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Discord is a chat application that allows text and voice chat, free now and always.
To get started you require the Discord application, available for PC, Mac and Mobile Devices.

For basic help in using Discord please refer to the Getting Started page on the discord website.

SWaRM Discord Server

The SWaRM Discord Server is open to all and contains both public sections and private (hidden) sections and is run by a small Admin team consisting of Tyr and Stu|.
To join the SWaRM Discord Server use the below link

SWaRM Discord Server Bots

We utilise a variety of bots for entertainment, moderation and other uses. To interact with a bot use any channel the bot is in with it’s relevant syntax followed by help, ie !help $help s?help

  • IdleRPG
    • To play along react to the post in discord #role-reactions by clicking on the zzz icon.
    • Getting Started
    • Commands
    • Bot syntax $
  • Hive Bot (ProBot)
    • A moderation and security bot run by the server admins.
  • SWaRM
    • Currently a work in progress
    • Provides links on request.
      • !portal
      • !faq
    • Bot syntax !
  • Stats
    • Tracks various statistics such as messages sent.
      • s?stats
    • Bot syntax s?