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Well I have had countless people asking ‘where’s’ the newsletter, which kind of answers the issue. Not enough people read it and actually took note of it’s content which made me think I was wasting my time, time I could have done other things with. Then will said earlier,

<@williamngo> thing have change alot since your last news letter

And you know what, he’s right.

I can’t see me doing weekly or even fortnightly issues like I used to, just haven’t got the time, and I’ve been asking for a co-editor for months but with no interest. But I can at least do one every month or so. Let’s see how many people read it, and how many people take note of the content. Not going to do the ‘pretty’ format for this one, takes too long, so back to the old dull method.

NaP Agreements
Well I hope everyone has realised that most NaP’s were ended a while back, leaving only a few.


The NaP’s were not ended with the intent of creating more targets. The NaP’s were ended as they served no purpose, members were given time to come forward with evidence of why the NaP’s should be kept, but noone besides officers (and people talking about those that we intended to keep) did so all others were ended. Of course new NaP requests are welcome, and a few have been offered randomly but were all rejected for lack of communication and lack of potential benefit.

The war with Dark Day is officially over. The new leader of Dark Day saw no point in keeping it going, as all those who wanted it has left (basically all their bigger members left). I fully expect the newly formed DDE (Dark Day Elite) to declare war on us eventually, lead by the former leader Calis. We currently have no intention of accepting this if it arrives. All members are reminded that normal service is resumed with Dark Day, if they leave stuff sitting, attack them as you would with any other alliance. Special thanks go to Klaattu for the major role he played in bringing the end to this war.

The ‘war’ with <=====3 is apparantly back on, as they seem to have become 'active' again... The war against Unimat0 and Circle is still in full swing, with a new war front being taken to Unimat0 and the fleets slowly arriving in the center of Circles home area. Mergers There are multiple mergers, well absorbtions, currently in the works. Mainly with small alliances, but one is not so small and the details are being ironed out, this is likely to happen in the coming weeks, and I assume I can count on everyone of you to help welcome them into our family. Recruitment A lot of players have joined recently, and a lot more have been removed. We are looking at getting the best from all members, and while we will never remove those who chose to play in d mode, they will be advised to come out and have fun with everyone else. Our general recruitment policy has changed and improved the calibre of players we let in, we do not look at rank, we look at activity and potential, something we are well practiced at bringing out. Our different approach to recruitment, our mentoship scheme, the tools we have and the community we have built set us apart from other alliances, we are SWaRM and we are one. Universal Affairs In one of my last newsletters I reported on the fall of KBF, well they've dropped to about as low as I can see them going anytime soon. And now the alliance who caused so much trouble for us in the past, Legion, has also fallen, a splinter alliance [Nexus] was formed by the active part of Legion. The reasons for Legions demise is simple, inactive leadership, couple with an over populated alliance. Both things I hope you agree, we do not suffer with. A few other alliances appear to have fallen in recent times, Star Wars, Marquis and even Founders have struggled of late. Of course there are multiple upcoming alliances, [Nexus], Spanks and SVK to name a few. We were also named as one the best upcoming alliances in a recent analysis of the game rankings. Alliance Rank/Stats Our rank remains steady at #25 overall. While our offensive ranking is higher at #22 for fleet and ships destroyed. A concern was raised that our research rank war poor, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that research rank is directly linked to the number of members an alliance has, alliances like ODB and NTA are waaaaay down the rankings because of their small size, while alliances like UFP and RONIN remain at the top. This is still no reason to slack with research, although expensive it is vital, having battle tech (armour, weapon and shield) at strong levels is a massive boost in battle, and having fast ships can be the difference between hitting and missing a target. RONIN is a perfect example, their score is less than double ours, yet their member count is almost 1000, they are below us on fleet ranking and miles behind us on destoryed ships. Alliances like RONIN may look strong but they are incredibly weak. I did a stats analysis when the war with Unimat0 started, where I worked out what our scores and ranks would be if we had the same member count as Unimat0, for those who didn't read it... Member Ratio: 4.666666666666667:1 Overall: #2 (131,904,383) Resources Spent: #2 (98,425,399) Fleet: #1 (1,667,946) Defenses: #2 (1,872,500) Kill Points: #3 (29,810,746) Command Team The command team and it's structure is being reviewed, new vacancies may become available and we'll be looking to fill them quickly. SWaRMcore All members should have the goal of making it to the group of players known as SWaRMcore, a title given to those deemed worthy of it. SWaRMcore members are reminded that they have to contine to warrent having the title, and are expected to help out if and when required, especially with the mentorship scheme. As firebringer says 'ask not what SWaRM can do for me, but what I can do for SWaRM' SWaRM Nights Out A group in the UK around Birmingham (and maaike all the way from Holland) have started holding regular meet ups, obviously a lot of the chatter goes on SFC but we have had a good laugh, usually at my expense I hasten to add. From what I understand, a couple of others are meeting up in America somewhere which is great. IRC and Forum Wouldnt be a newsletter without the preaching would it... The forum is a source of information, nothing is ever deleted so information here is here to stay. The Help Guides are often updated and new opinions are voiced. The forum requires participation to be at it's most useful, don't just read things, get involved. Obviously IRC is an amazing tool, a tool that not enough utilize, most alliances do not have such a proven and effective means of communication. Attacks and defense is arranged via IRC, most attacks can not afford the luxary of waiting for replies to posts ingame, on the odd occasion there has been insuffiecent players on IRC, attacks have been scheduled via the ingame board, and the the recent ones I have tried to arrange have never gotten off the ground due to a lack of interest. So I suggest more people chill out on IRC, it's not all serious, we have a lot of fun there. The Future The future looks bright, with promising mergers, effective NaP agreements, and a vast array of up and coming members I feel the future looks increasingly bright. The hard work put in by the majority of SWaRM members does not go unnoticed. SWaRM is built around it's members, without you SWaRM is nothing. Well thats as much as I could whittle up at short notice. A far cry from what I used to do or try to lol, but hell you wanted a newsletter, and there it is!

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Newsletter #15 6/6/10

SWaRM Attacks
Not been many reports on forum this week unfortunately.

One from me, a new (id) went boom, a strange one for an (id), big fleet but next to no resources, still a nice haul from the debris field, 3,921,300 ore and 2,220,300 crystal. Report here.

In a nice hit from William Ngo on A No Hoper (A New Hope) in g23, 2,487,000 ore and 1,479,300 crystal was left in orbit and a horde of 550,846 in stolen resources was had.

War Battles
As I have said, any battle where 1 ship or 1 defence turret falls is a victory. So on that note here’s a few this week…
Captian Scimitar, ranked around the #3400 mark has lost another 1,064,000 in defenses this week and they will continue to fall until they are no more.
jason mosley has joined in the fun from his planet in g11, with a small moral victory over Craig Childs (#18000) getting away with 16,575 ore, 16,574 crystal, and 8,951 hydrogen. He also left a nice field over another of Craigs worlds, 183,600 ore and 101,400 crystal.
In another hit Glynn Hays (#3700) lost 860,000 in defenses.

I know there are a lot more hits on Dark Day going on, and I wish more people would share these victories with us.

Operation Nuke
Well, I’ll leave this one to Manuk… He has kindly written us a massive piece that’s too big to fit into the newsletter, it can be found here.

But from me, I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the intel gathering, the nuking, the initial attacks and of course all the attacks still going on there. With Darth banned, Pacifist suspend, and now Steiner neutralised, we own g48 a large portion of g48. I believe Manuk and Rob are now looking at taking out all the Dark Fools in g48, and I wish them success with it.

SWaRM Toolbar Update
Hopefully many of you have the Firefox Toolbar installed. It is a fantastic tool created by Stu|. It gives you all SFC related links in one handy drop down, it updates the Parser as you go, and now has the Battle Report Parser.

The Battle Report Parser enables you to upload your battles to the database, it provides you with a handy link so you can share all your glorious battles quickly and easily. Example here….

Further updates and features will be continually added in the weeks and months to come, so I urge you all to do the right thing and switch to Firefox and download the amazing toolbar, today.

A Few Small Notes
– Firstly the Princess Ardolla fiasco, the matter is closed and no contact from BFG has been had.

– It’s been repeated many, many times. The ingame message board is not to be abused. Not just in the sense of we don’t need to know every little detail of your status ingame, but stupid names for topics as well. Name all your topics with the galaxy it refers to, the type of topic, and the details. So for example:

g23: Trade, Have Hydro, Require Ore
g48: Under Attack, Lands 0455 gametime

The ingame thread will be updated in the next week to contain a better level of brief guides.

– Repeated begging for resources is not acceptable, as much as this is a team game, this is not farmville. Donations are fine, but do not go around asking for constant help. Even I have had to ask for a loan of Hydro to fleetsave in the past, all of which were repaid swiftly with large amounts of interest. Asking for donations to do research or building is not acceptable.

– For those of you using the forum regularly, thanks, it is noticed and appreciated. For those of you not using it regularly or even at all, well I guess you won’t be reading this, and quite likely won’t be with us for much longer… But all forum users need to do Ctrl+F5 to see the new banner.

Next Weeks Issue…
I am hoping that next weeks issue will take a different format, possibly a download… I’ve never been satisfied with the way it is currently and it’s a one man show. So I’m looking for a co-editor, someone with a sense of humour and good knowledge of the game and of SWaRM itself.

Alliance Rank
Our rank has slipped a bit this week, mainly to the fact I’ve removed around ten members for either breaking the rules or going (i)
Overall: #33
Fleet: #28
Destroyed Ships: #30

Top2000 Club
There are at least 7 players that I expect to reach the top2000 in the next few weeks so keep up the hard work and many, many more of you will get your name here.

190 Warlord Supreme 869,475
344 Klarg 706,174
398 Jack Ass 662,298
425 William Ngo 640,914
597 Eric Sloan 549,586
843 Admiral_Nemesis 459,249
994 Zaphod Beeblebrax 425,238
1,500 Commander Michail 345,508
1,652 Sting Sinclair 326,483
1,856 Rogrog 305,408
1,893 Tacoman 301,616
1,973 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 294,648


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

Newsletter #14 31/5/10

WAR: Dark Day
The war with Dark Day continues, losses have been taken on both sides.

On our side we have lost the mighty Dead Meat to a combined Legion and Dark Day thanks to bad traffic delaying his return. So be aware that Dark Day have many local allies and are not ashamed to use them. It appears that Insom has also fallen, he has always had a lack lustre approach to fleetsaving but it is a massive blow for the group in g23.

While Dark Day have lost a fleet to a ninja defend by Rob Gale. Fleets and defenses in g23 continue to be laid to waste as our offensive continues. While the offensive in g60 has taken a blow after Stu| got ninja’d by Dark Day while attacking a none Dark Day target, so take that as a warning to all.

We have entered into a NaP with Unimat0 in the hopes of ending this war quicker by sharing intel, how ever it seems they are less than forthcoming with assistance. So I urge members to do all intel swapping and chatter via an officer.

And I cannot stress enough, you must, must, take great care in your fleetsaves, make them varied and to arrive after you return.

WAR: Attack Reports
The fighting in 23:57 continues to result in losses for Dark Day, having destroyed a fleet that created 4.4mil debris and removing total defenses valued around the 12mil mark and several smaller fleets. So congrats the resident SWaRM in their terrority there, Mech One, Insom, Ironman and myself, and thanks to the local Zaphod for his efforts as well. The guys in 57 also have a nice planet theme going on.

Klarg spent the weekend destroying a planet in g25, starting with approx 2mil worth of defenses to end after 3 days of assaults by Klarg and myself with 0 defenses.

Stu| has also been on the offensive taking out another Dark Day fleet in g60. The attacking side acquired 104,643 ore, 86,596 crystal, and 41,025 hydrogen. There now float 172,500 ore and 148,350 crystal at this location.

In the ninja defend by Rob Gale on Timber in g48 a small Dark Day fleet was destroyed creating 1.8mil debris. well played.

SWaRM Attacks
In a large scale group attack in g25, a large target was brought to it’s knees, The attacking side consisted of Klarg, Warlord, David 2 and Zaphod. The attacking side acquired 1,816,883 ore, 1,046,270 crystal, and 2,079,202 hydrogen. There now float 6,924,300 ore and 5,586,750 crystal at this location. For the full report see here.

While passing the time between Dark Day raids I started hunting in the area surround 23:57 and have found various targets which have all been toppled by the group of us down there, netting a lot of resources and points in the process. The most recent and largest of which was a solo hit where The attacking side acquired 636,223 ore, 628,086 crystal, and 334,277 hydrogen. There now float 1,576,500 ore and 882,900 crystal at this location. Several large scale raids consisting of Myself, IronMan and Insom have brought in some big big resources from what appear to be future (i) players, the largest of which netted us over 2mil in stolen resources on the first wave, several follow up waves were launched netting a further 1.5mil.

Both these tools make everything about the game more fun and enjoyable. This morning a group of us were having a discussion about politics, what better way to pass the time between attacks than a chat with friends?

Just because at one given time ‘nothing is happening’ doesn’t mean something won’t happen any second, attacks are unpredictable. I’m not here soley to attack and play the game, I’m here to enjoy the time I am here, and IRC is the best way to do that.

The scan parser is found at the top of the forum, simply paste the report into the box and hit parse (note this does not work on internet explorer). It will then generate a page like this. Which gives you a link to add the report straight to battlecalc and to quickjump to that sector ingame. The scan is also added to the database for others to access from the Sector Parser.

The sector parser is a tool that allows you to search for a given Alliance, Player, Planet, Moon and by Coordinates. The search takes a few seconds depending on the criteria requested and will give you a nice looking table of details, and if an espionage report has been uploaded the Eye symbol will light up.

The sector parser is updated by using the toolbar created by Stu|. Details are to be found here.

Ingame Message, Code of Conduct
The best thing about games such as these is the interaction and banter between players from across the globe. But with it comes great responsibility, context is incredibly hard to relay in words alone, and messages are easily misunderstood or twisted. So please, before sending messages to other players, read them through and ensure they cannot be misinterpretted. Simple things can be taken as a threat, which in turn can be desatrous for you and more importantly others around you.

We have two incidents this last week where simple actions and words were vastly exagerated and almost resulted in full scale war.

The Law of The Game
No Fleetsave = No Fleet
No Resourcesave = No Resources
Defenses, no matter how strong, are not impenetrable.
Probes are a part of the game, they themselves are not justifaction for ingame posts or retaliation.
Slow attacks are harrasment, do not do it!

Alliance Rank
Overall: #33
Fleet: #28
Destroyed Ships: #29

Top2000 Club
211 Warlord Supreme 792,579
356 Klarg 661,967
421 William Ngo 610,440
426 Jack Ass 608,623
649 Eric Sloan 504,330
815 Admiral_Nemesis 444,726
984 Zaphod Beeblebrax 406,526
1,522 Commander Michail 325,297
1,736 Tacoman 301,456
1,801 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 294,648
1,817 Sting Sinclair 292,877
1,883 Rogrog 287,665
1,965 David 2 (d) 280,640


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr