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The game can be played via different browsers. I utilize Firefox because of “Scripts” that give game assists after the companion program “GREASEMONKEY” is installed. See the SCRIPTS thread on this Forum.
A page of links is at:
It includes different tools for different browsers.

Advanced Play Tips

Are you active, have a Heph that you want to chip away at a DF with? Timing is often crucial in the game. This is an example.

Here is a suggestion…. I promote having 2 ‘spare’ planet slots for Mac, etc. If your heph on on the DF, and you want to resume harvesting… lets say about 18 hours hours later. Pick a vacant slot in a neighbouring system, and choose a flight time of 9 hours. Dispatch the Heph.

From a moon, dispatch a planet to arrive at that same slot, BEORE 9 hours. A colony will be made in that slot. Your heph will ‘bounce’ and return to the point of origin, 18 hours after it was originally sent.
These conditions require that you have a planet within a travel time aplug planet will arrive in time, to bounce the Heph.

Need a shorter time? Launch the colony first, to an in-system location. When it will arrive within 4 hours, then launch your Heph. Depending on your warp speed, your Heph can bounce and return to the original planet slot, about 9 hours later.

For times less than that, you will have to cancel the flight early.

To dispatch a fleet to land on the heph, where a slow flight time will save hydrogen.

Set your heph to land on a slot in the chosen star system. See what the flight time will be. Write it down. Do NOT dispatch the heph to orbit yet.

Now, see how long it will take at a 10% flight to send fleet (including a zeus) to that slot. It will likely be about 40+ hours. Write it down.

What you want to do, is time dispatching a colony, and dispatching the heph, and dispatching the fleet to the colony.

Both heph and colony have to be dispatched, when the slot is empty. The fleet can only be dispatched when the colony is in place.

If you are active, you will want to time the the arrival of the fleet, a half hour after the heph is timed to ‘land’.

When your fleets are dispatched, you will want to ABANDON the colony. The fleet enroute to the ABANDONED colony cannot be oracled now, if sent from your moon. Having that fleet land on, and/or deliver hydro to your heph within a half hour, will likely not leave your heph vunerable to an attack.

You can now cause your Heph to move again. A near 2 day delivery accomplished within a short time frame.

If you need to deliver resources to your planet from the heph… go into (d) mode, and ignore the above.

Tybor’s Master

Game Style and Planet Locations

Please read this thread. Ask questions if you need to.

Do not have more than one planet in a single system. There is no worthy game advantage to multipile planets in one system. Only limitations and disadvantages to your future game play.

It is however, a GREAT advantage to an attacker, to have many attackable planets in one system. So you become FOOD. Might as well stick yourself in the oven, and when done, put yourself on the table, and open the front door. Lift the door mat up, so everyone can see it says “WELCOME”!!!

Colonize by: spreading yourself out… through one galaxy… about 20 systems apart,

OR spread equally across all 35 galaxies. Active players, will generate DF’s that are left for other members to harvest.


Attacks can occur from neighbours, Hephs or MACs (mobile attack colonies}. If all one one’s planets are in one system, all unattended ships and resources are easily plundered from each planet. An attack from a heph or Mac, in your system, can take about half an hour, from launch to hit. All of your ships destroyed, and half of your resources taken. It could take months to recover. The advantage to being spread out, is that one might lose ships in one system, but the others will likely be safe.

DFs (Debris Fields) are very important to the game and one’s development. When spread out, there will be more DFs to steal from. DFs can be created from players being hit, or from NPCs {computer generated player)

Strongholds with only SWaRM members is preferred. Next best is with NAP (Non Aggression Pact) members.

NPC’s (computer generated targets) are constantly shifting. Imagine being a trapper, and you have 9 traps. If you place them where animals are likely to be, putting one trap in each good location, makes sense. Putting all of your traps in one location, means you will not get enough furs to survive. NPCs are like those animals….. they are spread out.

Spread out DISADVANTAGE. The cost of moving resources is higher, other than by Heph. Ships can be moved via warp gates, but resources cannot be. When advanced enough, with a Heph, vast quantities of resources can be moved, for very little cost. The disadvantage is small, compared to the advantages of being closer to inactive players, DF fields, and NPC hunting.



  • Reduced cost to move resources and ships between planets.
  • Fast sharing may decrease Building build times, and collectively decrease ship build times.
  • Cooperatively defending….. This is only possible when an attack comes from outside your system. If a heph or MAC drops in and attacks, it is almost impossible to move fleets from one planet to another in time to arrive before the attacking fleet does.

Moons with warp gates, almost nullifies the disadvantage of distance, because of the ability to move ships instantaneously across galaxies. Resources however, cannot be moved through a gate.


Players who become inactive, and have large amounts of resources, are rare, and likely scattered through the galaxies and systems. Players who are active and attack-able, are also scattered. NPCs (computer generated targets) materialize almost randomly, are there for some hours, and then dematerialize. If ALL or most of your planets are in 1 or 2 systems, the odds of your being able to take advantage of those resource sources are vastly reduced. It will be harder to either grow in rank, or maintain rank. A lack of resources, especially hydrogen, makes players drop into (d) and remain there. Interest in the game, often lost, and players quit. The probem is self created, by mass colonization in one small area.

Either inactive, or active…. it is like having your eggs in one basket… and dropping the basket. I have dropped a Heph into an almost plugged system. Dropped a colony or two to plug the last slot/s then launched simultanious attacks on all available planets/moons. Leave your ‘toys’ out, someone will take them.

The 3rd style….. ONE GALAXY

KLARG is now spread out within one galaxy. NPCs that generate in his proximity become targets, and by moving a Zeus attack fleet via moon warp gate, he can move a fleet quickly to an attack position. The distances between planets, are reflective upon the time it takes for Zeus fleets to travel, increasing the chances of successful attacks on NPCs.
Utilizing a heph, with a huge dions fleet, enables picking up, up to 3 DFs in one day. That would be impossible to perform if the heph had to cross to a different galaxy.

Fleet And Resource Saving (FRS)

While offline (and not in Diplomacy Mode) your planets are open to be raided by other players. It is important to learn how to Fleet & Resource Save (FRS), this is done by loading your resources into a fleet and sending them on a harvest mission to another planet, sending the fleet away to return when your next online is key to surviving if choosing to play outside of diplomacy mode.

When in the home page, look under the resources window. “all planets” is in blue.

Click on that, and a page will open up. The first is resources on all planets, moons and heph (moving or not). Another window shows all ships. Again… planets, moons and heph.

When FRSing…. ALWAYS go to those pages, and check to make sure that EVERYTHING is FRS’d. There are several times, when I thought that all were done, and then find one that was not. Somehow I had missed it. Tonight was another, and a large fleet would have been left on a moon.

Another round of the BLITZ/PILGRIMS war could have been lost tonight, because of a mistake.

Tybor’s Master

Another hint with FRSing.

An FRS over one’s own planet/moon, is far cheaper to do (10% speeed) and still get close to an 8 hr round trip. It seems to be ideal….. however….

If probed and your planet/moon defences cause probe pilots to lose their lives, the evidence is the DF. IF you are being monitored, and the observer figures out when you went off line, and knows when the DF dissapeared (yes, some players including me, do this) then they can calculate when your fleet will return. Already knowing your fleet size, they can launch an attack, while you are “sawing logs”. IT is a gamble that the player will not be online when the fleets meet. Or, will not have enought time to re-FRS to save his fleet.

So….. what do you do?

Send 2 fleets, that consists of 3 or 4 dions, and a zeus. Send that first fleet at a 20% speed. Then the Main Fleet at 10% speed. If you are being monitored, then that mini fleet will pick up the DF earlier than your Main Fleet would have.

It might cause the death of that small fleet, but it is a worthy sacrafice compared to a Main Fleet.

Tybor’s Master

And yet another FRS tip….

Avoid routine. An example…. my over planet/moons are now a 6 hr round trip… not giving enough time for a full sleep. So I FRS on another planet slot, where there is no DF. Last night, instead of an 8 hr round trip (100% speed) I chose 80%, giving me a 10 hr round trip.

I am currently using a temporary planet, that does not show up on the Parser, to write this and other posts above. I have checked mail, and galaxy searched all my planets for enemy space craft. I have NOT used the galaxy page on my ‘secret’ planet’s location, so it does not get parsed.

A few minutes ago, I slowly ‘activated’ all moons, perhaps indicating to an observer that fleets have been returning.

They have not. They are still 1.5 to 2 hours away from returning.

I utilize the same ‘secret’ planet when I am merely monitoring the game, hoping for someone to attack a ‘stationary’ fleet. I would then be able to in the last few seconds, switch to a moon loaded with Zeus, and warp them in to the moon being attacked.

When monitoring the game, that ‘secret’ planet has the fleets page loaded. Each time I “check in” I refresh/re-load the page. There have been times, when that red triangle over a planet/moon, has not yet registered, and the attack shows up on the fleets page.

Today, I will be abandoning that ‘secret’ planet, and replacing it with another.

Tybor’s Master

Frequently Asked Questions

Maximum Numbers

Q: What is the highest number of a ship / defence you can build?
A: You can build 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 on each planet of each item.
Q: Why can I continue to build passed the maximum number?
A: You can build an infinite number of an item but the game will only ‘keep’ up to the maximum number. Any built after this point are lost however you will retain the points for ‘resources spent’.
Q: What happens if I deploy ships to a maxed out planet?
A: Unfortunately, if you make this mistake those deployed ships are instantly lost.


A word of ADVICE, regarding COLONIZATION.
Your first planet only has about 1/2 the fields (capacity to build) that will be needed. Any resources spent building past the minimum capacity to build the Gaia ships, is throwing those resources away. ABANDONING a developed planet, means those spent resources disappear from the game’s computer, and your rank will drop accordingly.

When colonizing, “FIELDS” (Home page, just under the image the planet or moon) generation is supposed to be random. However, high Field Count planets tend to be obtained more frequently when first attempting to colonize. Be warned, it often requires about 100 attempts to get a Colony with a field count over 300.

The large DFs (Debris Fields) that are around, are a temptation to land a colony under, to lay claim to them. It is not a claim, it is a plug. And the ‘sink’ has another opening. Your colony will only stop another player from landing under it. However, many players will land in system, and scoop that DF from over you. A player in system, or near-by can do the same thing.

Wait until you have a heph, put as many Dions (harvesters)on it as you can.. some hydrogen, then land under a DF and harvest it at a slower speed (eg: 30%) to save hydrogen costs. Harvesting via a plug colony is both EXPENSIVE and is very INEFFICIENT.

Hydrogen by far, is the most valuable of the 3 resources.

Build your first planet, until you can build Gaias, the STOP developing that planet. It should be ABANDONED as soon as practical. Developing it beyond Gaia shipbuilding, is a waste of resources and time.

Chose what game plan you want to do. However, placing more than one planet in any one system will limit your game play in the future.
– Strongholds with us are spread through galaxies.
– Spread in 1/2/3 Galaxies, separated by about 20 systems from each colony.
– Do not have more than one planet in any system, unless it is going to replace your first planet.

A colony placed near our high ranked players, means;
– It is far easier to receive gifts of resources (kegs of bloodwine). Being off in the boonies on your own, or with a couple of other new players, does not make a stronghold. It does however, create a food source for higher ranked players, who are happy to hit junior players.
– It is easier to be group defended.

The more Gaias that are used to create plug colonies (ie under DFs), means it will be harder and harder to obtain high Field Count permanent planets when and where you want them.

A Guide To Galactic Greatness

This is our “Guide to Galactic Greatness”. Please note it is only an advice…but a very sage advice at that!

Commander Dark Spirit

Chapter 1: The Start!

We all start on that 164 fielder you were given to start with. That is not enough room to build an empire on – You are going to need a much bigger one to really get started. This first planet, Homeworld, is to be abandoned so build only what is needed to get your Gaia’s: Shipyard 4, research lab 2 so you can research energy tech 1 to unlock pulse drive 3.

We usually send some resources to new players to help you get started. Let us know it you need more…we have a thread for that on the forum.

Chapter 2 Gaia’s

You’ll need quite a few Gaia’s to get yourself those 300+ fielders. More if you set your standards higher!! Just build to your requirements.
It could be that the first Gaia you send lands you the desired 300+…..and it could take a lot of attempts….maybe even 100 if you’re unlucky. Usually around 40….
A planet surveyor helps but is not needed. Just keep trying….and it will happen!

The advised way to start colonizing? Send a group of Gaia’s with some spare hydro to a planet nearby your intended colony slot and send them from there. Consider moving in to one of our stronghold systems (or near one). It’s much easier to share resources and group defend with folks that are close, and you can grab resources from the debris fields we leave when we hit NPCs nearby.
If you do send a lot of colony ships, space them out every 4 to 5 mins so you get a chance to assess the new colony before the next ship arrives. If you don’t ABANDON the planet soon enough the next ship bounces back home. Just give yourself enough time to get rid of a dud planet….and make TRIPLE sure you abandon the right planet!!

Every new colonisation will give you a new, random, number of fields. So you may hit that 320 on the first try….or it could be on the 101st try…..

So, Some (or a lot) Gaia’s later you just got your brand new planet and it is a keeper! Fieldcount 300+ …maybe you have the best, 320 fields! Congrats!!
But now you have only 1….Keep colonizing the next planet…until you have 7 to 9 300+ field planets. 7 to 9 depends on your intended game style. That is discussed elsewhere on the forum. TM and me, we have 7 planets and 2 slots available for plugs/MAC…

And where do you colonize best? Well, we strongly advice you colonize in our strongholds. Much easier to help, group defend, group attack, send resources and trade when you are in the same system!

Also, do not colonize twice in the same system. Spread out, approx 20 systems apart, preferably in the same galaxy. This gives you a wider search area for NPC and prevents that one enemy heph landing in system gets to plunder all your resources if he gets lucky!

Chapter 3: The New Colony

Now, what do you build on the shiny new planet, the 300+ fielder? Well, let’s start with resources! Let us know if you need resources, how many and where. We want to help you, but we don’t want to swamp you with resources. Just ask if needed, where and how much. There is no shame in that!

Well, since you have just found your keeper, get a moon on that thing! Pronto!! Once you have a few ships/defenses on the planet, let us know on the Free Moon Shots thread, and we will send probes in groups of 10,000 to ‘attack’. Moons are very useful, as we will discuss later.

Ok, what to build on the planet?

First: capitol. Then, at capitol 10, foundry!

Keep building capitol and foundry (whichever is faster) until at least level 15 before building anything else. The higher the better. It will save you so much time later!

Then, you need a shipyard to build ships. Level 13 is needed for a heph. I’d stop at that.
A factory level 4 to build droids.

You also need research labs. Start with a level 10 so you can develop FTL Tech Lvl 7 and AI Tech Lvl 8 so you can start on that ARCnet. More labs plus ARCnet makes for greatly reduced research times, and more researches completed makes you stronger, faster and better. Then continue with Foundries and Capitols!

Chapter 4 After The Start….

You can’t research while building labs and you can’t build labs while still researching….
So….Preferably you would have the same research lab level on all planets. When a research is finished upgrade the Research labs on all planets! Try to keep the levels equal!!

Same for foundries and ships. You can’t upgrade foundries when building ships and you can’t build ships when upgrading foundries!

Chapter 5 Mines

Don’t waste time and resources on mines, resource den, solar or nuclear power plants.
If you get any large fleet, your hydro syntheziser can never keep up. And let’s not even talk about ore or crystal mine. It’s floating around everywhere, NPC’s give the stuff as well….absolute waste of time! Same for resource den.

So you have your research lab going up to…say… 50, your shipyard 13, factory 4, foundry and capitol at 30…35…40…45…

Basically you have this standard at every planet as a minimum……and you got more resources? then continue with the foundry and capitol!! Up, up, up!!
Remember: up your foundry, building time gets halved! Up it 5 levels…and it’s 32 times faster!! Rinse and repeat!

Chapter 6 Make The Colony Special!

Now 320 fields are a lot…. but we’ve filled them already to close to 200….at least!! Can’t keep building everything. I mean…. a hydro storage that is of any use for a trade merchant at a decent price, you’re looking at hydro level 70? That 320 is coming close!

So, designate 1 planet to hydro storage. Another planet maybe to crystal storage…

Don’t forget that when a research is completed you might want to upgrade all your research labs again… on all planets!!

Chapter 7 The Moon

So how about that moon?
Remember you got one early on? Because it takes a lot of time to build it up!!

To get the fastest moon build speeds…. do the shortest build times for cap and lunar base…. until lunar base is a minimum of 16. Maybe even 18…
Only then start on Oracle and Warp Gate…. although, in all honesty…. most of us couldn’t wait and build a warp gate somewhere before Lunar Base level 16.

The End

Thanks for reading this far. These are not commands or requirements, but rather guidance. These are the lessons that we have learned from those that were here before us, and maybe some by making mistakes of our own. This is a game, and it is supposed to be fun, so play it how you want. We get a kick out of talking about this game, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything!


Discord is a chat application that allows text and voice chat, free now and always.
To get started you require the Discord application, available for PC, Mac and Mobile Devices.

For basic help in using Discord please refer to the Getting Started page on the discord website.

SWaRM Discord Server

The SWaRM Discord Server is open to all and contains both public sections and private (hidden) sections and is run by a small Admin team consisting of Tyr and Stu|.
To join the SWaRM Discord Server use the below link

SWaRM Discord Server Bots

We utilise a variety of bots for entertainment, moderation and other uses. To interact with a bot use any channel the bot is in with it’s relevant syntax followed by help, ie !help $help s?help

  • IdleRPG
    • To play along react to the post in discord #role-reactions by clicking on the zzz icon.
    • Getting Started
    • Commands
    • Bot syntax $
  • Hive Bot (ProBot)
    • A moderation and security bot run by the server admins.
  • SWaRM
    • Currently a work in progress
    • Provides links on request.
      • !portal
      • !faq
    • Bot syntax !
  • Stats
    • Tracks various statistics such as messages sent.
      • s?stats
    • Bot syntax s?

Getting Started

Stage One, First Planet:

The odds are, as a new member of SWaRM, you have received or will receive a KEG of BLOODWINE.
With that you will be able to develop your first planet substantially. Speedy developement (Buildings, and Shipyard) are both linked to building Foundry levels.
To be able to build a Foundry, you must:

  • Build (Buildings tab) Capitol to level 10,
  • Build (Buildings tab) “Research Lab” to level 10,
  • Then under the “Research” tab, research A.I. Tech to level 10.

A new icon near the bottom of the “Buildings” page will appear….”Foundry”.
Each level of Foundry you build will reduce the time to build everything by 50%.
Each level of “Shipyard” you build, both enables more types of ships to be built, and drops the time to build existing types.

At any time you want to check what is needed to build…
go to the “Tech” tab. Then, under the resources window on the right, will be the words “Full Index” in light blue. Clicking on that will take you to a page that detail what building levels, and research levels are required.

It is worth noting that is suggested your starting planet be abandoned in later steps so best not to upgrade this planet too far.

As build levels of everything increase, on the whole, the time required also increases. Try to have longer builds happen while you are away from the game. At work. Sleeping.
As your Foundry levels increase, build time goes down. Shipbuilding time goes down. The higher Capitol, Shipyard, and Research Lab levels go up, the time to build a particular item goes down.

“Foundry is love, foundry is life. I find it best to upgrade cap to lvl 10, then build a foundry. Then just alternate the two. When your capitol build time exceeds foundry build time, build a foundry. Rinse and repeat. My main shipyard world ended up with a lvl 22 capitol and lvl 18 foundry. I personally do no big shipbuilding, i.e. ares, athenas, hades, proms, and zeus, with anything less than foundry 15. With my lvl 18 foundry, I build a Zeus in 2 seconds…a heph in 12 seconds. I just built 2300 Atlas in less then one second.
Foundry is love, foundry is life.”


The hidden resources, under the gold STAR tab that takes you to the QUESTS page, I keep for instantly needed resources. Utilizing them as needed to instantly have resources to start developing a new planet, or moon is extremely helpful. If you sent resources along with a colony, then the few Hercs that came for the trip can start shuttling them to the Permanent planet. You will have Capitol level built, before those resources can get to your permanent planet.

Tybor’s Master

Stage Two, Expanding The Empire

You have upgraded your Shipyard, to build the Gaia. It is required to ‘Colonize’ other planets. (A single Gaia crashes into an empty planet slot, and creates a planet) Any ships that go with the Gaia remain intact, along with sent resources, and go into orbit around the new planet.

There are two basic styles of play. Spread your planets out through the 35 available galaxies, or keep them close together. Find out what you want to do, before you Colonize. Later, when you have a moon, and build a warp gate, you will be able to move ships (not resources or workers) instantly across the galaxies separating the 2 moon gates.

You may choose to expand to other galaxies (it is a strong safety recommendation to do so), and you may certainly ask to find out where you could/should go to. There is strength in numbers, and we do have groups of members.

Build and send 30-50 Gaias at one time. Along with resources and some cargo ships. Choose the system where you want to go (Glaxy page), click on “Colonize” and launch accordingly. The slower the flight, the less hydro will be consumed. Choose a landing time, when you will be online.

Your new colony will form, with between 40 and 320 Fields. The smaller the Field count, the smaller is the amount of development that can be done. The ideal, is to get a Field Count (FC) in the 300s.

If you have a lower FC, send one of the Gaia ships (that came along for the ride) to a different slot. Do not send resources or other ships this time. If you achieve your target FC, then send all the resources and ships to your new colony. Abandon the old one, ONLY AFTER ALL the ships and resources have landed.

ABANDONING a planet while there are ships moving that were launched from the planet, and all associated resources will also be Abandoned.

Stage Three, New Technology

Any Research builds done on your first planet, transfer to your new planet/s.
As before, focus on building Capitol and Foundry on the new planet. If you sent enough resources, you will be able to build all 10 levels of Capitol in a 24 hr period, then start the 50ish hour build for your first Foundry level.
To speed up your Research Build times….. research the Advanced Research Communication Network. The techs and levels necessary are:

  • Research Lab (level 10)
  • FTL Tech (level 7)
  • A.I. Tech (level 8)

This combines the labs of all planets, to work on each tech build.

  • ARC-N 1…. 2 planets,
  • ARC-N 2…. 3 planets, etc.


You now have more than 25000 resources spent points. All players at this level may attack each other with no rank restrictions. This means you are no longer protected from players many times stronger than you.

At this time you lost your ‘newbie’ protection and are fair game to be attacked unless you enter Diplomacy Mode (d mode) which can be turned on using the options page at the bottom of the game screen. While this protects you from being attacked (and prevents you attacking) it does reduce your income from mines significantly. You may wish to brave the universe without this protection, if so we suggest reading the guide on Fleet and Resource Saving.