘bounce’ and return to the point of origin, 18 hours after it was originally sent.
These conditions require that you have a planet within a travel time aplug planet will arrive in time, to bounce the Heph.

Need a shorter time? Launch the colony first, to an in-system location. When it will arrive within 4 hours, then launch your Heph. Depending on your warp speed, your Heph can bounce and return to the original planet slot, about 9 hours later.

For times less than that, you will have to cancel the flight early.

To dispatch a fleet to land on the heph, where a slow flight time will save hydrogen.

Set your heph to land on a slot in the chosen star system. See what the flight time will be. Write it down. Do NOT dispatch the heph to orbit yet.

Now, see how long it will take at a 10% flight to send fleet (including a zeus) to that slot. It will likely be about 40+ hours. Write it down.

What you want to do, is time dispatching a colony, and dispatching the heph, and dispatching the fleet to the colony.

Both heph and colony have to be dispatched, when the slot is empty. The fleet can only be dispatched when the colony is in place.

If you are active, you will want to time the the arrival of the fleet, a half hour after the heph is timed to ‘land’.

When your fleets are dispatched, you will want to ABANDON the colony. The fleet enroute to the ABANDONED colony cannot be oracled now, if sent from your moon. Having that fleet land on, and/or deliver hydro to your heph within a half hour, will likely not leave your heph vunerable to an attack.

You can now cause your Heph to move again. A near 2 day delivery accomplished within a short time frame.

If you need to deliver resources to your planet from the heph… go into (d) mode, and ignore the above.

Tybor’s Master

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