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Newsletter #13 23/5/10

WAR: Dark Day
This week Dark Day have declared War on us. We have accepted and have begun taking them out at all places local to us. Once the initial attacks are over with we shall seek them out across the universe.

An ingame thread has been set up to allow us to log all activity from Dark Day, this will help to catch them in the future. I remind people, this is not the place to post espionage reports. Nor is it any use to post anything without the gametime it occured, such posts will be removed, so please don’t waste the officers time.

They have heard the buzz, now they shall feel the sting.

WAR: Attack Reports
All battles we win over Dark Day should be documented here.

Remember, a victory may not mean a killed fleet, but a 30% reduction in enemy defenses is still a victory to be praised, it makes the next one that much easier. I look forward to being able to post many battles in this section.

Seems we have driven one of their members out already…

“Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the Dark Day alliance messages, so I don’t know any details about their war with Swarm. So when I saw all the attacks and realized it was because I was part of DD, I decided it wasn’t worth it and left.”

Ammendment To Rule #7
In our continued efforts to provide more ‘safe’ targets both KBF and Pug have now been opened to attack. So current exceptions to rule #7 are now, A New Hope, UFP, KBF, TFA and Pug. We have also ended several more NaP’s..


The above NaP’s will have officially ended on the day of this letters release.

We will be looking to open more targets in the next week. Eventually I expect Rule #7 to be replaced with a small list of none attackable alliances.

SWaRM Attacks
Well this week has seen us really take to the offensive. Another zeus was toppled, some big debris fields created, and a war has broken out.

First the Zeus, our new battle officer Rob Gale showed why he was chosen for the role, not only locating a Zeus but quickly organising it’s destruction. We believe the target was online during the attack and planned to fleetsave, but as he forgot about the scheduled downtime, the attack landed perfectly. Full report here. So a big well done to Turtle, Rob, Michail and Zaphod for a battle well won.
Total SWaRM Zeus Kills: 3

I personally have had a busy week. Trapping another fleet with oracle, creating 1,848,000 ore and 957,000 crystal in debris. Managed to catch an old foe from Invas with his fleet sitting again, resulting in a 3,746,400 ore and 2,265,900 debris field. A fullscale assault on my old nemesis Prince David, resulting in a debris field of 4,836,300 ore and 3,304,650. full reports can be found in the battle reports section of forum. Really need to invest in more dios so I can clean up all this mess myself, thanks to those who assisted in keeping the prizes for our cause and not theirs.

The SWaRM Vs. YO saga continues with another massive blow to the YO alliancee curtisy of Manuk, Warren, Michail and Rob. Target was discoved by Warren who requested backup and was eventually shown how to get onto IRC to get the attack finalized. The battle was won with ease and a nice gain was had for all involved. Special thanks from Manuk to Klaattu for the anti-ninja assist. Full report available here. Well done guys, anyone else smell War?

Promotions and Vacancies
The final member to command was confirmed a little after the last newsletter, so I welcome Eric Sloan to command as Diplomacy Officer.

The Title Of SWaRMcore
For those of you not aware of the meaning of those listed as SWaRMcore ingame and on forum it’s basically a title awarded to those we feel have earned a reward. By earning a reward I mean that they have shown themselves to be a member of outstanding character. By following all rules closely, by being active, supportive and by be being all they can be. It is a rank of honor and prestige and should be carried as such. If you are looking for a lead to follow then look to those carrying the SWaRMcore title.

SWaRM Command Team And Rules
Here’s a refresh of who is in charge of what, with listed IRC nick (where different to game name) and main locations where relevant.

High Command, ingame Leader and the Head of Command.
Warlord Supreme (Tyr)

Battle, responsible for setting up group attacks and providing targets for anyone who wants them.
Klarg Junior Officer (g25, g56, g63, g79)
RobGale Junior Officer (g48)
Zaphod Junior Officer (g23. g25, g48, g63)

Diplomacy, responsible for seeking and dealing with all NaP agreements, wars and ceasefires. Also have some role to play in Intel gathering.
Woustor Junior Officer
Ace Harbinger Junior Officer
Eric Sloan Junior Officer

Recruitment, responsible for seeking out new Recruits and merger possibilities.
Steven Turk Senior Officer
Capt. Rufus Scipio Junior Officer
Topper Harley (cjasie) Junior Officer
Ace Harbinger Junior Officer

Intel, responsible for gathering Intel. Information is power.
Steven Turk Senior Officer
Admiral Nemesis Junior Officer

Tech, responsible for alliance tech such as Forum, IRC, Parser and future developments.
Stu| Senior Officer

General, advisors to command and to all members, also assist in all duties.
Insomnikal (Insom) Junior Officer, g23
williamngo Junior Officer, g23
Manuk Junior Officer, g48

8 Golden Rules
1. Obey the rules of the game. Available at the bottom of every page ingame.
2. Do not be abusive to other members or other players. This includes private messages. The SWaRM name is not to be used in threats.
3. Use IRC as often as possible. The rewards are endless.
4. Be active on the forum.
5. Notify command prior to extended periods on inactivity. This only applies if you think there is a risk you will go (i), if this is the case then we suggest using vacation mode.
6. No attacks on allies are permitted. Anyone highlighted in green and listed on the relations tab ingame.
7.* Refrain from attacking top32 alliances without clearence from command. Listed under leaders tab.
8. The Ingame Message Board is for important topics only, defense calls, attacks and trade requests. All other chatter is to be done on IRC and the forum.

*Exceptions to rule #7. New Hope, KBF, Pug, UFP and TFA

Failure to comply with these rules may result in membership being terminated.

We in command follow a democratic way of life, all decisions are talked through and voted on. We see information as the key to coming to the correct decision. I may be in charge, but we decide everything as a collective force.

Any member who fails to join forum within seven days is removed. Certain exceptions can and have been granted.
Any member who goes (i) or (id) is removed and raided. Members who go (iv) are exempt from this as they expect to be away for long periods and are not attackable by anyone.

Check the ingame message board, there’s a convinient little thread titled IRC. Details also available on…Forum.

I’d like to see more people not only signing up and logging into the forum once in a blue moon, but actually contributing to the alliance. In the future we may look to offload people not participating in forum discussion. As it stands, less than half of members bothered to read the newsletter, this is something I find not only amazing and shocking but insulting to me personally.

Alliance Rank
This week has seen our Overall Rank slip one place. But that is far overshadowed by our leap of three ranks in the ever vital Ship Destroyed rankings. I’d happily see us fall further Overall if our Destroyed Ships went up and up as it is the only score you cannot lose.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #28
Destroyed Ships: #28

Top2000 Club
245 Warlord Supreme 711,053
379 Klarg 606,994
404 William Ngo 584,646
424 Jack Ass 571,049
712 Eric Sloan 446,543
879 Admiral_Nemesis 402,191
1,328 Zaphod Beeblebrax 323,542
1,511 Commander Michail 301,905
1,615 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 292,272
1,641 Dead Meat 290,347
1,790 Tacoman 276,288
1,816 Sting Sinclair 273,887
1,899 Rogrog 266,888

An Interview With…
Zaphod has been ‘busy’, personally I think he should just spend less time looking at porn, and more time doing SFC stuff. He assures me he’ll have one for us next week.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #12 16/5/10

Group Attack Information
During plans for a group assault early this week an age old question came up. The question of whose tech is used during battle. It’s always been believed that the system can only use one set of tech, so it takes the highest. This theory probably came to be because only allows one to be set. So I requested that Dead Meat contact BFG and get the answer.


“Donny Williams, May 11 12:12 (EDT):

Hi there, I have looked through the wikki and could not find an answer on a certain aspect of the group attack / defend. The Tech levels used to calculate the battle, are they taken from the Highest player on each side so everyone gets the highest tech or individually? If individually could you please explain how this is achieved.

Thank you

Dead Meat ”


John Hunka, May 11 13:19 (EDT):

The ships that each player possesses in the battle participate in the battle with that player’s techs. When a target is randomly selected, it is a specific one of that ship type that is selected, so if a Hades is shot by another ships, the shields and hull of the Hades is based upon the owner of that Hades. .

So each players ships are subject to their own tech levels.

Diplomacy and Rule #7
The Leader of Kai has this week stepped down due to Real Life issues. Kai Decker has assumed command in his absence.

As part of our efforts to provide more low risk targets we are currently in the process of gaining intel on all alliances in the top30 and judging who is an actual threat and who is ‘an oversized pile of….’.

Our NaP with UFP will end at 18:42 17/5/10, anyone reported to probe a UFP member before that time will be removed from SWaRM. At this time UFP will become the second alliance to be excluded from rule #7. UFP have many members but not so many strong ones. Their strongest player has one planet in g23 and is ranked top100.

Yet Another Warning About Fleetsaving!
People are forever leaving their fleets unattended. Well if your going to leave your fleet sitting home then expect to be attacked and attacked and attacked again. A friend in UF6 sent me this today…

In the attack from Schilling’s Bloody Sock [37:59:2] on Jeter [37:59:4]:
The attacking side acquired 3,486,106 ore, 1,515,223 crystal, and 1,118,571 hydrogen.
There now float 43,477,800 ore and 30,553,050 crystal at this location.

The defending fleet contained 6 Zeus and a large supporting fleet. No amount of ships or defenses is safe if left unattended.

The Game Rules
I have come across several cases in the past month where game rules have not been followed. All cases have been dealt with but I don’t wish to have to deal with anything involving the game rules or SWaRM rules again, I have better things to do.
The admins have finally updated the ‘Rules’ page which has a link located at the bottom of every page ingame. * denotes my comments

The following rules have been implemented in Starfleet Commander. Failure to comply will result in punitive action, including confiscation of ships, resources, research/building levels, or even total banning from the game at Blue Frog Gaming’s sole discretion.

When trading resources you must use the following ratios:
Resources Max Ratio Min Ratio
Ore to Hydrogen 3:1 2:1
Ore to Crystal 2:1 1.5:1
Crystal to Hydrogen 2:1 1:1
Sending resources to a lower ranked player is allowed. Thus in a trade, the higher ranked player may give more resources for a trade than allowed by the trade ratio, however the lower ranked player may not. So for instance, the higher ranked player could give the lower ranked player 4 ore for 1 hydrogen.
It is against the rules to devise a scheme in which resources are transferred from a lower-ranked player to a higher ranked play (using the rankings from the Resources Spent leaderboard). *ie leaving resources on an unguarded planet.
You may not advertise any product or service in game. You may also not mass-message users with your crew links, alliance requests, or anything else.
Verbal Abuse
Conversation must be civil. Verbal abuse in messaging, even private messages, will not be tolerated. *ie, foul language, threats both on the person, their alliance or threat of reprisal from SWaRM.
It is illegal to request or send payment of any sort for withholding or canceling attacks.
Players may not use any sort of automated script or program to run missions or perform any other in-game actions.
Bug Exploitation
Players may not abuse any bug found in the game for profit and are expected to report any bugs they find to support immediately.
Multiple Accounts
Players are only allowed one account per Universe. *per universe means, 1 for Normal and 1 for Extreme
One Player Per Account
Each account may be accessed by only one player. *accessing another players account or having them access yours
It is illegal to harass other players, either through verbal messages or in-game actions including (but not limited to) sending repeated attacks or excessively slow attacks for no purpose other than to generate notifications, excessive pointless espionaging, etc. *slow attacks are attacks that take a lot of hours to land.

Sector Parser
Stu| has finally released the auto parser. This amazing tool for firefox has the ability to automatically upload the currently viewed sector to the Parser. Saving the hassle of copying and pasting it in manually. This script is legal as it performs no ingame actions.

For more details…

SWaRM Attacks
In the first real use of my Oracle I trapped a New Hope Officer that I’ve been trying to catch for a week. Caught a small fleet returning from an attack so I nuked the defenses to limit losses and sent my attack to land 1 second after his fleet returned. My dios were scheduled to land 20 seconds later. The battle was won with little losses, creating 1,792,200 ore and 1,567,500 crystal in debris. However it seems I was not the only person to Oracle him and someone else had planned to do the same as me and their dios were better timed than mine, so I got 0 resources. He has since teamed up with an R1 player to try and catch me, bring it on πŸ™‚

In a show of Girl Power, Turtle and Princess teamed up to deadly effect in their first group attack together in g48. Netting a nice 350k with 17,400 ore and 10,500 crystal left floating. Well done ladies.

Gerald made a nice hit this week in g23 with the gains of

The attacking side acquired 229,028 ore, 53,279 crystal, and 157,577 hydrogen.
The attacking side acquired 114,624 ore, 26,720 crystal, and 78,831 hydrogen.
There now float 241,200 ore and 152,100 crystal at this location.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen three new people join the command team, I welcome…

Woustor as Diplomacy Officer
Zaphod as Battle Officer, g23/g24/g25/g48/g63

For the time being this fills command to the level I want. Should I feel fresh blood is required then it will be announced here.

Promotions To SWaRMcore
Turtle Kellie

Alliance Rank
This week has seen us jump another place. With the increase in IRC activity of late I fully expect to rapidly gain ranks again over the coming weeks.

Overall: #33
Fleet: #30
Destroyed Ships: #31

Top2000 Club
302 Warlord Supreme 623,359
386 Klarg 568,299
387 William Ngo 568,022
413 Jack Ass 544,427
758 Eric Sloan 405,821
829 Admiral_Nemesis 390,346
1,449 Commander Michail 289,901
1,488 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 285,954
1,532 Zaphod Beeblebrax 280,869
1,593 Dead Meat 276,398
1,725 Tacoman 264,431
1,836 Rogrog 255,874
1,901 Sting Sinclair 251,229

SWaRM Competitions
Not done one in a while, so let’s get some going.

This is one I hope people will put some effort and thought into, it’s a chance for you to get something good into the public domain. We are all familiar with the SFC Wiki, and most will know that the idea behind a wiki is anyone can create a page or edit a page. Many alliances have their own wiki entries and I think it’s high time we had one ourselves.
KBF, pretty poor…
UF6, somewhat minimal…
Empire, I like the idea of a hall of records…
T.O.O, hmm…..
ONYX, more information, but not well layed out…

So if you fancy a bash at this then make me a mock up page and email it to me… [email protected]

The page will also feature on the SWaRM Portal when it is created.

I’d really like to see a lot of these come my way…

Tried this before and got very little in the way of responses. Our current logo is one that was knocked up very quickly when the forum was first put online and could do with replacing. Not much in the way of criteria…

SWaRM as written
contain some form of bee or wasp

Would really like to get something for this this time…

An Interview With…
As part of his promotion Zaphod has been tasked with doing these interviews from now on. There are some interesting names being put forward and a few surprises…


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #11 9/5/10

A Serious Message From Me
As you are all now aware, I have a close relative with terminal cancer. With two younger sisters, a mother who will hold everything in and a grandfather who is already falling apart, I intend to remain strong. So the barriers have gone up so I will not be myself for the forseeable future. In light of this I may not always the most welcoming person to bring a problem or question to, so if you have any problems, or queries I ask that you take them to one of the officers, who will bring things to my attention as needed.

I apologise in advance to anyone I snap at, as my fuse is going to get very short very quickly.

With my online times likely to suffer at some point, more duties are being loaded onto the rest of command in preperation. So please give them all the support you can.

I thank you all for your well wishes and look forward to many more battles by your side. People with fleets near to me in g23 and g25 should be on IRC as often as possible, as I intend to go on a rampage with my oracle.

Recent Ingame Suspension
As many may have noticed a lot of high ranking players have been suspend lately. They define high ranking as top 10000. The reason behind the suspensions seems to be a game bug that has been abused. The bug involved getting extremely high levels of resources freely. So players with more than ‘X’ resources has been suspended, including our very own Insom, who was unsuspended within an hour as he was innocent. To put the kind of resources into context, this is one players planets
* ore: 3,865,043,584
* crystal: 1,294,756,310
* hydrogen: 367,531,779
* ore: 400,135,741
* crystal: 500,038,897
* hydrogen: 98,955,934
* ore: 441,156,781
* crystal: 160,041,120
* hydrogen: 100,105,091
* ore: 6,169,798,500
* crystal: 6,000,011,845
* hydrogen: 3,271,740,394
* ore: 5,324,944,844
* crystal: 4,444,943,451
* hydrogen: 884,675,565

Apparantly the bug was left in after scheduled maitenence, many claim they did not ‘cheat’ intentially but I find that hard to believe knowing what the bug was, it’s not something that this many players would accidently do. I bet those who gained such rediculous resources were more than happy to exploit it and spend as much as they could. They should all be banned, unless they messaged BFG to tell them about it.

Known suspendees
Darth Palidious (not related).
2 high ranking ODB member.
1 high ranking R1 member.
The very large portion of Bat’leth members, I’ve seen at least 25 so far.
KBF Leader
A selection of (V)(D)(VD)(VI) players.

Many have been either cleared or been dealt with and are now playing with the rest of us again. The bug has been removed. Those who have been found guilty appear to have been restarted to day one, serves the cheating sods right. Now is the time to take out the remaining Bat’leth players. It also appears that KBF has no ingame leader as he was one of those restarted.

With the restarts usually comes relocation, so for those players in the very upper reaches of the universe, beware, there are now some very experienced and annoyed players amongst you.

Game Updates
The game has not been updated again this week. The known changes are:

– Ship queue is now more stable, by grouping ships into batches of the same type the server does not lag when ordering a mass of ships
– You can once again add any number of ships to the queue at one time.

During a recent complaint (details in a section below) to BFG I passed on my frustration at the lack of communication from Admins as to the lack of information made available when updates are inplemented.

Words Of Wisdom From…Manuk
I’m writing this post because I’d like everybody to understand the importance of our IRC chat and our private website.
I’ve just colonized a planet in lower G48 and suddenly I got the first chance to use the few battleships I have there. Jerold and Stu wanted to strike a guy from NOVA (lots of them there) that was entering into dip. Jerold and Stu have a lot of ships there but since I was logged in our IRC chat then I could join with my 50 poseidons and 15 atlas! I also sent 14 dynos to get part of the 3,100,000 debris thas formed there. Stu got 2 million debris and should build up a Jerold statue πŸ™‚
It’s cool to collaborate such way, it doesn’t matter how many ships one has! it’s great to strike together with your comrades as a whole πŸ™‚
Woustor has spotted a little NEW HOPE guy fleet sitting duck in upper G48. Woustor is in the same system as the guy, he has few ships there, but since he was logged on the IRC chat then he asked for a group attack! I sent my ships, this time I had a lot of them to send since that’s my core area! I invited Woustor to join, juicy kill points for his rank and our alliance rank, and last but not least 223,000 debris to grab!

So… as you can read: if you want to rank up faster and if you want to help our alliance to improve in rank and respect, then it’s important to PARTICIPATE. Let’s use the IRC whenever is possible and read our private forum posts. The answers to basic questions that rookies have can be found on our website (and game’s wiki).

The most beautiful things with these online videogames are, in my opinion, the fact that you can collaborate, play, share, talk with other people, usually from other countries…. think about it πŸ˜‰

The joy to be part of an active alliance, story1 and story2 in a more practical description (my planets are Bajor and Cardassia):


SWaRM Defends
Well Time have showed that they do intend actually play the game, having never seen many of their members, nor heard much intel on them, they finally attack us and they get slaughtered. So well done Lmadeous and Manuk for their excellent Group Defend. Report here.

SWaRM Attacks
During my night hunt I came across a nice new (id) close by with all planets close together and packed with ships and resources. With the help of William Ngo we managed to cover all the largest planets in one run. Shortly after the first attack landed Will noticed he was no long (id). We let the rest of the attacks run and our biggest hit landed fine, creating an nice debris field. Then the next attack landed, a minute later Will noticed that every planet we were still attacking and all those we had attacked were gone. We were both somewhat annoyed and I complained to BFG. Their reply was ‘We changed it about 2.5 months ago so you can abandon even if under attack’.

This week has also seen SWaRM (ie EricSloan) bring down it’s second (and his first) Zeus, although SWaRM cannot claim all the credit the attack was started by one of us, so tough luck but I’m claiming it as our kill. For the fantastic report here. Good job Eric, you’ve done us all proud.
Total SWaRM Zeus Kills: 2

This week I have finally put my oracles to use, not on the targets it was intended for but still a kill. A poor player ranked around the 12k mark felt the wrath of Warlord. Report here.

Gerald has found himself a nice new farm, his first set of raids netted him a nice tidy sum, report here.

The guys in the lower end of g48 have begun there offensive against anything around them, with their first group attack creating over 3mil in debris, a nice nice battle guys well done. Report here.

Promotions and Vacancies
I really could use another Dip Officer, if anyone is willing, or has a suggestion I’d like to hear asap please.

There are still vacancies for:

1 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
2 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
Our rank is nice and stable this week. We are gaining on those above us, and fully expect us to be top30 within a couple of weeks. Keep up the hard work folks.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #31
Destroyed Ships: #35

Top2000 Club
#292 Warlord Supreme
#366 William Ngo
#435 Jack Ass
#446 Klarg
#900 Admiral_Nemesis
#935 Eric Sloan
#1,396 Peter Griffin 783370
#1,409 Commander Michail
#1,532 Zaphod Beeblebrax
#1,556 Dead Meat
#1,879 Tacoman
#1,925 Sting Sinclair
#1,953 Rogrog

An Interview With…
Again the week slipped by, I’ll try and have someone else do the interviews from now on, any volunteers?


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #10 1/5/10

A Sad Week For SWaRM
Leaver #1, Clem
Well SWaRM I have some bad news. I think I’m hanging it up…

I’ve come to realize that while I very much enjoyed getting to where I am in the game that once you are at high level the amount of time etc. that needs to be invested, and the attention that you attract, from players who treat the game like a full time job just makes it not fun anymore.

I think our interaction with Exiled showed me that there are players who will stop at nothing to get what they want and there are player like David Steiner who will coordinate such backstabs for fun. With the prevalance of moons popping up everywhere the opportunity for treachery and the time one would need to keep investing just to keep their own ships safe keeps rising. When a game isn’t fun, it’s lost its purpose and there is no need to keep playing.

I’m going to assist the local SWaRM guys in G48 with resoruces and chances for moons with what I have.

I’ve been thinking about this since even before I got burned by Darth Pauladius and honestly that was a last ditch effort to try and do something to protect our fellow SWaRM in G48 from Pacifist. The game was becoming just “not fun” anymore. A great deal of time was required to search for and find inactives to farm or to stalk active players… but in the end I was ruining others game experience (detroying their fleets) to enjoy my own and, while fun at first, only lasts for so long.

About the most fun was helping the new guys along and dealing retribution for wrongs, but in some cases that is just impossible with guys like Exiled out there and there un-ending parade of guys willing to play through lies, deciet and treachary.

I hope you understand and SWaRM remains strong (and fun!) throughout G48 and throughout the universe!

Your Loyal Ally and Friend

Well it’s been a privelege and an honour Clem. Seems Ace is going to have his work cut out over the coming weeks. As with Rick, your acess to public IRC and Forum will remain indefinetly, so don’t be a stranger.

Leaver #2, Eartling Rick
Hey Guys and Girls,

Earthling Rick, here. I regret to announce that I am quitting the game, for an indefinite period, as some of you may be aware, due to issues trying to balance it with work and health related concerns. It’s a cool game, and I love it, and my time here at SWaRM has been the most enjoyable time that I’ve had in recent memory, going back decades. The Warlord and his Officers have really put together a cool thing in SWaRM, with their command structure, their IRC and External Forum. For god’s sake, don’t deprive yourselves of those resources if you’re into this game. These guys lend their might to your weakness and help you gain strength, and, they’re fun to play with. That means a lot. I went from like 12k or 13k in rank, down to 6k+ with their help shortly after I joined SWaRM. I would NOT have done it without using the IRC. Please use it. It works!!! And don’t be afraid to come out of d-mode, either. D-mode is less stressful, but also less fun!!! Use it when you need it, but don’t live in it. I’ve rarely been hit, because I never leave anything around to be worth attacking. I lugged my stuff around with me like a gypsy, and spent it where I needed it. That’s how I roll.

I gotta tell you guys this. In his interview, in the last Newsletter #9, Stephen had mentioned to Warlord that he’d been described by a fellow SWaRM member as an “old retired guy from the UK…” I can’t help but think, that “other member” was me. I’ve mentioned words to that effect to one or two guys before, as I have had this vision of an older, graying, gentlemanly fellow with a state of the art phone roaming from pub to pub and performing other British retiree’s daily activities, whilst commanding his alliance throughout the day. You can imagine my bubble was burst somewhat when I learned he is only almost 23. I cracked up. I wanted him to be an old British guy. I guess it’s the sophisticated air about him that he conveys. That must be it. He’s still cool though. He’ll be there all too soon unfortunately, and I wish him and the rest of you the best on your journey. It’s funny how we all imagine each other from our online names, isn’t it?!?!? I, myself, am really not from the Earth at all. I just told you all that to try and make some friends. I was stranded on this rock about 15,000 years ago and made some of your ancestors build the pyramids for me. Yeah, …..I shared the secrets of fire and the wheel and what not. I was bored. What can I say? Boy,…those were the days. I digress! It’s been a blast folks. I truly enjoy having been a small part of every one of you, even though I didn’t interact with as many of you as I would’ve liked. We are ALL of like mind to a degree, in as much as we are all, obviously sci-fi fans. Enjoy the game, enjoy your time here at SWaRM, and most of all enjoy your lives.
Peace! Earthling Rick, out!!!

Lively till the end Rick, was sorry to see you come out of d, was nice having someone cleanup after me in g25 lol. Sorry to see you go mate, best of luck.

Leaver #3, Deweysphere
I am leaving the game for the time being. Before coming to SWaRM, I was a member of Dark Star ( a very small and inactive alliance). I left them out of sheer boredom, and when I joined SWaRM, I didn’t really expect anything better. The game really opened up for me after joining, as I realized all of the benefits possible being part of an active alliance. I wish I would have been a bit more active in group attacks, etc. I only realized how much fun this game (and Alliance) can be once I decided to hang it up for a while.

I work at a university in Canada and it was sometimes difficult to stay on top of F/R saves. I got about as high as #5000ish in rank, but got caught napping a few times and found myself trying to rebuild. The last time this happened was early this week, and since I will be traveling a fair bit in the next few months, I decided to get away from the game until I am back and settled.

This is conference season for me, and I will be in various Canadian cities until June, then in the UK for July, I am back teaching for 3 weeks in August (12 hour days), and then off to Australia in early September. I didn’t think I would be of much use to the alliance for the next while, so the decision to leave the game seemed to make sense.

Since announcing my retirement, I have had a fantastic time coordinating the disposing of my ships and resources. I had a terrific experience helping Klaattu get a moon and I look forward to other collaborations before I go. (lots of ships and resources yet to distribute to SWaRM members)

Thanks to everyone who helped me out, particularly, Klaattu, Warlord and Steven Turk who recruited me. I plan to be back at the end of the summer. I will definitely apply for admission to SWaRM when I return, and I hope to be a more active member – now that I know the potential of working effectively within an alliance. Best of luck to all of you.

Been nice having you around Dewey, all the best.

Thanks to all our departing members for doing so openly, and for the hard work they have put in while actively playing. Sad too see you all go but you have left memories here and your all welcome to come back anytime. And thank you for the fleet crashing and resource donations. The moons will be a boon to us all.

Change To Rule #7
The rule surrounding who is attackable and who is not has from today been ammended.

No attacks on top32 alliances without clearence from command. With the exception of New Hope.

Game Updates
The game has not been updated recently and this latest update is yet another annoying one. The known changes are:

– Alliance Leader can now create 10 custom ranks ingame. Which I have now set up.
– You can no long add any more than 100 items to a build queue at any time.

The Minja
I’m on good terms with the O B (former KBF guys) in g25. Their leader General Kras Zhantal has been watching the chillin alliance with his Oracle and sees Camelot1968 #282 attacking a SWaRM guy Rhino45 in 25.324. Rhino is only ranked ~30k so it’s pretty weak to see a top player picking on a little guy like that. Rhino is offline but Kras sends me a note about the attack with only 39min to go. I’m right next door so 31min later I have 20 athenas waiting to greet Camelot. 8min after that there was a 150k debris field.

Written by Eric Sloan

A ‘Couple’ Of Things From Me
Firstly, thanks to everyone for their continued efforts, especially those in g48, I know it’s been a tough few weeks, but the day will come, believe me.

Secondly, the ingame message board is for important stuff only, I get sick of seeing the same old questions asked, questions that are answered by both this forum, and by the game wiki, failing that, ask on IRC. For full details read ‘8 Simple Rules and Important Info’ on the ingame board.

Thirdly, please please help keep the parser up to date, it’s a massively useful tool.

Fourthly, once in a while it’d be nice to see some chatter going on here, there’s very little of it going on, and it’s depressing.

Fifthly, on a sad note, a close ally to those who play with SWaRM Ex, the leader of SoulStorm has been diagnosed with cancer, I send him my best wishes. Messages can be passed via Chris, here

And last but by no means least, I’ve begun work on reverse coding the game, by this I mean I’ve broken the game into pieces, I’ve already created a spreadsheet that allows you to work out your ETA to a planet without having that ship available to test. As well as stat calcs, fleetsave calcs, anti ninja calcs and income calcs. It’s slow going and it hurts my head. But I need some kind of direction to go, what do you think would be useful to be able to do without access to certain things.
For the link and updates, see here.
Thanks to Klaattu and Stu| for lending me their brains this week, it’s been a long time since I did anything like this, it’s all coming back slowly.

SWaRM Attacks
Had another set of excellent battles this week, starting with another of mine.
Theres a story behind my latest 7.5mil debris. One that shows the dreaded * is not always a bad thing. With my ETA under 30minutes I checked for activity and saw the *, but no probe or message, so I sent a probe, to find that a fleet had returned, thus the *. So after redoing the calc to find that amazingly I could still win the battle, although losses were somewhat higher than I’d like. Still another bunch of kill points and a big debris field. Report here.

Tacoman has again been busy this week with countless more raids on two weak alliances, who seem to getting annoyed with being attacked. Keep up the good work.

In his first ship Vs ship attack, one our newest players, Commander Bigger Bug, came out victorious
The attacking side acquired 26,809 ore, 22,397 crystal, and 8,094 hydrogen. There now float 8,400 ore and 3,600 crystal at this location.
The first ones always memorable, mine was a complete mess (long story), so well done on being the Victor.

I’ve said it before and I’ll carry on saying it until people listen. One of the best things about being in an alliance is the banter between players, and what better way to ‘brag’ than to show off your battles. So if you have a small victory or make a massive debris field, share it so we can all have a look.

Promotions and Vacancies
With the departure of Clem I have another spot in command open that I’m hoping to fill sooner rather than later.

This week I welcome, Rob Gale as Battle Officer and Manuk as General Officer.

There are still vacancies for:

1 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
2 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
This week sees us climb two places, keep up the great work.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #32
Destroyed Ships: #37

Top2000 Club
The title has been altered, lets see how many we can get into this one.

318 Warlord Supreme
363 William Ngo
441 Klarg
447 Jack Ass
886 Admiral_Nemesis
894 Eric Sloan
1,322 Peter Griffin 783370
1,418 Commander Michail
1,599 Zaphod Beeblebrax
1,742 Dead Meat
1,923 Tacoman
1,944 Rogrog (d)

IRC Quotes
In the return of my favourite section we have Klaattu (Leader of SWaRM Ex) show that he’s turning into a commited High Commander,
[22:40] gonna have to find somewhere to go out to eat. May take transit to d-town.
[22:41] Tired. worked 12 shift last night. Been up since 7PM, now 2 pm.
[22:42] <@Tyr> lol then wtf u doing on here?
[22:42] <@Tyr> ur turning into me mate
[22:42] just checked into hotel, getting settled, gotta fleet save, get food then bed.
[22:43] maybe.
[22:43] πŸ™‚

An Interview With…
Unfortunately this weeks interview didn’t happen, my fault for letting the week slip away. So next week I will have to remember to do it earlier in the week.

Next week, it’s going to be a spur of the moment job, so lookout


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #9 24/04/10

This week has seen Dai Vader disband his alliance, not sure where they have gone, but the NaP is no longer in effect.

We are also looking into ending a couple of current NaPs that are of no benefit to us. And it’s time we added a few new NaP’s to strengthen ourselves in newer areas. Any suggestions, send them to me and we’ll look into it.

Stupid Stupid Mistakes
Unfortunately this section makes its unwelcomed yet welcomed return this week.

This is one of the funniest yet, but still not funny!!! Poor StevenTurk did his nightly fleetsave only to come online the following day to see a message in his inbox, a message with the details of a transport. It turns out that poor Steven had hit the transport button, sending his hard earned resources to a nearby d mode player of unknown alliegence. It pays to doube and triple check fleetsaves.

Zaphod Vs. Falcor
I’m sure most people, by now, know I have lost 2 fleets to random drunken outings on the weekend. The second one, fortunately, gave me a moon. That moon was given to me by 2 members of the Falcor alliance, Jeff Baran and Tarah Scott. When they did so, Tarah Scott hadn’t yet joined Falcor and was in AdAstra. But that’s neither here, nor there.

After I got my moon to the proper level, I kept an eye on everything Jeff Baran and his bitch of a girlfriend were doing. Not much was going on, but I did find some of their other planets in other galaxies, as well as many of their alliance mates (check the parser, I added them). Eventually, I saw Jeff moving some ships out to his home system, near a guy named I AM WILLIAM WALLACE, ~rank 350-400, from A New Hope. I let him know the ships were heading out there and he said he would try and take them out and get me a finder’s fee. Apparently, they were a little too cautious and kept their fleets saved ALL the time. Damn, no luck.

Just last week, I saw him moving some ships to another planet of his, not near William Wallace. I searched for members of decent sized alliances and high individual ranks. I got responses Reinhard from Pug and Cmd. Julie from PASTA. I told them the arrival time of the ships and what was going out there. Apparently they have a friend nearby with a moon, so they started watching that planet. Sure enough, they managed to catch Jeff’s fleet 7 seconds after it arrived. The WHOLE fleet. I got this message from Cmdr. Julie:

To: Zaphod Beeblebrax
This should make you happy:

In the attack from Corona [26:254:7] on Pelorum [26:263:15]:

The attacking side acquired 489,222 ore, 83,635 crystal, and 58,940 hydrogen.

There now float 6,099,300 ore and 3,790,950 crystal at this location.
There’s a 20.0% chance that a moon will form from the debris.
However, no moon formed.

We just wiped the floor with Jeff Baran. πŸ˜€

After that, Jeff Baran left Falcor and deleted most of this planets. He was in the low 2k rank and is now #4,988 and hasn’t had a * next to him other than people probing him. Just goes to show you… sometimes you can get your revenge without using/losing a single ship.
Article By Zaphod

Galaxy Parser
Not sure how many folks use it or update it, but it really does pay off when you find a new (id). Having found a new (id) near one of my colonies I was annoyed to see I’d been beaten to it. But I checked the parser and found he had another 5 planets in the same galaxy, too far for me, but Zaphod was on hand to take advantage.
The attacking side acquired 450,000 ore, 150,000 crystal, and 93,020 hydrogen. There now float 347,100 ore and 310,650 crystal at this location. You lost: Athena x1, Hercules x6, Artemis x26
The attacking side acquired 300,000 ore, 450,000 crystal, and 75,000 hydrogen. There now float 215,400 ore and 217,500 crystal at this location. You lost: Hercules x1, Artemis x23, Atlas x10
The attacking side acquired 442,900 ore, 300,000 crystal, and 75,000 hydrogen. There now float 172,500 ore and 173,700 crystal at this location. You lost: Atlas x31, Artemis x17

Ore: 1,927,900
Crystal: 1,601,850
Hydrogen: 243,020

So if noone had updated the parser for that area, then I wouldn’t have found the target, and Zaphod may well have missed the chance to get first pickings. So please, make use of this fantastic tool, and please please, update it as much as you can. I have updated all of g23 in the last two days. g48 really really needs to be updated.

Buddy List Update
Our memberbase changes on a regular basis, I kick a lot of people for breaking rules and going (i). Many of whom go and join other alliances. But it seems people do not bother to check who they send mass messages to. This is a war game, and information and strategy are vital parts of war. So to see important messages going to our ‘enemies’ as well as our members is nothing short of shocking.

So either remove none allies from your buddy list, or double check who your sending information too.

This is not a joke, this is not a laughing matter, this is survival.

A more than slightly annoyed,

SWaRM Attacks
Theres been some interesting battles this week. A new farm in g76, a big group effort in g48 and another big boom in g23.
Tacoman found himself a nice new farm and netted an impressive 2,754,619. Nice one!!! Report here.

A big group attack in g48 involving, Command Michail, Rob Gale, Clemenceau and Jack Ass made a big boom, The attacking side acquired 468,202 ore, 389,419 crystal, and 70,149 hydrogen. There now float 2,122,200 ore and 1,491,750 crystal at this location. Shame that a moon formed though. Report here.

And in reforming one of SWaRMs oldest tag teams, myself and Will made an 11mil debris field in g23. Was nice to fight a big battle with you again my friend, I look forward to many more. But next time lets not waste so many artemis lol. Report here.

I know that a lot more battles go on than this, and I’d love to read some more battle reports. So when you attack and have a good outcome, post the battle report on the forum, but try and make it readable.

Battle Reports
Been nice to see a few more people sharing battle reports this week. However I would like them in a decent format, those using Internet Explorer cannot just copy and paste the report to the forum as IE does not copy the names of pictures in the same way that Chrome of Firefox do. And a long list of random number is of no use to anyone. So either change to a proper browser, or do it the old fashioned way.

Those using Chrome of Firefox should try using the Excel Spreadsheet I made that removes all the numbers about hull and shield totals. It turns all the ‘random numbers’ into a more copyable and readable version.

So please try and make them readable, noone wants to read something that is impossible to understand.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Neil Jani (Eragon) choose to leave SWaRM. He has decided to go on a one man rampage and does not want to drag SWaRM into his wars. He continues to play with SWaRM Ex and left us on good terms, should anyone come across any of his planets, please refrain from attacking him.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #36
Fleet: #33
Destroyed Ships: #38

To put our rank into context, many of the alliances closely above us may be above us on score, but their member counts are far higher.
#35 – Jedi Council, 300 members
#34 – The Futurists, 531 members
#32 – The Outer Frontier, 259 members
#31 – Minutemen – 289 members

So congratulations to all, for showing that numbers are not the only way to succeed.

Top1000 Club
This week has seen Eric rejoin the illustrious Top1000 club.
337 Warlord Supreme
366 William Ngo
476 Klarg
491 Jack Ass
831 Admiral_Nemesis
952 Eric Sloan

We have a further 7 players getting ever closer to the Top1000, and in a of egging them on, I’ll now be writing about the Top2000 Club as well.

1,388 Peter Griffin 783370
1,424 Commander Michail
1,762 Rogrog (d)
1,772 Clemenceau
1,775 Zaphod Beeblebrax
1,811 Dead Meat
1,851 Sting Sinclair

An Interview With Warlord
[20:44] Hello
[20:44] evenin mate
[20:45] Ok first lets set the record straight how old are you? A member of SWaRM once told me you were an old retired guy from the UK..
[20:45] lol i wish that were true, would be able to play more often then πŸ˜›
[20:45] 23 in june
[20:46] i expect gifts πŸ˜€
[20:46] I have a June birthday also
[20:46] great time to have a birthday, good weather (sometimes) and as far away as you can be from xmas πŸ˜€
[20:47] Ok… We have all read that this is one of many incarnations of SWaRM did you start this round of SFC with the idea of starting SWaRM again…
[20:48] Mine is the 13th BTW
[20:48] like many others I saw the advert on facebook, wasnt looking to get addicted to anything or to run anything like SWaRM again.
[20:49] but i started playin an enjoyed it, so i invited a few old mates to play (insom and slehiac, who i know from school)
[20:49] How long ago was this? When did you start playing again?
[20:49] so i started up SWaRM, and invited a few around me in g23
[20:49] that was probably september/october time
[20:50] one thing led to another, and here we are lol
[20:51] Ok Im being outed in this weeks Newsletter for a big Homer Simpson DOOHHHH! Moment…. Im not going down alone what is the biggest gaff you have done inSFC?
[20:53] has to be my ruined deployment to g27
[20:53] a whole 800k hydro down the drain because i forgot to hit deploy
[20:53] ouch
[20:53] was not amused lol
[20:54] I wasnt amused by mine and worse the guy hasnt even said thank you:P
[20:54] ungrateful sod
[20:55] One of the things that interests me about the game is that we have folks from all over the world for the record where are you from in the UK?
[20:55] Telford, about 45minutes from Birmingham
[20:55] Yep it was like mana from heaven πŸ˜›
[20:56] Have you had any ash fallout from the valcano I heard the wind sent it toward the UK
[20:57] not this far inland no
[20:59] As I understand it we have people from all over the states we have members in Italy, Norway, France, Canada, even an American in Dubai…
[20:59] we do, nice to talk with people from all over the world
[21:01] I enjoy it also. I understand that you take weekends off from the game often someone said that you ride bikes… With the difference in slag is that pedal powered or motorbikes…
[21:01] (slang)
[21:01] i spend weekends with the gf
[21:01] so my access to a pc is somewhat random
[21:02] so my fleet spends the weekend on shore leave and i do the newsletter and such
[21:03] im a cyclist of the push variety, did a 112(ish) mile ride from my house to aberystwyth in wales once, that was a great crack
[21:03] BTW Brits speaking of slang dont come to the USA and ask to smoke a fag… unless you want to… It has a completely different meaning here,:P
[21:03] lol
[21:04] great crack=great time?
[21:04] yeh
[21:05] What do you envision for SWaRM say in the next three months?
[21:07] well hopefully the last of the tech will be done, the officer roster will be up to full strength, and we’ll be at about 200 active members and top20
[21:08] Sounds like a good goal for us.
[21:09] obviously I expect to do far better than that
[21:09] πŸ˜›
[21:09] ahaha
[21:10] So whats next for the Warlords traveling and plundering fleet?
[21:10] would like to see more folk join us in the top1000 as well.
[21:11] well with my moon building quickly i’ll soon be back in g23 trapping fleets with the oracle I hope
[21:11] Im working on it myself… Maybe in a few weeks I can get there.
[21:11] but in the mean time im going to lower end of 23 i think
[21:12] might go a roadshow soon to take out the zeus people have found recently
[21:13] gonna need a lot of hydro though
[21:13] BTW Im about half way through recruiting in G23 they dont seem to want to join us as much there. Maybe you can show some of them the error of their ways…
[21:13] sure, send me a list lol
[21:14] Yep Im collecting my own stockpile of Hydro for my own move. It takes alot of hydro to move big fleets…
[21:15] once im pulled back to g23 i’ll put my resources back into upping my hydro mines
[21:15] busy rebuilding my fleet atm lol
[21:16] Well I outed your for your worst mistake tell me about your biggest success in
[21:16] SFC
[21:16] Was it killing the Zeus?
[21:17] hmm, its between the zeus kill with klarg and the ninja defend with will against the biggest collection of proms ive ever come across
[21:18] had some good battles over the months
[21:18] last weeks one against a top1000 player was nice too
[21:19] I cant let the interview end without giving you a chance to proclaim the importance of the use of the forum and IRC/Chat…
[21:20] hahaha
[21:20] if your online, be on irc, chances are you’ll grow faster if your there
[21:20] πŸ˜€
[21:20] we do a lot of attacks through irc without publicity
[21:21] Anything else you would like to add?
[21:21] the forum is full of useful info, and a good chance for people who cant use irc to get to know other players
[21:21] like you said, we have players from all over the globe playing with us
[21:22] seems a shame to not have a chat
[21:24] Ive had some really neat chats about politics and sports in chat… I too would like to invite all our members to drop in…
[21:25] dont suppose you know where the remote for me xbox is do you?
[21:25] the adverts before this dvd are annoying me
[21:26] No,,, I dont…

Next week, it’s William Ngos’ turn to take the spotlight.


This may be the last weekly edition, I’m toying with the idea of doing a fortnightly version as it’s getting harder to fill a newsletter each week. So either people start posting up stuff for me to use more frequently, be it battle reports or interesting stories, or I’ll start doing this less often. Your choice folks…

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #8 18/4/10

Late this week we have officially entered into a NaP with The Ancient Ones (TAO). Who resides mainly in the upper galaxies, they have suggested we work together with each other to bring down stronger foe, an agreement which we support. So any members who come across a TAO player should send in a buddy request and a message introducing yourself etc.

We have also had talks with Top Gun, who are lead by a the former NOB Leader. Although an official NaP could not be agreed, he has suggested we work with his students when ever possible. So I ask that you do not attack them, and encourage you to work with Top Gun members if you come across any.

I am not talking about doing something stupid that is another topic for another day. I am talking about information. This is our most important tool we have in the game, it allows to find out where our enemies are and where our friends are, or just where the rest of the worlds are for that new inactive you just found to farm. We use it when we want to plan an attack on an active player to track all his worlds to know if he is on line or not. Now you are all asking what is this great tool I am talking about well it is our very owen galaxy purser. We just have one big problem with it there are a lot of holes in the mapping so we need everyone to take some time and help to fill in the gaps. You ask how can I know where the gaps are well you just go to the parser and enter your galaxy in the Planet X Co-ord tab and leave the rest of the info empty then press the submit button it will bring up all the worlds that have been done so far find the gaps near you and fill them in using the ‘clicky clicky’ this is a fast and easy way to map the galaxy just follow the simple directions and poof it’s done.
note: those of us still using explorer cant add worlds and need to get a better browser lol
Written by Admiral Nemesis

I’d like to add that even if there are no gaps, this tool needs to be kept updated.

Messages From Ugly Klarg And William Ngo
Unfortunately, new job time constraints have taken Klarg away from a computer during the working hours. This — plus time away from the comp with the Gorgeous Girlfriend — will restrict Klarg’s ability to run missions. However, Sunday nights and Mondays remain intact. Any SWaRM member who needs Klarg’s capital ships may call upon him during those times. Other times, Klarg’s appearance will be sporadic. Sorry for the inconvenience. RL calls.

I am unable to log in during work hour for a while..or maybe permanently during work…with new project assigning to me atm…it kept me away from a computer which restrict me from login in….weekend and during day me at any time i am available…very sorry for the inconvenient…
William Ngo

Commandments of Combat

1: Though shall have no other simulators before
2: Though shalt remember rapid fire.
3: Though shalt use fodder.
4: Though shalt clarify that all attacks are “just business.”
5: Though shalt steal resources.
6: Remember thy Dionysus class and keep it holy.
7: Though shalt raise thy espionage level so that thou’s neighbors cannot bear false witness against thee.
8: Though shalt covet thy neighbors fleets first, then his resources, while being wary of thy defenses that are thy neighbors.
9: Thou shalt apply the cost benefit principal when it comes to hydrogen.
10: Thou shalt use group attacks to hit large targets.

Faster is always better, don’t give them much time to react. This is why Atlas classes are useful.

The Trap
In an attempt to take out a chunk of Pacifists ships in g48, a couple of our members answered a random distress call from a stranger, which turned out to be a trap set by Exiled, the result was a 60million debris field. Needless to say it’s not a good move to defend a stranger.
For their full gloat and the battle reports see the games forum. But most of the other information there is as you’d expect, lies. They tried to pull the same trick with [DOA] and failed.

SWaRM Attacks
Well in a good battle by Command Michail, he managed to acquire 280,245 ore, 63,402 crystal, and 13,652 hydrogen, and a debris field of 2,425,500 ore and 1,239,750 crystal. Not to mention 12k destroyed ships points, for the full report read here

In a hit and run attack by yours truly, I managed to knock a player out the top 1000, was at #901 before and #1046 afterwards. Gained myself a nice score jump and 5.4mil in resources for very little. I did try to practice my anti ninja tactics but failed to send enough probes to get the needed information, my jaw was firmly open at my error. Full report here.

Warlord and William Ngo VS Atreides Empire
Well this battles been a long time coming. So the history.

Long time members of SWaRM will be familiar with dburn and Star Prince David, who took in upon themselves to take out all our members in g23. A counter offensive was launched and all their alliance was taken out over a short period. Now, 5 months later, they come at me every day for a week, so the trap was set over a weekend, but they didn’t fall for it. Myself and will were more than annoyed.

Then today, I come home as usual and do my probings around me before dinner (I have not probed them this year). It’s rare for me to not eat at the pc, and today was one of those times. In the 30 minutes I was gone, they probed me (at a time they have never done before), and launched an attack. Unfortunately noone was around on IRC, and no replies to ingame board, however williamngo replied to my message but his fleet was 11minutes away from being available. Their attack were too far in once his fleet was home. Then a stroke of luck. A third attacker joined and put the attack time up by 14 minutes, enough time to defend.

The outcome was, the attackers lost all 534 prometheus, and gave Warlord a Moon.

There now float 12,783,900 ore and 9,542,700 crystal at this location.
A new moon has formed from the wreckage.

For the full report, read here

My thanks again to will for his sacrifices. That’s another one I owe you my friend.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Ace Harbinger join the command team, he assumes the role of Diplomacy and Recruitment Officer.

This week has also seen Manuk, a recent addition to our ranks be promoted to SWaRMcore for his efforts and support in recent times. Congrats, keep it up.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
Thank you to everyone, we are now over 10million in points.

Overall: #36
Fleet: #33
Destroyed Ships: #39

Top1000 Club
This week the list of top1000 club members has been somewhat shortened by the Exiled trap and extended business trips.
#351 Warlord Supreme
#412 William Ngo
#437 Klarg
#613 Jack Ass
#780 Admiral_Nemesis

An Interview With Clem
[18:50] evening clem
[18:50] afternoon Tyr;)
[18:51] oo a sitting fleet, battle time πŸ™‚
[18:51] so how long you been with SWaRM?
[18:51] almost as long as I’ve been playing Starfleet, since around Chistmas or so
[18:52] I guess that’s 4 months
[18:53] you joined us as part of a merger didnt you
[18:53] yes I was leader of the small Ellisvillian Tigers alliance in G48, a good bunch of guys:)
[18:54] 3 are now in the top 1,000 and SWaRM members and I think another is leading SWaRM in Extremem:)
[18:54] not bad for a 14 member allaince;)
[18:54] certainly a merger that has server both parties well
[18:55] I still remember when you and Alexei probed me, I scanned over to see who did it, saw your ranks and thought “well I’ve had a good run… I’m about to go down”
[18:56] You guys were the first players to probe me who i didn;t lay the smack down on;)
[18:56] lol and that was when we all much smaller
[18:56] I think Alexei was about 5,000 and you were around 1,000 … it’s funny, now I see those ranks and think “farm”
[18:57] πŸ™‚
[18:57] πŸ˜€
[18:57] So, when do that hard probing personal questions start? πŸ˜‰
[18:57] haha
[19:00] you got any medical issues with ur backside?
[19:00] πŸ™‚ None that I know of πŸ˜‰
[19:01] glad to hear it, poor steven
[19:01] Although my planets get probed frequently!
[19:03] lol
[19:03] so how do you find life in command?
[19:04] Well, I lead a very busy actual life so sometimes it is tough to keep up with the NAP disscussions etc. Especially with guys like New Hope who seem to swap out Diplo officers every few days!
[19:05] I like to see the newer guys who join SWaRM and jump in coordinating attacks etc.
[19:05] yeh that was a ballache for all concerned
[19:05] indeed we had a few good recruits from SST recently
[19:06] I have a very nice fleet in G48 that is ready to help pop a big guy, but I don;t usually have the time to scout for online / offline times and coordinate toehrs etc.:)
[19:06] So any of you G48 guys, just name the time and place and what you need em to send and I can assist:)
[19:07] im a hit and run kinda player, dont see the point in sitting home with my fleet to scout out players for days
[19:07] i see a fleet, i take it out, if i fail i fail, theres always next time
[19:07] yeah I just recently started trying that, drop a plaent far away with a fleet headed there at 10% speed and then decimate the locals and dissapear:)
[19:08] does cost Hydro though!
[19:08] yeh it does
[19:08] usually worth it tho
[19:09] im definetly gonna have to go to 27 again sometime, pickings were good tehre
[19:10] any discussion with other alliances going on at the minute?
[19:10] right now I’m just focusing on owning my part of 48:)
[19:10] not at the moment, YO (40 memeber G48 allaince) asked for a NAP (they were harrassing some SWaRM guys so I took one of them out)
[19:10] but I enjoyed taking the one out so much I just decided to keep taking them out:)
[19:11] a fair move, we dont really need to be NaPing with anyone in 48
[19:12] they are all ranked between the mid-thousands and aroudn 40,000 or so, prime feeding grounds:)
[19:12] sounds good
[19:13] Well since you insist on asking about the personal info: I’m 30 years old, 5 kids, live in Central texas and work for AMD;)
[19:14] so you can get us some experimental hardware πŸ˜€
[19:14] hehehehe there is a reason it’s called “experimental” πŸ™‚
[19:14] i.e. the bugs haven’t been fixed yet;)
[19:15] well some not so experimental stuff then
[19:16] πŸ™‚ They make us buy it just like regular folks πŸ™‚
[19:16] damnit
[19:17] and i suggest you keep your manhood in your trousers pal, 5 kids at 30, you could be at 12 by the time your 45
[19:17] lol
[19:18] Thus my lack of time for night time starfleet attacks;)
[19:18] hahahahaha
[19:18] Besides, I have to build the numbers for the Next Generation of SWaRM:)
[19:18] sounds good to me πŸ˜€
[19:18] make sure they include the relevant info when they apply πŸ˜€
[19:20] πŸ™‚
[19:20] so weve had a NaP request from TAO, whats the procedure?
[19:21] Well, we try and get one of our Diplo officers in touch with their leader or diplo officer and try and find out more about them
[19:21] if they are a small aliiance we try and pursue a merger first, we also want other details about where they are generally located, game philosophy etc.
[19:22] We also get a post on our officers forum disscussing it in case they have been aggressive with us in the past etc.
[19:22] so who decides if the NaP goes through>
[19:24] in the end, after we gather the info it comes down to a vote by the officers. If they are generally cooperative, of decent size, and in an area of the galaxy where we could potentially use assistance or have low ranked memebers the NAP will probably go through:)
[19:24] if they have attacked us in the past, are small in numbers, don’t seem very serious about the game, or are in an area where we are already getting short on farming targets the NAP probably won;t go through:)
[19:25] seems simple enough
[19:26] Well, this isn’t Rocket Surgery or Brain Science:)
[19:27] has to be done properly though, incase things turn bad
[19:28] πŸ™‚
[19:29] whats going on with PACIFIST atm, seems he back to hunting us down
[19:29] Pacifist is a strange creature
[19:30] he is what I would call “hot headed” and takes offense really easily (to which he reponds with ships and attacks etc.)
[19:31] Although when you piss him off (probing him or ignoring him when he tells you to leave a friend of his alone) he usually doesn;t strike back at you (if you’re strong) but instead lashes out at any weak allaince members affiliated with you
[19:31] and people call me a coward lol
[19:32] When I lead the failed attack against him some time ago (failed by 15 minutes!) he never attacked me or other other high ranking participants back, instead he systematically wiped out all the low level SWaRM guys in the area.
[19:33] well we have an oracle in the area now, so ninja strikes will soon me a possibility
[19:34] when i was persistant, (continuously slow probe atatcked his planets with attack times in the week range, sent my fleet against his a couple of times to make him fleet save etc) he eventually started talking to me and recognized that I wasn;t scared of him and struck up a diolog
[19:34] which lead to the now by the wayside verbal NAP
[19:35] if he were a reasonable person we could soon redo that agreement, but the chances are slim
[19:35] yeah I’m excited about Angelo’s new moon:) Although he’ll have to get it to a pretty high level to be able to watch pacifist (~40 systems away)
[19:36] well im sure you, jack and the others in the area can assist him
[19:36] I’m sure Angelo will take donations to help offset the cost of the higher oracle levels;)
[19:38] oh, I just realized Angelos an ex-Tiger also, what an merger for SWaRM;)
[19:39] most of the stronger guys in 48 are
[19:40] there were only a small group of us in 48 when you joined us
[19:40] namely alexei and stu
[19:49] Alexei recruited me, to bad he’s gone now:(
[19:49] you and me both
[19:50] hmm i read that line, replied to it, re-read it, and you didnt say what i thought you
[19:50] did
[19:51] man i really need some sleep
[19:51] think im gonna fleetsave a few hours early 2nite
[19:51] I think we said the same thing:) That we both miss Alexei:)
[19:51] yeah πŸ™‚
[19:52] ive known him for a long time, was nice having him close to me again
[19:53] well time for me to head to the Gym and pump Iron with Ace, Eric Sloan and Timmy Tebow:) Getting SWaRM stronger in real life;)
[19:54] enjoy πŸ™‚
[19:54] Later:)

Next week, it’s My turn to take the spotlight.


Thanks to Admiral Nemesis for his contributions this week.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #7 10/4/10

Records Update
When you all joined the forum you were asked to input your coordinates, both homeworld and colonies. These are only accessable to the officers for security reasons. But many are now outdated. So I would like to ask that everyone takes a few minutes to update their coords.

To do this please go to ‘User Control Panel’, Profile and then scroll down to the box on the bottom of the page. Please try to keep to the format XX:YY:ZZ

Ninja Tactics
We have finally started to bait targets this last week. Meaning we have someone sit with res home and a colony in a different galaxy waiting for the !, and other people sitting waiting to send group defense. Not managed to catch anyone yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

A New Hope Poll
The poll has now ended, with somewhat fewer people bothering to vote than we would of liked. The vote started of heavily swinging towards pushing forward with the NaP again but as more info was added people started to realise how unorganised they actually are.

The vote ended with the majority saying we open them as targets. Bare in mind this is not war, nor will be hunt them down deliberately, they will be treated just like any other alliance.

To connect to IRC
– Log in to the forum and tick the ‘stay loggin in’ box
– Go to
– Your name will be filled in for you
– Click Connect
– You’ll find yourself in #swarmcore, our public channel which is shared with extreme section and anyone who wants to join the channel
– Go to the top of the page
– Click #thehive, our private channel, restricted to only SWaRM members.

The best way to gain ranks is to have all colony slots filled up. Whether you keep them nearby for resource gathering or have them as moving battle bases. Having colonies in different galaxies will open up your hunting areas, we have people all over the place who would love some new attack buddies, myself included. I would also love to see more of our sectors full of our own members.

Help Guide

Help Guides
There are some new help guides available in the FAQ section, and hopefully more will be added in the coming days.

This week has seen some familiar people go back to the top of my hit list. dburn and Star Prince David (23:225) thought that my days income of 600k res and a few ships warrented using 40missiles on me to get it, shame they got bugger all. But theyve reawoken my interest in them. The Hive will pay them a visit (The Hive being my mobile colony). They also managed to catch a small fleet after I forgot to set my alarm, damned people setting up attacks on IRC, I just can’t resist.

SWaRM Attacks
Not seen any reports this week unfortunately. On Friday afternoon I managed to get a few raids going in g23 and g25, could have had many more if more people were around. All went well except one involving Zaphod (sorry again dude, my mistake).

If you have a decent battle, please take the time to share the report with us all here

This week we have had another member from the recently fallen SST join our ranks, we have also had all members from the ‘Ironside Alliance’ join us. I welcome you all to SWaRM.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Admiral Nemesis join the command team, he assumes the role of Intel Officer.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #36
Fleet: #30
Destroyed Ships: #43

Top1000 Club
#408 Klarg
#477 Warlord Supreme
#510 William Ngo
#706 Jack Ass
#744 Clemenceau
#939 Eric Sloan

You Know Your Addicted To Starfleet When….
We’ve had some great replies to this, but we can do better.
Your ideas here

An Interview With Steven Turk
[18:35] Good evening mate
[18:35] hello
[18:35] how are you this fine evening?
[18:36] Do you really want to know….
[18:36] sure πŸ™‚
[18:36] I had a colonospy yesterday and my arse is very sore
[18:37] * Tyr clenches his ass cheeks
[18:37] you poor soul, you have my sympathy
[18:37] dam hemroids
[18:37] everything was fine though
[18:39] Doctor stated I had the worst hemroids “east of the Mississippi”
[18:39] you should add that to your sig
[18:39] Steven Turk
[18:39] Intel / Recruitment Officer
[18:39] I start treatment later in the month
[18:39] Owner of the worst….
[18:39] nahh I dont think so
[18:39] lol would certainly be a conversation starter πŸ™‚
[18:40] anyway back to the fictional world that is SFC
[18:40] The wife would use a well placed elbow to my ribs
[18:40] if I did
[18:41] how long you been with SWaRM?
[18:41] πŸ˜›
[18:41] lol women do have their ‘subtle’ ways πŸ˜€
[18:41] Ive been thinking on this question since I knew you would be interviewing me I think I joined just before Christmas but not positive
[18:42] haha
[18:42] A long time friend of mine joined SFC and got me to join also He had a few weeks on me
[18:42] well my records show 4th Jan u joined forum
[18:43] We tried to form our own alliance he was too far away and we were too naive about the game…. We disolved the alliance
[18:44] You had sent me a message prior to tha and I sent my app
[18:44] nice to know a few of my recruits are still here πŸ™‚
[18:44] i stopped recruiting after a while, was too time consuming and my other duties were slipping
[18:44] which brings me nicely to recruitment
[18:44] I like the more subtle ways… when in doubt she can bring pizza nude that always works
[18:45] πŸ˜€
[18:45] which of course is your forte
[18:45] yep
[18:45] howd you end up as head of recruitment
[18:45] Its all about the law of large numbers
[18:46] Its sort of a long story but You can blame Project Hate for it
[18:46] I was very new in the game and had not even attacked anyone
[18:46] other than inactives
[18:47] And Hate attacked a couple of my colonies
[18:47] I couldnt even probe him
[18:48] Hate took out quite a number of people, thats how he got to where he is now
[18:48] So I attacked LGC people about my own level(this was before the SWaRM golden rules)
[18:49] So I get a warning from their leader Messiah2K that I need to leave them alone or he would send Hate to take care of me…. Noww that made alot of sense…. Hate started it….
[18:49] yeh thats the way LGC work
[18:49] they like to lie to each to get what they want
[18:49] My buddy who is in LGC warned me that they were going to take me out so I left them alone
[18:50] The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth so I decided on my own that I would make my allliance stronger…
[18:50] I began recruiting
[18:50] Later you gave me the official title
[18:51] Got me involved in coming to Irc/Chat
[18:51] well you earned it, you showed initiative and determination
[18:51] i also liked the fact you came to me and told me your intentions
[18:52] I learned that if are willing to chat people up you could gain some information that is very helpful to the alliance
[18:52] If you see a big float ask who is responsible
[18:53] always nice to know whats going on around u
[18:53] Thank you I want SWaRM to be big enough one day to take on LGC…. and win
[18:54] dont we all πŸ™‚
[18:54] Back to recruiting if you ask enough people anything they will say yes…. Its called the law of large numbers…. So I try to ask alot of people to join SWaRM
[18:55] very true, send out 100 messages, and you might get 5 people lol
[18:56] still amazes me the amount of people who wish to go solo
[18:56] far more fun being in SWaRM
[18:56] glad I revived it
[18:57] I take it in turns sometimes I will do a bunch of invites sometimes Im just not into it… SFC at its best is a social game… Chat allows you to get to know people that are in the alliance and maybe find someone that plays at the same time you do in order to do group attacks
[18:59] another IRC fan then πŸ™‚
[18:59] In chat Ive seen it happen many times when an attack is about to hit someone even if a group defense cant be arranged several people will probe the attacker and it will warn off the attacker… You bet
[19:00] But your missing one of the most important features of Chat
[19:00] Being able to give advice to newer players
[19:00] I made ALOT of newbie mistakes when I joined this game
[19:01] Biggest was building an 87 field planet all the way up
[19:01] haha i did that too πŸ˜›
[19:02] IRC gives the opportunity to get important information…. (I dont feel as bad now) I have had opportuntity to help newer players not make the mistakes I have by giving out pointers in IRC
[19:03] Planetary Fields, Fleet/Resource Save, Understanding ARC net
[19:03] all make a massive difference
[19:04] Heres one I just learned the other day… You can reorder the ships in your shipyard que…. You cant cancel but you can move around what is built first
[19:04] ships and defensive items
[19:07] yeh can be useful when you want something early
[19:07] or to slow the q down when being attacked etc
[19:07] yep
[19:08] youve been with command a while now, whats it like being high and mighty?
[19:10] Well if you put in the time anyone can be here… It was not my original intention to be in command and someday someone else might need to take my place… but the key is that if we work together we can all have alot of fun and kill a bunch of enemy ships…
[19:11] hurray for killings ships
[19:11] one of my favourite past times
[19:12] I try to keep a picture that our decisions have to keep in mind they affect both the new player and the veteran player
[19:12] something i dont think everyone remembers
[19:14] well if youve nothing more to add, i think thats about it
[19:16] The big portion of this game is to communicate with as many people as possible if you get probed dont get mad ask questions… “Information is power and secrets are the best kind of information”
[19:17] Go out and Kill Some Ships
[19:17] wise words
[19:18] Enjoyed it…
[19:18] anyone you want to nominate for the next interview?
[19:21] hmmm Clem?
[19:21] ooo a toughie, will see what i can do πŸ™‚
[19:24] Would give others an insight in doing diplomacy

Next week, it’s Clems turn to take the spotlight. However, with our opposite time zones it may not happen.

And in a coversation after the interview, it seems you can look to me being interviewed at some point in the future.


Sorry for the whole lack of stuff this week, not had any inspiration or stuff to work with.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #6 2/4/10

My Hope…
In recent weeks I’ve thought about this more and more, as more and more people lose fleets to bad timings, real life commitments, ill family members and genuine mistakes. This game really does not promote team work, it does not reward it nor require it to succeed (there are countless players in the top100 who have never joined an alliance). Many of you try damned hard to do well and are constantly set back often through no fault of your own. I don’t like constantly reading that people have lost their fleet knowing full well that there’s nothing I can do to prevent it happening again. You deserve better.

Many of you will be aware of SWaRMs’ history and its origin. SWaRM was founded on a similar game, a game that requires teamwork, a game that demands it. That game is Planetarion (known as PA). It has had many players over the years, many played in their youth and moved onto the real world eventually. But there are still many who play.

The basic mechanics are similar, you build ships, you destroy each other. The fundamental difference is your resources are not stealable, but your ‘mines’ are, they are actually Asteroids (known as roids) that orbit your planets and can be stolen by attacking ships. The different that makes PA and its competitors superior, your alliance members can see your incoming, allowing defense to be organised fairly easily.
Instead of actions being done in ‘real time’ like on SFC, tasks are carried out on an hourly (known as a ‘tick’), other games may use a different timescale, so a research may take 12 ticks, which is 12 hours, an attack may have a 9 tick ETA, meaning the defending side would have 8 ticks to get ships there in defense. The game is also broken down into Rounds, with varying length

There are many games out there that use the basic principles of PA. PA has a fairly large playerbase and it is highly active. Over the years I’ve played countless variations, many have since fallen and no longer run, but there are many many versions around. Over the next few weeks I plan to find a decent one to play, one with a good player base and hourly ticks. It’s my hope that people will join me.

Most games run ‘Speed Rounds’ where tick speeds are drastically reduced, often down to 30 seconds or less. These games provide an excellent taster to what is involved in playing games like Planetarion.

Planetarion Speed Round Signup, 30 second ticks.

If anyone wants to know anything about Planetarion, ask me or Stu|

I do have a free weekend coming up, and I intend to put my old skills to the test on Planetarions speed round. I hope people will at least give it a shot, and show me what your really capable of.

A Message From…Zaphod
This week one of our newer members found a nice new inactive in G23 that was ripe for the pickin’. He managed to get in there first and snagged almost 700k resources. Not a bad haul! Well, it could have been better… a LOT better. See, our sorta new friend didn’t know about the galaxy search page. ( He mentioned his target as his ships returned home with the loot. I then searched for that player in the Galaxy search and found he had other planets in the Galaxy LOADED with resources and a nice fleet to wipe out and harvest. Here’s what was on the guy’s big planet:

* ore: 1,059,797
* crystal: 344,244
* hydrogen: 1,042,232

* Hermes Class Probe: 1
* Helios Class Solar Satellite: 9
* Artemis Class Fighter: 22
* Atlas Class Cargo: 9
* Apollo Class Fighter: 25
* Charon Class Transport: 2
* Hercules Class Cargo: 4
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 3
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 1
* Gaia Class Colony Ship: 1
* Athena Class Battleship: 10
* Ares Class Bomber: 9
* Hades Class Battleship: 8
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 12

* Laser Cannon: 5
* Anti-Ballistic Missile: 20
* Decoy: 1
* Gauss Cannon: 3

Between a couple of us in IRC at the time, we could have taken that target out with minimal loses and split the spoils…. we just would have to fly from G25…. 4-5 hours away. If those planets had been found with the first one, we probably would have made it, as they still haven’t been hit yet, ~3 hours after the initial planet was found, but have since been probed by others. So, the moral of the story is…. the more you read the forums and the more you communicate in IRC, the more loots you get!

There were 6 other planets in that system with between 300k and 600k of each resource.

P.S.- The SWaRM member in question also got in on a couple other group attacks in that galaxy, because he was in IRC. I guess what I am trying to say is… GET YOUR ASSES ON IRC!!!

Diplomacy Mode
Its been said before and will be said again, the fastest way to rebuild after being taken out is to stay out of d mode and to raid inactives. Going into d will only allow you gain income from your mines, and that is taxed. So staying out d mode is by far the best option. Should you wish to have a few days off after being taken out then going into d mode is a wise decision.

There are many among us who have been in d mode for a long time, whether this is to ‘rebuild’ or because your focusing on Extreme or for some other reason. I urge you to spend a few days practicing fleet saving while your in d mode, then to come out and play the game with the rest of us.

The Probe Network
Some of you will notice that I have started to probe fellow members to give them the (*). I urge others to do so to aid your fellow members.

Well I would hope that everyone has at least started to think about the New Hope Poll. This effects us all so please take the time to vote. You are free to change your vote as many times as you like, and I urge you to check back once in a while to see if there’s any new information been added.

Many people have been caught out recently with their trousers round their ankles, something we need to really try and avoid.

SWaRM Attacks
Not sure when this was introduced, but group attacks may no longer contain any more than six attacking fleets, nor may a Group Defend contain more than 6 fleets.

This week has seen quite a few nice solo raids that have paid off. Destroying other peoples ships is a great way to gain ranks. I think the best one of the week has to be the one early in the week on a player in g48 who thought it was appropriate to send me some strong abuse after other SWaRM members taking out his fleet. The response we sent was to go back for more. Wiggens in particular got a very tidy sum of 1.53mil over two attacks.
Following what I assume was the initial batch of attacks he sent me this message (slightly edited to remove bad language)
From: toasted
Title: hey jackass
go **** yourself and your alliance. you should be glad there is a computer screen between us. a little pussy like you should be very glad. oh and you can have my planets too and you and your alliance can shove them right up your *****.

But that only just beats the guy who chose to message all bar one of his attackers, with stupid messages of threats and requests for apologies. He even had the nerve to message me and threaten to destroy some of our smaller members. My response was to colonise right next to him. I’ll probe him every so often just to remind him I’m there.

This week has seen a small and active group from SST (StarShip Troopers ranked #20 with 400+ members) join us after wanting to be in an alliance with a stronger pressence in their areas. I welcome Manuk, Capt Manu and Kedran to SWaRM.

But as usual I have had to remove 8 members for failure to follow simple rules.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Steven Turk be promoted to senior officer for his outstanding work in recent months. I thank him for his continued hard work.

This week has also seen Topper Harley (cjassie) be promoted to Recruitment Officer.

The following people have been promoted to the rank of SWaRMcore in recognition of their hard work and efforts:

Gerald Hoose
Admiral Nemesis
Rob Gale
Greg Fortado
Earthling Rick W

Wear the name with honour and continue your hard work. I and all of command thank you.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances and assist in filling the Galaxy Parser.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to assist in talks with other alliances regarding NaP arrangements and liase in shared projects.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I could still do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated. Slightly disappointed that noone is willing to help.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #39
Fleet: #35
Destroyed Ships: #43

I’d still like to see our destroyed ships rank increase quicker, but for that we need a little more luck in our attacking efforts. Be patient and it will come.

Top1000 Club
We lost a member of the top1000 club this week to the ever annoying Ian Ashford.

#378 Klarg
#443 Warlord Supreme
#620 William Ngo
#723 Jack Ass
#744 Eric Sloan
#899 Clemenceau

You Know Your Addicted To Starfleet When….
Started by Admiral Nemesis on the ingame board, not the proper place but it is a good idea.
Now on this forum here

Update To Daily Login Bonus
We’re revamping the daily login bonus. Now instead of a trivial amount of resources, you’ll get a lottery ticket for each consecutive day you have logged in, up to 10 tickets, for each of two lotteries.

Daily Lottery

1st Prize: 20,000 credits.
Runner Up Prize: 10 Artemis Class Light Fighters (which will be added to your homeworld).

Weekly Lottery

1st Prize: 100,000 credits.
Runner Up Prize: 2 Athena Class Battleships (which will be added to your homeworld).

There will be 9 Runners Up in both lotteries.

An Interview With…Stu|
[22:20] You will be interviewed
[22:20] and you will damn enjoy it!
[22:20] i say i will not!
[22:21] what if I beg πŸ˜›
[22:21] go on then
[22:21] πŸ˜›
[22:21] * Tyr begs
[22:21] ok then
[22:22] so, weve known each other quite a while
[22:22] a little while
[22:22] thats an understatement lol
[22:22] year or two
[22:22] πŸ˜›
[22:23] weve had some fun over the years
[22:23] yus, we have
[22:23] and i for one hope it continues many years to come
[22:24] so howd you end up with SWaRM?
[22:24] you’ve been practising this haven’t you
[22:24] too well scripted
[22:24] πŸ˜›
[22:24] lol its all spontanious i assure you
[22:25] i ended up with SWaRM wayyyyy back when I played Planetarion. I think I joined sometime in round 5/6
[22:25] so thats about 8 years ago
[22:25] more than that i think
[22:25] more like 10 innit
[22:26] well pa is 10 this year
[22:26] lies, i played pa when i was in college
[22:26] i was 16 then
[22:26] now im 27
[22:27] apparently wiki says otherwise
[22:27] maybe it was late in my 16th year then
[22:27] see i am right occasionally
[22:28] always nice innit
[22:29] well since youve been with SWaRM youve become a legend with countless leaders, from the first, anom, to the most recent, myself
[22:30] youve certainly made a lot of friends over the years and have been with me to several ventures
[22:30] i hope so
[22:30] miss a lot of them these days
[22:31] you and me both, SWaRM has had some amazing members over the years
[22:31] im still hopeful we’ll find some more to bring back πŸ™‚
[22:32] So whats your take on the latest branch to SWaRM
[22:32] well, i say the tech we have is awesome
[22:32] i say congratulate the fellow who did that
[22:32] πŸ˜›
[22:32] having been SWaRM on at least 3 other games, being officer of various sections
[22:32] youll get your thanks when you finish the list πŸ™‚
[22:33] but it seems to have the same old style we had back in the day
[22:33] thats something ive tried very hard to reinstate
[22:33] i like it
[22:34] of all the alliances ive been with over the years, from my days with SD on starsphere, to my days in BFoP on spaceminers, ive never enjoyed myself as much as the time we spent with SWaRM
[22:34] It was a massive blow for us to lose Alexei early this year
[22:34] heh SD
[22:35] thats goin back quite a few years
[22:35] i worked with Ave many times over the years
[22:35] and would happily do so again
[22:35] I would very much like to take SWaRM back to PA or PIA one day
[22:36] that would be nice
[22:36] i think some of the members we have here would love it and show what their truely capable of
[22:37] well, if we do. i’ll gladly join
[22:37] i still have some contacts in pa
[22:37] im sure you do πŸ™‚
[22:38] going back to SFC though
[22:38] k
[22:38] I drafted you in from outside the game
[22:38] and you soon flew up the ranks
[22:38] howd you manage that?
[22:38] my awesomeness knows no bounds
[22:39] plus, gaining ranks is easy
[22:39] at the start
[22:39] if you put the time in
[22:40] your a member of the command team, whats your take on the folks in command
[22:41] they all have their own strengths and use them well
[22:42] they are a good bunch, would like to expand but id rather people came and asked about it
[22:42] rather than me going to them all the time
[22:43] well, we need to make sure that people are recognised for their efforts
[22:43] as you do already
[22:43] i do try
[22:44] but, as for people asking for more responsibility, people tend not to do that
[22:44] i try to avoid it at all costs
[22:44] true and unfortunate
[22:44] well your known for laziness lol
[22:44] but i somehow end up volunteering to do stuff
[22:44] well hinting helped πŸ™‚
[22:45] heh, yes
[22:46] so what magically piece of tech are you working on atm?
[22:46] nothing at the moment
[22:46] wrong answer πŸ™
[22:46] i recently volunteered to give the site a cleanup
[22:47] and make it faster and better
[22:47] so…
[22:47] but then again i did tell you to take a break after doing the parser
[22:47] i think next on your list is a battle report parser innit
[22:48] yes it was, with all the battles both good and bad going on i think it’d be nice to be able to display them in a more sharable format
[22:48] i for one love to read of other peoples successes
[22:48] it only inspires me to do more myself
[22:48] and would like to think it has a similar effect on others
[22:48] i tend not to attack other people
[22:49] haven’t got much time
[22:49] with baby and all
[22:49] how are mother and child?
[22:49] good, as per
[22:49] good
[22:49] you could of called grace something swarm related, that would of been cool πŸ™‚
[22:50] lol, i doubt debs would have agreed with that
[22:50] you could have done it covertly πŸ˜›
[22:52] lol
[22:53] i cant think of anythin else to ask mate
[22:54] so unless you have something to add
[22:54] nope, never liked these things πŸ˜›
[22:55] noone does my friend, noone does
[22:57] well thanks for your time
[22:58] no probs mate!

Next week, it’s StevenTurks turn to take the spotlight.


This weeks newsletter is released earlier than normal to the fact it’s a holiday, and I for one would like to have a short rest. I hope you all have a nice few days off for those of you who are lucky enough to get it.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

Newsletter #5 27/3/10

A Message From ONYX
We have always had a good relationship with ONYX who currently have 560+ members and are ranked 22nd. And I hope that our relationship with them continues to improve in the future.

A few days ago the leader of ONYX, sent me this message.

You guys are doing good, keep up the good work, and please relay my praise to your members. I have been watching you guys climb the ladder like we did, and with fewer members too. Keep at it. 8)

Cmdr. Pollek
League of Liquid Fire (ONYX)

I always like to give praise where praise is due, and it’s nice to receive praise from our friends as well. So as Pollek has said, keep up the good work, I look forward to overtaking them in the rankings in the near future.

Fleet Saving
It is the most fundamental aspect to the game, and certainly the most vital. Without a fleet there is nothing you can do, no attacks, no missions, nothing. Without allowing your fleet time to grow you will never reach the top. All it takes to fleetsave is one Dionysus and about 30seconds.

Go to the fleet page, hit ‘Select All’, if you have a Dionysus home it will automatically set the mission as ‘Harvest’. Then load your resources onto the fleet by hitting the three ‘All’ tabs next to the resources. Select a planet to send to that will give make the fleet return at the required time (remembering that the displayed time is only one half of the journey), adjust the coords and speed until you get the time you want.

It’s better to have to wait 20minutes for your fleet to return than to not have a fleet at all. I tend to leave my probes home, then at least I can be hunting while my fleets return. And if someone attacks to take out my 30 probes, then that’s hardly a substantial loss.

We all have problems from time to time where we don’t know when we’ll be online, all we can do is make the best guess and pray to the SFC Gods that we don’t get caught out.

Read the rest of the newsletter for two very good examples of why you should do everything possible to fleetsave.

The Probe Network
This week has seen another member put forward the idea of a probe network amongst members, it has been suggested before when SWaRM was still in it’s infancy. But I’m glad it’s been brought up again as it does have some very beneficial points.

So the idea is that if you are offline, fellow members will probe your planets to give you the much loved *. This would hopefully deter many attackers. And at a time when aggressive players are popping up everywhere I think this may well have few of us lose fleets while offline.

This idea is in no way a reason to not fleetsave religiously.

So if you have any have something to add to the discussion please do so. When the time comes to make some form timetable

Talks have been extensive regarding a pending NaP request from a small alliance, ‘Dai Vader’s Imperial fleet’. The vote result from command lent towards a merger, however they wished to continue solo. They were referred to us by our good friends at Kai. The decision has been made to NaP with them and with the hopes of building a strong friendship like we have with ONYX and Kai.

Ok, this week has seen Ian Ashfords return to g23. He has taken out two of our members already. One being Insom, who had a none fleet saving policy despite several warnings. He instead built mass defenses as below
Missile – 2500
Laser – 1000
Pulse – 400
Particle – 300
Gauss – 50
Plasma – 10
Decoy – 1
Large Decoy – 1
This is all well and good, but when attacked by the likes of Ian who is ranked #2 and attacks with 870 Athena, 770 Hades, 189 Ares, 209 Prom, defenses will not save you or even slow him down. Ian is highly active and extremely agressive, but he won’t attack for no reason. If you leave your fleet home then he will find it and he will destroy it. So again I urge you to fleetsave religously.
The game is very unbalanced and benefits those of a larger size rather than the smaller player. I’m currently top500 and can attack players ranked around the 40k. Very unfair but it’s the way it is unfortunately.

This week has seen another of the large alliances struggle with internal politics. Several splinter groups have emerged from KBF, the True Klingon alliance has quickly gained over 100 members and has considerable strength. They will no doubt become a considerable threat.

This week has also seen the alliance ‘Founders’ go to war with ‘EMPIRE’, who in the last 72 hours have merged with the TANG alliance to form Ol’ Dirty Bastards. Remembering that the alliance ‘NOB’ is known to be an EMPIRE training alliance and I assume the agreement will stand with the newly formed OBD.

Group Attacks
Not heard of any (other than the one below) that were able to launch this week but it’s nice to see the effort being made, and the work will pay of eventually. If people set up successful group attacks please post the report to forum as a long lasting memory. Also if you have a good solo battle then please share the report on forum.
Project Olympus was a roaring success, SWaRM has now brought down its first Zeus. The Zeus and its support barely made a dent in the attacking forces of myself and Klarg. Just shows that regardless of your fleet, defenses or whether you have a thousand zeus, always, always fleetsave. The report is available here. My thanks to Klarg for his support. It is always an honor to fight by his side.

The Ingame Message Board
The last few weeks I’ve personally been very happy to see the board being used to plan many attacks, both successful and not so successful, but the intent is there and I’m proud that members are taking it unto themselves to arrange local attacks.

However I would like to see more activity on the Trade type posts, I am aware that every little bit of resources we all obtain has a purpose, but it may be of more use to other members. We all know how frustrating it is to be that little bit short for a certain Building or Research. So I would like to observe more people actively helping fellow members, if only in a small way.

I would also like to remind members that posts about having your fleet destroyed should be placed on the forum under the Retaliation Targets topic or by creating one yourself in the Attack Room.

This week we welcome another group of new recruits. Including wolfey star’s, bonsonium, Sam Sparrow and Zanador Starkiller, I welcome you all to SWaRM and I hope you enjoy your time here.

This week has yet again seen a large number be removed for failure to join the forum. We have also lost one member who left without any communication as to why.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Herb n choose to step down from his position as Junior Diplomacy Officer due to personal reasons. We thank him for his efforts in his brief time among the command team.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to assist in talks with other alliances regarding NaP arrangements and liase in shared projects.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I could still do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated. Slightly disappointed that noone is willing to help.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: 38
Fleet: 37
Destroyed Ships: 50

With our ever increasing rank comes changes to rule #7. Now that we are ranked #38, rule #7 is ammended to no attacks on top40 alliances. The ingame post will be amended to match.

Top1000 Club
This week another member has joined the elustrous top1000 club. We welcome Clemenceau to the top1000 and thank him for his hard work.
With the top group of players moving up the table more slowly it’s a good chance for many others to close the gap and many of you are gaining quickly. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

#399 Klarg
#456 Warlord Supreme
#664 William Ngo
#685 Eric Sloan
#827 Jack Ass
#912 Clemenceau
#969 Peter Griffin 783370

Stupid Stupid Mistakes
The feature makes a return this week to mention Sting Sinclairs most horrific mistake. Easily topping anything yet seen. He was disappointed to find his newly colonised planet had a small number of fields so quite rightfully abandoned the planet immedietly. However he forgot that he also sent a large amount of resources and ships along, which were immedietly lost when he abandoned.

The message here is obviously double and tripple check a planet is empty before colonising. The best way is to only send a gaia to colonise. Any other ships or resources you want to send, send them to land 30minutes later, and if the slots are low, recall before they deploy and then abandon.

An Interview With…Klarg
Well I know many people were looking forward to this one, don’t know why. Was hard to keep his focus away from his attacks but I did my best.

[18:40] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I assume you know what this is about
[18:41] Yeah …………. dunno why you want to explore the Ugliness.
[18:41] * [SWaRM]Tyr dims the lights
[18:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> haha well πŸ™‚
[18:41] * Klarg tightens the drawstrings on his bags.
[18:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> hmm where to start with you
[18:42] <[SWaRM]Tyr> When did you join SWaRM?
[18:42] Klarg joined SWaRM in December after a tangle with guys in 25:233. One of them didn’t like that Klarg was attacking and called for a group attack on Klarg.
[18:42] ugh
[18:43] Seemed like a nice alliance so Klarg joined despite his ugliness.
[18:43] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and do you still think were nice?
[18:43] Most of them. The jury is still out on Admiral Chris. πŸ˜‰
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> your still annoyed we stopped you attacking him
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and im annoyed that I did stop you
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> o well, live and learn my friend
[18:44] Well, seeings that those guys left the alliance and gave us some treats when they left, Klarg is smiling now.
[18:45] * Klarg refrains from looking out the window.
[18:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Well as it stands, your our highest ranking member (just!)
[18:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how’d you get there?
[18:46] Klarg kept getting shoved by the Warlord. And relentless pursuit of the newly unfound “id” also helps.
[18:46] Klarg didn’t build a huge fleet at the beginning and concentrated on research.
[18:46] Klarg still way behind on fleet size compared to others.
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> so you have a personal battle with me lol
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> as I do you
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we seem to play leap frog a lot
[18:47] Klarg would never presume to have a contest with the great and fearless Warlord.
[18:47] Klarg never looks at the rankings.
[18:47] * Klarg coughs.
[18:47] * Klarg turns head.
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I’m still quite a way ahead in destroyed ships, thats what counts πŸ™‚
[18:48] <[SWaRM]Tyr> youve also recently been promoted to battle officer
[18:48] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how you finding that?
[18:48] Klarg is having fun with some of the younger players in finding targets. Klarg enjoys using the muscle ships to help others gain resources.
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> something we’ve always tried to do
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> but most prefer to be quiet and never ask
[18:49] IRC is great for planning these attacks on the fly. Wish more people were in there to plan attacks.
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> ah another fan of IRC πŸ™‚
[18:51] Wanna hear about Klarg’s 2 funniest moments in StarFleet Commander?
[18:51] <[SWaRM]Tyr> of course
[18:52] Klarg attacked one guy’s planet and he responded by immediately abandoning four planets to avoid giving up resources.
[18:52] That happened in g23. The same thing happened in g56 about 2 months later.
[18:52] Hilarious
[18:53] Klarg thinks it was the Ugliness.
[18:53] <[SWaRM]Tyr> didnt he also send his remaining ships to attack you?
[18:53] Yeah … he sent his entire fleet of proms, hades, etc. ………
[18:53] Klarg forgets the number. Klarg’s harvesters had a nice lunch that day.
[18:59] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sorry for the slowness klarg, things have gone slightly pear shaped on ex
[19:00] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Whats your take on the forum? many people seem to not bother joining it, and even more seem to never login or take part in discussions…
[19:02] Klarg enjoys the forum. The galaxy parser is fantastic. Those guys putting in the hours of work are also relentless!
[19:03] * Klarg smiles as a report comes in on a missile strike on an opponent, wiping out his planet defenses in g56. Fleet arrives in 30 minutes!
[19:03] <[SWaRM]Tyr> How do you feel about some of SWaRM’s rules and policies
[19:03] <[SWaRM]Tyr> being an officer you see the background work that goes into them
[19:04] At first, Klarg didn’t like the restrictions on attacks. But as the alliance has moved up in the rankings, the restrictions have been reduced.
[19:04] It’s interesting on the long-range side to see that our alliance is active on possible NAPs that would benefit all members.
[19:05] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we are always open to NaP requests, but only ones that actually benefit us
[19:05] <[SWaRM]Tyr> nice when we find alliances like Kai who actively send us targets and intel
[19:06] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we have a good relationship with them building, which is always nice to have amongst all the hostilities out there
[19:07] For the future, Klarg is willing to move out to other galaxies beyond g23 and g25. Invitations are welcomed.
[19:08] <[SWaRM]Tyr> youve recently moved to g56 and g79 to assist, and it seems to have worked well for you
[19:08] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and your about to land in g27 to assist me with a small project
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> so now for the big question.
[19:09] rut row
[19:09] * [SWaRM]Tyr gets down on one knee
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> why do you talk in third person?
[19:09] * Klarg slowly starts to back up
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> πŸ˜›
[19:10] What are you talking about?
[19:10] * Klarg confused.
[19:11] * Klarg wanders back to the corner of the room and sticks peanut hulls into his ears.
[19:11] No more humming.
[19:11] * Klarg wishes the humming would go away.
[19:12] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you always ‘klarg this’ ‘klarg that’
[19:13] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and people want to know why πŸ™‚
[19:13] * Klarg looks out the window and, thankfully, no policeman is driving by.
[19:14] * Klarg loosens the drawstrings on his bags.
[19:14] <[SWaRM]Tyr> focus klarg
[19:15] Klarg has a major attack landing in 17 minutes and 32 seconds.
[19:15] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we’ll be done by then, just focus lol
[19:16] 109 ships to be splashed by Klarg’s 50!
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> k, so your not gonna answer that one
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> where’d the whole ugliness thing come from
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I still remember your first message to me
[19:17] <[SWaRM]Tyr> nothings changed since back then
[19:17] The ugliness was a part of Armada I for 10 years. Klarg sure wishes some of those guys would show up here. They too feared the hideousness of Klarg.
[19:18] <[SWaRM]Tyr> old school then
[19:19] Klarg is the oldest player in SWaRM. Klarg used to play Pacman for an hour on one quarter when the average game for other players was five minutes.
[19:19] 13 minutes
[19:20] <[SWaRM]Tyr> anything you want to add or to say to the rest of the alliance
[19:21] Klarg says one thing:
[19:21] ugh
[19:21] <[SWaRM]Tyr> seems like a good end
[19:21] <[SWaRM]Tyr> thanks klarg
[19:21] ugh

Next week, it’s Stu|s’ turn to take the spotlight, someone who has been a SWaRM Legend for almost a decade. I’m looking forward to this one.

IRC Quotes
Well this weeks IRC chatter had a somewhat familiar tone. Taking the mick out of each other, planning attacks, n00bie advice from the older players and of course the usual smut that Stu| usually starts.

[22:26] my fleet is frackin pitiful
[22:26] <@Klarg> Yeah, last night she said it was “frackin pitiful”.
[22:27] <@Klarg> Klarg said: “It’s cold out here.”

This week has been a good week on IRC, with a few new faces now using it regularly. I still wish more people would give it a chance.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

Newsletter #4 21/3/10

Our NaP’s with several small alliances have ended this week after a command decision to free up the extra targets. More NaP’s may be ended in the coming weeks, and will be announced as and when this happens.

NinjaPirateSpaceAssassins [NPSA] NaP ended
Republic Alliance [allied] NaP ended
Missa Solemnis [solemnis] NaP ended
United MicroSerfs [UMS] NaP ended
Sith Lords of Revenge [SLR] NaP replaced with NaP to Shadowguard II [SF4]

LGC continue their attacks. But if people fleetsave then they won’t be targetted, they are hunting for ships to kill, in the same way that everyone does.

This week has seen The Founders declare war on EMPIRE. A move that may well cost Founders dearly. So if you have EMPIRE or Founders members nearby, keep an eye out for the debris.

We have also this week had a member attack Obsidian, which unfortunatly may have serious consequences for the rest of us in g23 and g25. Our rules are there for a reason, and breaching them is taken very seriously.

Group Attacks
The first group attack of the week took place in g24, although we came out victorious, it seems someone got a little happy with sending too many dio’s. A hard lesson was learned by the organiser and participants, that as well as organising the attack, the dio’s must too be organised. Another way around the problem is to have one person gather all debris and dish it out accordingly.

The second group attack of the week saw a task force of DeadMeat, Klarg, Insom, WilliamNgo, Wouster and Michael Richards take down a sizeable target, the battle only lasted 3 rounds and resulted in an easy victory and a huge debris field of 5,871,600 ore and 3,258,450 crystal. They also stole 681,501 ore, 430,871 crystal, and 132,862 hydrogen on the first raid. Multiple follow up raids resulted in further gain. Congratulations to all those involved.

The third was a raid on a player known to have quit after being obliterated by Ian Ashford. His homeworld had a large amount of defenses which stood no chance against the onslaught of mine and Klargs mass missile attack. Total gain was around 1.5mil, not a bad nights work.

A Message From Battle Officer Klarg
Do you have a bothersome opponent nearby? Have they been probing you a little too often? Do you need more resources? Would you like to put someone into the wall?

Well, there are fleets on standby for group attacks in several galaxies. Last week, successful group attacks were held in most of our areas. There’s always room for more. Higher ranked players are willing to provide the muscle to help you get additional resources.

Come to IRC and we’ll work out the details to clobber your next opponent.

– Ugly and Hideous Klarg

This week has seen another set of recruits join, including Dale Hobbs, Asolma, Commander Kaimo, David Heal, Lankman, Captain Myrna, Styles Fritzaland and Wiggens. We welcome you all to SWaRM.

This week has also seen us lose one member to the dreaded (i) and 5 members lost due to failure to join forum. Yet our numbers continue to grow.

Promotions and Vacancies
There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I still could do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: 45
Fleet: 38
Destroyed Ships: 52

Top1000 Club
This week has seen two more members join the prestigious top1000 club. We welcome Jack Ass and Eric Sloan and thank them for their efforts. We also now have members in the top500 again and many members are continuing to grow and fly up the ranks. Thank you to all.

#438 Klarg
#460 Warlord Supreme
#653 William Ngo
#846 Eric Sloan
#957 Peter Griffin 783370
#970 Jack Ass

Stupid…Stupid Mistakes
Well we’ve all made mistakes, forgotten to fleetsave, bought the wrong ship, started the wrong building etc etc etc. But how about sending a fleet on harvest rather than a deploy? Bah, that’s no mistake I hear you say, well…It is when that deploy was over 4 galaxies away, and was moving a mere 2000 ships, at a total cost of 600k Hydro. Now that’s a mistake!!!

Anyone else has any stupid mistakes, then send them in…

Cool Names
We have a chance to assist a member in coming up with a cool and meaningful ruler name. So please put up your suggestions here.

An Interview With…Zaphod
[19:23] <[SWaRM]Tyr> evening bud
[19:24] evenin
[19:24] what’s shakin?
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> im going to start doing interviews with people for the newsletter
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and little old you is first…
[19:24] awwww, you’re gonna make me blush
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> turtles don’t blush
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> do they?
[19:25] here I thought I was in trouble
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you, never πŸ˜›
[19:25] it’s hard to tell… they just kinda turn a slightly darker share of green
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> lol
[19:25] and you can only see if they have their head out
[19:25] which this turtle doesn’t πŸ˜›
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> πŸ˜› anyway buisness…
[19:26] I figure another week of this crap and I’ll start amassing another armada πŸ™‚
[19:26] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how are you today?
[19:26] I’m great! Sunny day, no work, got laid.
[19:26] all around a great day!
[19:26] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds like a great day
[19:27] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how long you been with SWaRM?
[19:28] Since the end of January
[19:28] * ZaphodInHisShel puts away his cheat sheet on the forums.
[19:28] <[SWaRM]Tyr> πŸ™‚
[19:28] <[SWaRM]Tyr> What made you join?
[19:30] Well, I had a couple of random invites from people in my neighborhood…. one of which was from Chris (Lord Marshal). Of the people who invited me, he and the Alliance seemed to have their shit together more. That and I didn’t like the idea of joining either an alliance that was too small, or ridiculously huge.
[19:30] Too small and you get eaten… too large and you get swallowed up in the crowd and it becomes hard to coordinate.
[19:30] <[SWaRM]Tyr> So how you enjoyed your time here so far?
[19:31] I’ve been having a great time… the vets have all been tolerant of my silly questions and taught me a lot… and the crew that hangs out in IRC is a lot of fun. Great to pass the time in between meetings at work.
[19:32] Although I am a little disappointed….
[19:32] <[SWaRM]Tyr> in?
[19:32] I was told there would be punch and pie…..
[19:32] there was NO punch and pie
[19:32] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I will endeavor to get some soon
[19:33] Apple or Cherry πŸ™‚
[19:33] <[SWaRM]Tyr> hell lets have both
[19:34] I like the way you think
[19:35] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Whats your take on the forum?
[19:36] It’s a great resource, when I keep up with it. Things on my side have been pretty busy, so I’ve fallen a bit behind. I need to take a bit and catch up. I am liking that some people have moved from forums only, over to IRC, though.
[19:37] The forums are great for storing info and intel, but the real time of IRC is a huge help
[19:37] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds like your a fan of IRC
[19:38] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you’ve lost your fleet a couple of times recently due to your drunken callings
[19:38] <[SWaRM]Tyr> why didn’t you go into d mode like almost everyone else does
[19:40] Well, once your fleet is gone, whoever attacked with enough force to wipe you out isn’t going to waste their time hitting you for the remaining scraps
[19:40] so rather than wasting the resources on the “tax” for being in (d) mode, I spend them on something productive
[19:41] I can keep raiding inactives, after building a couple cargo ships, for practically nothing and just pick myself back up a lot faster
[19:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds logical
[19:41] That and (d) mode is boring
[19:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> that i can vouch for
[19:42] blech… 68 field colony in EX :-/
[19:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> well, anything else you want to add?
[19:47] Oracle services available and increasing in G25:24 πŸ˜€ Only 3 systems range, right now, but increasing as I go
[19:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> πŸ™‚
[19:50] <[SWaRM]Tyr> well thanks for your time
[19:51] Any time… you’re sending the resources to my home planet, right?
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> what resources would this be?
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> i only have
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Ore 1,460,108
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Crystal 1,050,112
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Hydrogen 1,052,563
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> not got enough to share sorry
[19:53] Oh, this wasn’t a paid interview?!
[19:53] <[SWaRM]Tyr> no πŸ˜›
[19:53] * ZaphodInHisShel storms out, muttering.

Next week, it’s klargs turn to take the spotlight…probably best not have too bright a light…

SWaRM Extreme Update
On Extreme we have a smaller group (50 and rising), including many from different alliances. This week saw me step down my command there to put all my focus back on the normal game, it was planned weeks ago but with my replacement away on holiday it was postponed.

So Klaatu now joins me on the High Command, with his focus solely on Extreme. I will stay on Extreme for the foreseeable future to lend support with the intention of leaving fully in the next few weeks. I have the utmost confidence in Klaatu and the newly appointed officers to continue with SWaRM’s ideals and to further increase our ever growing strength and reputation.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]