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Newsletter #3 14/3/10

Not had any new NaP’s to announce this week. Talks have nearly concluded with one large alliance, and talks with 281st are pretty much over and they will not be merging nor we will be NaPping. When talks have officially ended I will let everyone know and attacks will resume.

Hopefully talks with PACIFIST has had the desired effect and he is no longer attacking us. If anyone can inform me of any probings or attacks from him then please do let me know.

Things also seem to have gone quiet from Lint and Sean Newman has been neutralised.

However the attacks from LGC continue, including a small scale assault on a few peoples colonies and a suicide from their leader on my small feeder colony. They continue to try and make us hit back so they can retaliate in force.

LGC have this week released a statement on the game forum. You can a copy here. To summarize, they have ended all NaP’s and NaP talks, they are taking a very agressive approach to the universe and kicking those not of a certain rank.

Group Attacks
Hopefully more attacks will now be arranged regularly. Klarg has already arranged numerous attacks in g23 and g25. If you want to join in theb we suggest you come onto IRC. Hopefully I’ll get a few more people who wish to be officers and take on the responsibility of arranging attacks both on IRC and on the ingame message board.

Even if you only have a small amount of ships, targets will be found for you to join in with. The larger players are more than happy to provide the extra muscle needed.

A Message From Officer Klarg
Last week, Klarg helped two new alliance members to successful group attacks. Klarg is willing to lend muscle to group attacks to help you gain resources and kill ships. Klarg’s attack ships are located in g23, g25, g56, and g79. It’s preferable if you are on IRC so attacks can be planned immediately.
– Ugly and Hideous Klarg

We have seen numerous new members join in the last week. But I am again disappointed by the lack of new members joining the fourum, if we hadn’t had to keep kicking members recently then we would easily of his 200 or more by now.

If you feel that numbers in your area are a little low then let me know and we’ll try to push recruitment in those areas.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen two members promoted to Junior Officers. So congratulations to:

Klarg, who assumes the role of Battle Officer, hopefully more group attacks will be organised in the coming weeks.
Herb n, who assumes the role as Diplomacy Officer

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here.

I could also do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

And if anyone would like to help me write this on a permanent basis then please get in touch.

Alliance Structure
High Command
Warlord Supreme ([SWaRM]Tyr)

Battle Officer

Recruitment Officers
Capt. Rufus Scipio

Diplomacy Officers
Herb n

Intelligence Officer

General Officer
Insomnikal (Insom)
William Ngo

Neil Jani (Eragon)

Alliance Tech
This week has seen the finishing touches done the Galaxy Parser. Although there are still a few minor, the parser is now up and running. This tool allows us to copy and paste the galaxy page to the database, allowing us to search for various things, alliance, player name, moons and more will be added.

The adding and searching is done here.
Adding is done using the pop out box on the right.

People will need to help keep the database up to date, a few of us have gotten the main galaxies of interest inputted over the past week, but I will need volunteers to help keep it updated.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: #51
Fleet: #40
Destroyed Ships: #59

Hopefully in the coming weeks more attacks will be organised and traps set which will shoot us up the destroyed ship rankings.

Top1000 Club
Hopefully more people will soon join us in the top1000. Warlord, Klarg, William Ngo and Peter Griffin 783370 continue their climb up the ranks, with many others closing the gap on our top 3.

#484 Klarg
#513 Warlord Supreme
#669 William Ngo
#917 Peter Griffin 783370

Many of you have grown significantly in recent weeks and are nearing the top1000, so thank you for your continued hard work.

SWaRM Competition
Not really competitions, but there’s a few new topics in the spam area for all to enjoy and take part in. Including ‘Funny Stories From Real Life’ and ‘Continues Story #2’.

Hopefully more flashes of inspirations will come, or even better, ideas from someone other than me.

IRC Quotes
Nothing of note this week.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

Newsletter #1 – 28/2/10

Well it’s been a while since my last update. So returning to an old format, and returning it to a newsletter format. Here goes.

We have signed some promising NaP’s in recent weeks, noteably the NaP with Kai, we have another impressive one in the pipeline and details will be made available as and when. We have also had some offers come in which were rejected for various reasons.

Our attack on the Marquis (Admiral Lint) two weeks ago seems to have gotten us no additional attention from them, so hopefully we continue to stay a minor annoyance to them rather than a major threat.
Our first attack on PACIFIST failed, but another will be arranged, his agression and threatening attitude will not go unpunished. We have had offers from a few of our allies to assist us should we require it.

We’ve recently taken on many new faces, and I welcome you all to SWaRM. Amongst the new recruits is our newest officer, Capt Rufus Scipio, who joins StevenTurk as a Recruitment Officer.

There are still vacancies for 2 x Intel Officer, 1 x Recruitment Officer, ? x Battle Officers, 1 x Forum Moderator and 1 x Web Tech. Anyone who wishes to put themselves forward, or nominate someone else, simply send me a ‘pm’ on the forum, or message me ingame.

Alliance Rank
Our rank continues to improve, we’re now ranker #59 overall, #48 for fleet, and #64 for destroyed ships. I would like to see us continue our assent up the leaderboard, especially in the destroyed ships area.

Members Of The …
No idea how often I will do this, so for now this section will remain ‘Members Of The …’
Firstly, DeadMeat, for his continued attacks and dedication despite being fairly alone in g24.
Secondly, Zaphod, after losing his fleet a couple of weeks ago, and for proving my point of staying out of (d) mode when destroyed, he has quickly rebuilt his fleet and has already passed where he was at before. And for his almost permanent pressence on IRC.

IRC Quotes
Only one for this issue, Zaphod has a slightly larger than average head…
[21:06] I’m pretty sure I’m awesome in some other reality, too.


Well thats all I can come up with for this first issue. If there’s something you want me to add for the next one, then let me know. Or if there’s something you yourself would like to contribute, a comic strip? a picture? a new section?

Well, I’ve been your host, Warlord
anything you want email me at [email protected]

Newsletter #2 7/3/10

Newsletter #2 7/3/10
We have confirmed the NaP with g69 based Omega Alliance.
Talks are on going with KBF as we are both pestered by LGC/NINJA on a more frequent basis. Meanwhile the talks with several other promising alliances are still underway. We are also in talks with a strong alliance about a possible merger where they would join us, but talks are in the early stages.

We continue to be pestered by the same faces, mainly Lint and PACIFIST.
Talks with PACIFIST seem to going towards a full cease in hostilities. So we ask that noone probes him for the forseeable future, and we see how we stand in a week or two.

We have a new pest in Sean Newman [23:103:8]. He has already attacked at least two of us, so will now find a few more SWaRM faces in the area, including myself and williamngo. He has been probing at least me a lot and has already raided my colony once, getting away with a few thousand hydro, which I will be getting back with some interest in the coming days.

We have also been getting a lot of probes and attacks from LGC. Due to their size retaliating is not a very good option at the moment, so talks have started with various mutual friends, and hopefully things will come to fruition and give us a much wanted breather.

As many of you are aware, many many people are intentially creating moons on each other. Which no matter how unpopular this tactic is, it is not against any current game rules.

A list is available as to currently known moon locations, here. Many thanks to Topper Harley (cjassie) for his efforts in searching the parts of the universe for us.

Had this part all written out days ago, but it seems the recent changes to the way Oracles work have made the vote and any plans we had made kind of pointless. Now that the oracle cannot detect harvest fleets it almost makes the oracle pointless. So now the only benefit to a moon is the jumpgate, which costs a significant amount and takes a very long time to build (an initial 1000 hours), and is only useful if a player has two.

Before the changes were made we did make 3 attempts to create a moon on certain players, all efforts unfortunately failed. Talks will need to be restarted as to whether there is point in continuing now that the oracle is useless.

Welcome to all our latest recruits including Adm Paul62, Rocket J. Squirel, Greg Fortado, Lenn Martin, Brian Addison, Engress, Suarez and many others.
Our expansion throughout g35 and g69 is underway and is going well, I hope it will continue to do so. Thanks to our recruitment officers, Steven Turk and Capt. Rufus Scipio for their efforts. And thanks to Ace Harbinger for helping out this week.

Promotions and Vacancies
Instead of posting everytime a member is promoted, I will simply notify the person and they will get a mention here.

Congratulations to Topper Harley (cjassie) who is promoted the rank of SWaRMcore.

There are still vacancies for
2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to help with talks surrounding NaP agreements and mergers.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
3 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here.

I could also do with someone to give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

And if anyone would like to help me write this on a permanent basis then please get in touch.

Alliance Tech
In the coming week I hope to be able to announce a fantastic new bit of tech that will give us all a massive helping hand, but will also require constant help from all members.

We already have the parser, IRC and of course this forum.

The parser allows players to paste reports to parser which then turns into a more presentable format and provides a URL for all to access. This is mainly of use to those who use IRC as pasting reports to there is very difficult to read. To use the parser simply paste the report into the box at the top of the forum.

IRC remains the best way to communicate and get quick answers, I get fed up of saying it but it’s true as those already using it regularly can vouch for. To connect to IRC simple login to the forum and then open this link. The system will input your name for you assuming you filled in that box on application to the forum. Then simply click connect and you’ll find yourself where you need to be.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks, in part thanks to our latest recruits, to the removal of some dead weight and to peoples continued growth.
Overall: #54
Fleet: #44
Destroyed Ships: #61

Remember that having a full set of colonies is the first step to quick growth, and the safest way to have colonies is to not put them all in the same sector.

Top1000 Club
This week has seen another two members join myself (#532) and Klarg (#556) in the top1000. We welcome William Ngo (#781) and Peter Griffin 783370 (#999) to this prestigious group, it takes a lot of work to get up this far, so well done and keep it up.

Member Of The Week
Only one this week, Topper Harley (cjassie). In recognition of his efforts to hunt out moons and certain alliance members, he’s also provided us with many laughs on IRC. Topper has also been promoted to the rank of SWaRMcore as a thank you to him.

SWaRM Competition
Well time to announce the winner, as chosen by myself. The winner is calcifer, and the runners up are Chris Brown and Zaphod. Thanks to the others who entered. Now to come up with another competiton.

and the
Rest are


army of

Any thoughts for a new competition?

IRC Quotes
[19:31] so why is pacifist dead?
[19:33] <@[SWaRM]Tyr> he isnt, got a little ahead of myself thinkin sum1 had caught some of his fleet
[19:33] <@williamngo> 🙂
[19:33] Yea it was like Christmas, but then mam and dad said sorry son Santas dead, no more Christmas

[18:19] <@Insom`> people dont seem to like it when you purposely “give” yourself a moon
[18:20] Its like masturbation…a necessary evil

[19:15] project hate is a d***.


Well I’ve had a week to do this one and I hope you’ve found it useful.
Would still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

I’ve been your host, Warlord
anything you want, email me at [email protected]

10-2004, Author Alexei

Newsletter #15 10-2004



It is time for another newsletter, made by yours truly. As it is 19:39 now on my clock I am well on time, 4 hours and 21 minutes before deadline I will probably have time to spare.
So a new newsletter and once again Im stunned by the lack of funstuff. Anyway, its ur loss. Furthermore some routine stuff, PIA/PA progress, Alliance inside and more (like the credits).

23:21 update. Crap looks like it will be fast work after all… *damnes*

Alliance Update

can I ask you some questions?
ok, shott your questions
so how is SWaRM doing this round of PIA?
greater than ever
what is our rank then?
we have been 3rd so far, and just a small step away from 1 that is
we are currently 4
that is very good
we are 3 again
how many active members do we got so far?
31 very active members
none inactive so far
who is first then within the aliance?
ranked top100
so recommend anyone for MotM
has zious been motm ?
why should he be?
because he has done so much for us
attack bots
battle calcs
ahh, ok, sounds like reason enough
hmmm, do I need more…
erm… he makes scripts
noo, for the newsletter I meant
which are nice
but more reasons for him to be MotM 😛
I meant for the Pia PRogress
madmax is doing a great job, that is worth mentioning
crispy and fossie<--- our newest DC's Ok tnx for the info

Ok, so what? I was lazy, when aint I Anyway, it was clear and to the chase, seems like SWaRM is doing good

Member of the month

Ok on nomination of sax I have selected Zious as this months member of the month. I feared a while back there wouldn’t be any more MotM’s for a while, but Zious proved us all for reasons named above that he deserves this honorary title. Here is the.. errr… interview?

o Zious
zious pious
* Alexei slaps zious around a bit with a freshly caught trout
answer me! 😛

ok, find out for yourself then
I was gonna tell ya
but now you just have to go and read
Maybe, I can still change my mind you know
I was gonna make you Member of the Month
You know, for all the stuff you did for us
Like the bots
and the quality scripts
not to mention the bcalc
and sax mentioned you are a quality DC
but I guess you just got tough luck
to not responding to me when I want to make the interview…
A well, read up..
*smirks; Thats at least one reader ill be having*
* Alexei walks away


Ok, seems like Im all on myself for this. Fine, but don’t expect too much. Since Im not a 24 online machine. Ugh… just read it…

Why Kama is respected

* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
echo, echo, echo… echo ~cho… oh…
* Jaded slaps J-Kama-Ka-C with the NO TALKING sign
* J-Kama-Ka-C mumbles
* J-Kama-Ka-C wants +voice
why kama?
so I can take over the world
ok mojojojo
my skull is neither transparent nor laminated…
r u sure
* qtips has quit IRC (Quit)
well it’s kinda hard to see
but I haven’t blinded anyone with the sheen lately
Kama 😛
hi Peetsers
lo Kama
* Alexei sets mode: +v J-Kama-Ka-C

* Alexei slaps J-Kama-Ka-C around a bit with a large trout
mmm vocal
good to havee a friend in high places, isnt it ^^
indeed it is

Stargate… Ofcourse I was bluffing

ow w00t.. tokra… part 1
* Painy|Sh0p is now known as [ND]Painy
heh, it’s “great”
althoguh i’ve only seen it once properly-ish
<[ND]Painy> mmm random yougurts
too bad ive seen season 8 totally
I know how its gonna end ;P
I hate you
and im not telling
I hate you so very much
<[ND]Painy> wots this?
there’s a cliff hangar right…
so we can expect season 9…
* Ambisagrus has joined #swarmcore
Im not gonna tee-elll
na na na na


* J-Kama-Ka-C has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
<[ND]Painy> lo Rookie
lo Painy
* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
you win again gravity..;

Evil (?) Moo

lo alexei
lo inuki
hey mooey 😛
cuz I know you love it
How am i supposed to be evil if you call me that ?
<[ND]Painy> mooeywooey
<[ND]Painy> ^^
thats his full name 😛
<[ND]Painy> lol
<[ND]Painy> :>
hmmm – lets see who to kick first alexei or painy ? 😛
<[ND]Painy> errr… hmm
* [ND]Painy is now known as bob
well i c now painy now


Otha Pplz!

WEEK ENDING 01/12 01, Author Unknown

WEEK ENDING 01/12 01

Things seem to have come to a halt pending on exames in the near future and need to study. Peeps feeling the bordom of PA – lets face it, this round is not like round 4 🙁 And the problem of getting members to join in on attacks and making them successfull. Yes, “we” are holding tight on our scores and fleets……..

Activity on the boards is a disgrace – I refuse to believe that peeps who login do not have anything to say or any comments to the threads that are there. The boards are SWaRMs backbone – whats said there is for all to read and comment.

IRC activity has picked up some and that is encouraging 🙂 But then again many of the peeps that are IRC active are not logging in at the site ….. IRC is vital when it comes to finding defence and when organizing the last touches of an attack – lol besides getting to know eachother 🙂 BUT what is said there reaches only the peeps that are there … before it vanishes into the air.

PA opened the door for non-paying members. This should soon give us all some juicy roiding objects 🙂

Alliancewars are at foot or already started – major NAPs and/or ally agreements have been broken.

Read all about it at PA Portal!

We are happy to report that SWaRM has a steady drip of new applications coming in every day. Keep on greeting all the new members in our well known SWaRM way 🙂 nothing beats feeling welcome! These are our newest members that we wish to say “happy you found your way to SWaRM :-)”:

Captain Payne
Mystery Man
AKA HippyKiller

Seems mailing members and warning them doesn´t improve all to “get their butt in gire” – these have had their accounts deleted last week and this week:

Aries last logged in Aug. 31
BBSP last logged in Oct. 14
ben950 last logged in Oct. 15.
cerozz last logged in Oct. 14.
Druggie Man not noted to have logged in ever.
Gravely not noted to have logged in ever.
sirrobert last logged in Oct. 27.
ski last logged in Oct. 9.
Streebor not noted to have logged in ever.
VampLangius last logged in Oct. 24.
sherban last logged in Oct. 13.
fightex last logged in Sep. 26.

Dating back to Nov 14. these have received their well earned promotions:

Swarmcore Officer:
My great Hair

AKA HippyKiller

Well done guys!! lol and keep up the good work!

Make sure you do not mess with these:

stunna mad
NRK (this one might have been broken, we are looking into it)

Visit the “Voting board” and click in your score as it grows. Always nice to see the development. There are other issues that await your vote too – go take a look 🙂

Here I think we should introduce ourselves with a weekly spotlite member. Who would like to be our first guest in next weeks edition?

We need an editor for this News Letter – who would like to be in charge of it? Other stuff can find its way in here ….. like battle advice/exercise quizz ….. please come with suggestions! lol that is if you find a weekly news letter interesting 😉

12-05-2002, Author Jackass

Edition #1 2002




Some will probably leave to bigger alliances for the next round. We still havent had the boom of leavings yet. But i guees they will come. Meantime we have got a new HC and a lot of new officers. but more about that later. This is too the time for new people to try joining. And getting their alliance buissness ready for next round. Meantime in here some are working their behinds off to get the gals sorted.

The activety on the boards is low, but as examns is getting closer that should be acceptable. But remember that the boards is the most important place for SWaRM members do discuss matters, and generally speak with each other. Come on! I know you want to talk to each other 😉

There is still some dead times on IRC when noone is there, but there at least is some activety. The people there should just remember to talk at the boards too.. But people are generally good at it 🙂


Round six has ended and we are waiting for the Word Cup to end, and for the signups for R7 to start. I think R7 will be a lot more fun because people know the new races now.

A new HC, 3 new senior officers and some new officers. and some new members.. I dont know how far back to date. So i will just go one month back.

Promoted to HC:
ME! 😀

Promoted to Senior Officers:
Peace Keeper



Congratulations you all 🙂


I dont know what to put here yet so i will just paste something from our chan on IRC.

[01:27] <@Hax> anyone of you want to write some lines about youself about right now to the members spotlight?
[01:27] <@Jackass> er………..
[01:27] <@Jackass> hi?
[01:27] <@J-Kama-Ka-C> yep, that’ll make a great addition 🙂
[01:27] * @J-Kama-Ka-C yawns
[01:27] * @Jackass yawns too
[01:28] <@Jackass> yawning is addictive
[01:28] <@Jackass> and contagious
[01:28] <@anom> <---so I yawn too [01:29] <@Jackass> lol
[01:29] <@anom> and say stop it!
[01:29] <@Jackass> i know why its contagious too….anyone want to know…and anom has made me yawn now…argh its an epidemic
[01:29] <@anom> tell us
[01:30] <@Jackass> its human instinct…when u see or hear somone ywanning/tlaking about yawning…then in your subconcious u think they are stealing your oxygen…so u yawn to be equal

Here it is. restarted.. Lets see how it gets. If you want to write something send a message to me and i will think about it.

Jackass Special Edition

Welcome To Jackass!!

Ok so hax has asked me to write something in his SWaRM newsletter so here I
am sitting at my computer listening to my ska punk typing out something that
I have no idea what im doing!
Well a few ppl know me.and the ppl who have just joined SWaRM may not so for
those who don’t I am Jackass or bob or very rarely.Arthur *shudders*. But as
I have just been informed hax has changed my name on the site to
Arthur has last.

Right back to some about me.
Well im asking ppl in irc cos I feel arrogant when I describe myself.maybe
that tells u a bit about me.I dunno im not reading writing it.

Heh.well this is what they said

how would u lot describe me cos i can’t ever describe myself cos i
feel arrogant
a moron pure and simple
eeeeh… hmm…
Jackass says it all

affectionate aren’t they
well thy are partly right..a moron yes but not a non loveable one.I
think..unless everyone secretly hates me.
Kama and I are very alike I think<< sorry.. Floated a bit

when hax went quiet for a while. =S

one of them ate the ingridents of an omlette…4 eggs butter milk
onion mushrooms and a tomoato…he ate them raw and then puked it up and
cooked it and then ate it again
hey dan
NOOOOOOO thats not nice
hey dan
lo Jackass
that was halarious
do you know where to get bots from
i couldn’t watch him eat the eggs…that would have made me puek
i hid behind a cushion

talking about the program Jackass

anyway that’s about it for this week/month/year/round.

Hope you Enjoyed it.


05-06-02, Author Jackass

Edition #2 2002 by Jackass

Welcome to the Jackass Newsletter Special number 2!!!


Jackass Hour thingy…

Right so here we are again…me at my comp and in irc…me writing this cos im bored again…pfft

Right so ill start with the important things then ill move onto the fun things like last time I reckon


Once again we are welcomed back to the exiting time of the new round and all the planning of it all. This round…well actually I dunno if this has happened before cos I have only been with SWaRM for 2 rounds now so…but this round we have a mother gal and it looks like this is going to be the best round and gal I have ever taken part in!
The following are in the gal

Mr. Peets
Metropolitan DanClarkos
Commanding Duke Nic
Lord Hairy

Sorry about the weird was copied from the galaxy screen.but good luck to everyone in it!
A lot has changed about the PA setup especially the ingame AH (Alliance Hosting)
Which leads me onto my next point


There is now ingame alliance page which I think looks and is amazing so is baiscly the same to use as our old page and u don’t need to open another IE, which, I dunno about u guys but it saves me one hell of a lot of space when im on here.


Lots of things going on in SWaRM atm…we are going to be moving sites to the ingame AH soon.
Among other things the rankings in general have been very good…the highest swarm tag has got to was 10 I think and the SWaRM mother gal got to the top 200 at one point which was great fun and a lot of SWaRM members are still high in the rankings…I would like to point out modnar at this point who has once got the rank of 26th which I thought was fantastic.well done modnar


Right now this is my favourite bit cos I always laugh at the stuff we write in irc so im gonna copy some and put it here!

we demand to know!
just sumfin
u wouldn’t have said this if u secretly wanted to tell us
no i dont want to tell you really
i just thought i did but i dont
you cant just say something like that, and then dont tell us
ever eaten raw bacon
off a fat girls stomach
haw haw
eeeerrrrrrr im gonna be ill

one of the funniest things in there today

rincewind is az btw

i need more funny stuff to put in the newsletter
well im shutting up now so there
ARGH! there is a lady lying outside my appartment topless.. with the biggest tits in the world..
although my weekend could do you about 4 issues
and then she is lying on her stomach.. argh!
Hax put your dick away

Haw haw haw

Anyway that’s it for this….whenever

Looking forward to your comments..

p.s good luck in the round! Not that you’ll need it or anything….;-)

29/05/2003, Author Unknown

#1 Newsletter 2003/05
My desk, 29/05/2003

Hi there, ill be trying to substitute Jackass in this longly delayed Newsletter, remembered to us by themast 🙂

Ill try to be as funny to read as Jackass and will try to follow his writting method .

Well here i sit, after having had dinner, browsing my iddle IRC in search for funny and interesting passages, and trying to remember news bout pa and swarm.


Round 9

It has been a farely good round to play, but not very good for pa in general. With one of

SWaRM’s mother gal hitting 70M in the end, and having SWaRM made very good naps and liaisons

more specificaly with entity, madcows and vision. Round was dominated by weet and the usual

major fights in the end didnt take place for

the fun spoiling of hundreds of fans.


Round 9.5

Round 9 has ended and 9.5 is about to start. Beeing free and with some changes (tech tree done,

etc) its hopped it will get lots of new blood. And will be a good vacation while we wait for r10.

While galaxies of 25 planets r composed, anom and the HC is working to get AH site up, and talks

with other alliances are beeing relaunched. We hope to keep getting the good amount of new

inscriptions weve had all round 9 and hope u all have fun.

Kama got his motherboard fixed, moved house and is back for good and so is johna from his work far

away from uk, working in Dpts and with officers so things get up to date.



Just some short passages of things said around in ur favourite chan, swarmcore :p

Questions, Oh questions:

(19:12) *** Stats sets mode: +v YoureDoomed
(19:13) huh?
(19:13) why do i get +
(19:13) sjeez

Domestic violence 🙂 reported live:

(19:47) *** Stats sets mode: +v Tyr
(19:48) lo
(19:48) won’t be here long
(19:48) just checking in
(19:48) :p
(19:54) *** Quits: krim-away ([email protected]) (Ping timeout)
(19:54) 🙂
(19:54) just cooking my dinner
(19:54) so hungry :\
(20:00) .
(20:00) i’m under attack
(20:00) my wife is hitting me
(20:01) you like it?
(20:01) no?
(20:01) then do what she tell’s you to do
(20:03) hehehe…..

Anom working hard:

(20:23) *** anom|away is now known as anom
(20:23) hehe am back – hi all :-))
(20:25) lo anom
(20:27) 🙂 lol been “fighting” AHs slowness and accpting apps there. Took me almost 2 hours!!!! grrrrrrr

Tyrs major and only concern (k/d) :p :

(20:28) does anyone no if jacks playin this round?


Ok here it is. I know it lacks a bit of info but things r just starting (and so am i in this new

experience), so bare with me for a while plz :p

S0LDieR, all copyrights NOT reserved


Newsletter #2

Here is the second newsletter of year 2003. Its supposed to be weekly but i think itll be closer to biannually. Anyway, I have volunteerd to get the newsletter back on track. Anom has agreed and appointed me as one of the editors. And since she is on a three week vacation atm she’ll be unable to upload my stuff. So ill do it myself.

In order to keep up with monthly newsletters (lets start simple shall we?) I probably need loads on info on whats happening in the Alliance. I am asking the members of our alliance to report any changes or interesting stuff thats been happening.

Alliance inside:

So here should come a piece written by a HC (or somebody who happens to know) important changes in the alliances business. But since im fairly unaware on this, though I am pretty active, ill guess the new bot is the newest thing. More on that later on.

PA Progress:

And here should come something about progress in the game itself. This i am even more unawre of since the round is almost ending. And I guess it turned out alright. Scores within the alliance are on an aveerage basis now: 4.013.000 Which is pretty reasonable. Our highest is rounded down: 8.750.000 by Stagnation. And with little proud we can say our alliance tag is no. 44. Which isnt that bad since we arent that big of an alliance (well, were not one of the biggest). All together we did pretty well.

Member Of The Month:

This is the new column in the renewed Newsletter. Each week henceforth shall we (or just me), the Editors, choose a Member Of The Month. It’s an honorary title, which you earn by doing something special for the alliance. This months Member Of The Month is Dragonbait. He has developed a new bot for the alliance channel. Here is the exclusive interview.

Member of the Month exclusive:
yo dragonbait
about the newsletter
you have been elected member of the month
cool why?
what it do?
Nothing its an honorary title
where is the newsletter
It will be posted on the avidgamers newsletter board
can I have a short interview with you, the member of the month?
what do want to know?
First of for the record
Real name\age\sex
dont give out my real name sorry
age 26
sex M
right, well i cant force you
Whats your ranking in SWaRMcore?
look it up 😛
ah, a regular member i see here
Why do you think you got the member of the week title?
well i help out alot of differnt ppl with differnt things
mostly server work for gecko and AAngel
and setting up Bots and the like the backgound stuff that happends
Right well, the main reason was that you are creating a new bot for the channel
So what does the new bot do?
What features does it have?
ATM it just runs the channel but i will be adding stuff to it i.e
seen al that neat stuff
runs the channel … in kickin bad language fellows?
yeah ops deops
multiple users
yeah plus i dont like mIRC bots
anything usefull for the regular member?
if all goes well a i need to speak to AAngel about this but it MIGHT be about to post Defence request and other info driectly to the website and read of it
ahh, thats very handy
lot of work to do
i bet
i have a attack bot written in perl to use atm
one more question
who do you think should be next week member of the week?
hmm not sure ive been a bit busy with the server and the bot to see whats been going on
ok, well it happens
tnx for the insight

And here ends the Member Of The Month column. We’ll be looking for a new Member Of The Month well … next month.

IRC lines
What would a newsletter be without some funny parts of what is said in the IRC Channel.

Kama still has very little control over other members:

hi all
\o Alexei
\o Kama
anything interesting going down here?
guess not
that’s right
hehe, I don’t allow anything to ‘go down’
* Alexei steps into nearby elevator
* J-Kama-Ka-C frowns
* Alexei hits basement button
* J-Kama-Ka-C damns the fact they are on the floor of the IRC building 🙁

Tyr is still sorily being missed:

* Tyr has joined #swarmcore
* Stats sets mode: +v Tyr
\o Warlord
* AAngel is going to work on the new and faster SWaRM site this week end
* SpellBound has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
* J-Kama-Ka-C makes guinea pig noises
* AAngel tosses rotten veggies at Kama
lo folks
* Tyr huggles all the ladies (col)
* Alcohol is now known as Alcohol[zzz]

The amazing features of the new bot:

ok, ok, so what am I doing up here?
tell em the 3 strike rule… for hte BOT
3 strike rule??
* AAngel doesn’t do baseball
my opinion exactly
Moley should be due to implenent it soonish
caugh it up kama
well the idea being that would get the bot to spank anyone misbehaving, and kicking anyone breaking the language rules
* LandyNotHere has quit IRC (Quit: when you have nothing to say .. keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid. It is better than opening it and removing any doubt)
firstly it’s apparently going to dispatch warnings
thus, it will initate kick mode
thus, it will iniate kick ban mode
and therefore will mop the floor with anyone disobeying
and it will babysit the kids…. drink all of kama’s beer… and straighten out AAngels halo!
…what b33r… Kama has no b33r…
oh yea one last thing it will put Anom in shackles.. so she cannot go and party on weekends with out ALL of us!

Though it still doesnt work perfectly:

* dragonbait pets bkeeper
* dragonbait slaps bkeeper around a bit with a large trout
* AAngel rubs bkeeper…
nice bkeeper….nice bkeeper…
* dragonbait has left #swarmcore
* dragonbait has joined #swarmcore
* Stats sets mode: +v dragonbait
* bkeeper sets mode: +o dragonbait
good bot

Quote of the week:
a wise man once said: “A padded jacket is an acceptable gift even in summer.”

09-2003, Author Unknown

Newsletter #3 09-2003

Well since its already medio september I thought its time for another newsletter. Many things lately, tickstart, recruitment open and the regular stuff (Member of the Month, IRC stuff) enough to fill a newsletter with. I wish all a good round and happy roid hunting!


PA Progress

The main event ofcourse is, how can it be something else, the tickstart and thus the official start of the new round. As far as I heard almost everybody got of well and got a lot roids in protection time. Thanks to some strategy posts I also made a decent start. All gals were doing fine, with Lell (Axis) a time in the #1 gal and Gecko in a top 10 gal, I think we’re lucky to have them (or is it just natural?). Anyway, as PA X finally started it was still getting used to. Especially cuz I didn’t play the BETA and I’m sure all who haven’t played the BETA have the same feeling. No more scanning for roids and no more mass wave amps felt weird, but good. Engineering is mega-handy cuz now I don’t need to be a Minister to get the resource bonus ;). Ofcourse Engineering has other more helpful bonuses, its just not that im always a minister :P. Covert Ops is handy but no gamewinner, with CovOps you can do just the little damage you always wanted. I don’t have an opinion on fleet missions yet, since I haven’t researched it yet, but I will soon.
All in all it’s different, but ok. I look forward to this round and I’m gonna do my very best.


Alliance Inside

The newest is, how can it be something else, the new website. A marvel to behold, compared to the old avids. With increased functionality and looks it is quite the improvement. I hereby wish to congratulate Gecko, AAngel, Stu, dafreak and all those I’ve missed on a job very well done on behalf of all the SWaRM members.
A new site for a new PA, I know I couldn’t have done it better.

With the recruitment back open anom and themast can do their thing again. Only if it is for two weeks for themast (too bad). With his departure there is once more an opening for officer and I’m seeing an officer shortage existing, I heard the other night that some officers are actually doing two jobs at the same time. Hope I might add some promotions lower in this newsy.

Further more our current position is #18 in the universe of alliances. I find it a respectable place for a defensive alliance, but we must grow since we can do nothing else :P.


Member of the Month

And this month another Member of the Month. And this months Member of the Month is…. *drums plz* tadaa! It’s themast! A member unlike anyone else, he was sole responsible for a monster growth in r9.5 Therefore and his intentions to do the same for this round has made him this Months Member of the Month. Congrats!!

Here’s the exclusive:

anom and I decided that you are the new Member of the Month what for
for proved recruiting abilities
and as a good-bye gift well i am not leaving anymore < ---- watch this line! no? no
you got your account upgraded?? yes
well anyway
still the recruiting thing still counts k
so you are not getting away from me that easily doh
so you are the new Member of the Month
how does it feel? it feals weird
ok, thats a new one
anyway do i get anything
no, its honorary
you were responsible for a giant growth in r9.5 hmm well i am trying to do that again this RD ok
how many ppl did you recruit in r9.5? i have no idea i would say about 30-40
thats about half the alliance :S
we even had to close the recruitment to contain you for a while yes i know
but the Under-Review ppl dont yeah i suppose they dont i also suppose u will tell them on the next newsletter
yep i will
how long have you been member of SWaRM? When did you join? well i joined in RD 9 that how i got promoted cos i heard from past forums that SWaRM recuitment was down a lot and i wanted to change that
so you joined SWaRM to boost recruitment ?? nah i joined cos i needed a good allinace
aha and then i thought why dont i take to to the next stage so i did
ambitious lol
hmmm this is about it
one more thing ok
if you wish ok ask away
for the record: Real name, age and place (where you live)
only if you wish ok Real name: Fraser age: 16 Place:Aberdeen, scotland
thanks ok
this will appear in the newsletter i thought so
ok tnx for the interview np


IRC stuff

This is a Kama special, since we are short on IRC stuff. Kama is always ready to supply us with enough stuff. And I specially added a piece of Tyr on request 😉

Kama, ur still the idiot stereotype for me:

. Tyr twiddles his thumbs
•J-Kama-Ka-C• hehe
. SNOOP ties Tyr’s thumbs together
•Gecko• kama
•Gecko• other room
. Tyr does a power ranger impression and plays upon the ocarina of the green one calling a giant robot trex or summit 😀
. Tyr dresses like a likkle ninja and does ye ol’ poky in eye trick and then points and laughs at moo
. Moo cries 🙁
. Tyr huggles mooeywooey*
•J-Kama-Ka-C• it was quite clearly a giant mecha godzilla (dragon zord)
•Moo• 🙂
•Tyr• lol
. Tyr will neva think of kama in the same way again
•J-Kama-Ka-C• whoo hoo
•J-Kama-Ka-C• no more idiot sterotype for me o/
•Tyr• lol
•Tyr• no, u now get the weird fecking freak one lol

Kama talks sense

GreenAlge: “The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the alge…”
J-Kama-Ka-: yes, a slimy green coating can easily overpower the strongest of foes
J-Kama-Ka-: I shudder just to think
GreenAlge: you’d be surprised 😉
GreenAlge: *suprised
J-Kama-Ka-: I’m sure I’d be something

Quote of the month:
War is not about right but who’s left


Sorted by gained rank:

dafreak – Promoted to Senior Officer

Alexei – Promoted to Officer – Newsletter Editor <--- that’s me! Themast – Promoted to Officer – Recruitment Dept Lell - Promoted to Officer - W&D dept Tyr - Promoted to Officer - Advisor TheSpeditor - Promoted to Swarmcore Member FernandeZ - Promoted to Swarmcore Member _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credits: Me! anom GreenAlge and SNOOP (couldnt have done it with out you) E-Flat themast Its as we feared, Kama's monopoly 🙁

10-2003, Author Unknown

Newsletter #4 10-2003

It’s once more time for a new newsletter. And I will try to keep you up to date with news and entertained with whatever it takes for the duration of this newsletter. This was perhaps the hardest one to make, since PAX is going nowhere. Luckily Planetia came into play and made up the lost time on PAX. Planetia is what PA used to be, though it’s not the original it comes close to PA round 7 (I think). More on that later. Furthermore will this newsletter be a IRC special, cuz I found lots of funny stuff to enter. Thanks to all who made this possible!!


PA Progress

There is little to talk about in this section. PA just isn’t what it used to be. ‘Where has the addiction gone’ so to say. The changes Spinner and the other creators made were just in the wrong direction. Like Moo said on the forums, in the beginning it was ok. But later on it gets boring and repetitive. Also attacking has been made too easy just because defending sucks. Even at an overkill defense fleet you can still get roids and damage the defenders, because of some lame ‘we all fire at the same time’ rule.


Alliance inside

We have been doing some nice things, especially Planetia related. And since SWaRM has spread to Planetia next to Planetarion. Alliance inside will cover any activity no matter from what game it is. Ofcourse I will tell clearly over what game I am speaking.

Planetia (clear enough?)

Like I said we have been doing some nice things on Alliance area’s in Planetia. A really nice NAP with Combined Powers and Enigma. I believe we have Hard Metal to thank for that. More exiting is the massive war going on between Carthexis and several Alliances, including SWARM. It is a war which could have mayor consequences on Planetia gameplay. But even more on SWaRM’s reputation. I think that if we play it good we might be more respected and perhaps more feared (dream on Alexei) in Planetia then we are in Planetarion.


This is the bit more trickier part of my Newsletter. And my best guess is to be honest, I’ve given up on Planetarion. Thus I am no longer following the happenings around Planetarion. So I can no longer give any news concerning Planetarion.


Member of the Month

Also the Member of the Month section will be different, the expansion to Planetia will affect the Member of the Month. Because SWaRM is still SWaRM and I think that any member has a right to become Member of the Month, whether he/she plays Planetia or Planetarion.

Alrighty then, we move on to this months Member of the Month. And this months Member of the Month is SNOOP! The reason for this time is, how Kama likes to put it: Quality Spamming. Now that’s a good reason I say. Furthermore he has third most posts on the forums and he has two to three times as much posts as the follow up.
Here is the exclusive:

[automated msg] Please standby for acknowledgement. I am using a secure query event. You will be notified if accepted. Until then your msgs will be ignored.
[automated msg] Query request accepted.
didnt notice you there
how bout a quick interview
🙂 just got back frm uni
cause youre the new Member of the Month!
well i dont know wot 2 say then
You have Kama to thank for that
apart frm thanxs 😀
why do you think you were chosen?
dunno probably cause me and my team beat kama at noughts and crosses on the boards lol
active on boards?
Well kama calls it Quality spamming
well i learned frm the best
Its guys like you that make the boards a better place to be 😛
heh i try
it also has somethin 2 do with having 5 hr gaps between lectures at uni
Can I have a few things for the records (not obligated)?
like real name, Age and place of habitat?
craig, 20, UK (nottingham) and likes spamming and playig pa heh
ill upload it right now
and ty all!


IRC stuff and more

YES it is once more time for your favorite newsletter item. And wow, do I got some funny stuff for you. For this IRC Special I found loads of IRC stuff. It’s the best. I hope you enjoy it 😛

Rookie the hacker:

Did u attack today alexei?
with what game?
but i dont think so
unless someone is hacking my account PA 🙂 I hacked ur account and launched ur fleet at a top 10 planet
Fat chance, I got no ships at all

The odd effects of beer:

* Alexei drinks beer
mmmm, beer
ooo, feeling a bit woozy now
* Alexei stumbles around the room
*points to the fridge (toilet)*
beer… (zombie like spoken)
* dafreak has joined #swarmcore
* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +v dafreak
hey dafreak
* GexBot sets mode: +o dafreak
and that dafreak left of you
and that dafreak right of you
* dafreak has quit IRC (Quit)
was it something i said?

Op power!

* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +o Alexei
* themast sets mode: +o hempknight
hehe 🙂
hey hemp
welcome to the opped ppl
i noticed
* Alexei offers hemp an op chair
hence “hehe”
*sits at the op table (notice’s Kama’s coffee mug)*
*drinks some coffee*
* Meere|bbl has quit IRC (Quit: [-;< -==--> Ping Timeout <---== >;-])
* Alexei reads chair label: Gecko
ooo, i feel all high and mighty now
we are sad
yes we are

Op power 2!!

* Alexei goes to fridge behind him and takes a beer
*trys to sober up*
* Alexei tosses another beer to hemp
it will help
it always does for me
ooo, that beer looks awfully tempting
like it almost screams out: “Drink me, open me!!”
or, give me to alexei!!
* Alexei finishes beer and takes beer from hemp
suit yourself
mmmm, what a delicious beer
* Alexei opens beercan with a perfect PSHHT!
* Kore|Film is now known as Kore|Casino
you sure you dont want it?
drink up!

Coffee and Kama

mmm coffee
mmm Kama’s mug
*drinks more coffee*
* J-Kama-Ka-C has joined #swarmcore
* SWaRMHQ sets mode: +v J-Kama-Ka-C
oo kama!
woooohoooo im rank 13 in the universe on planetia
hey Alex
o Xiphoid o Hemp
better stash that mug ow hemp
hi J-Kama-Ka-C
silence alexei!
lo xiphoid
he wasent drinking from your coffee mug Kama
better not have been…
* hempknight hides
look over there
* J-Kama-Ka-C looks
*runs away*
(runs faster because of all the coffee he drank)

How to get stats kicked

~xstat Tekki
[stat] Channel: #swarmcore, nick: Tekki. Lines: 1147, words per line: 3.87. Joins: 98. Kicked 0 people, and was kicked 24 times.
[stat] 3.40% of these lines are repeats, 3.05% are actions and 0.00% include colour. Swearing was detected in 1.13% of them.
[stat] Recent quote: lol thats crap
* Stats was kicked by SWaRMHQ (Bad Language)
thats great
this is getting out of hand YES U GOT STAT KICKED


* Abaddon sues Alexei for being afk
wot is afk??
all for killing??
away fighting kings??

Problems with anom?

u recalled y? No I didnt I was attacking Anom by mistake (60:4:1) lol
lol that not good

Qoute of the month

my pc is powered by pc a hamster in a wheel
Games dont affect childeren. If pacman had affected us when we were young, we all would be running around in dark rooms, eating magic pills and listning to repetetive electronic music.


Cuz of this late newsletter im just gonna name all new swarmcore ranked members. No flashy stuff, it would take to much space. So here we begin:

Congrats to:

Dragonspike Leon
Chain5aw Jerra
Bill AKA Smee Burdet20
Riksta AKA RC Deiwos
Valiant Fow
ProXorp Melmar AKA Pingu
IvanMc AKA Ivan Horus
Astelan Mklone
BeemerT Chez
Gubble D. Gleep Trojan Horse
Infra Baldie
Steve Ginley
Horizon MrOgre
Shim AKA Altek

And as I like to say, you are no true member unless your named in the newsletter 😛



Me ofcourse
And Xiphoid

Only 15 more days for the next newsletter 🙁