A word of ADVICE, regarding COLONIZATION.
Your first planet only has about 1/2 the fields (capacity to build) that will be needed. Any resources spent building past the minimum capacity to build the Gaia ships, is throwing those resources away. ABANDONING a developed planet, means those spent resources disappear from the game’s computer, and your rank will drop accordingly.

When colonizing, “FIELDS” (Home page, just under the image the planet or moon) generation is supposed to be random. However, high Field Count planets tend to be obtained more frequently when first attempting to colonize. Be warned, it often requires about 100 attempts to get a Colony with a field count over 300.

The large DFs (Debris Fields) that are around, are a temptation to land a colony under, to lay claim to them. It is not a claim, it is a plug. And the ‘sink’ has another opening. Your colony will only stop another player from landing under it. However, many players will land in system, and scoop that DF from over you. A player in system, or near-by can do the same thing.

Wait until you have a heph, put as many Dions (harvesters)on it as you can.. some hydrogen, then land under a DF and harvest it at a slower speed (eg: 30%) to save hydrogen costs. Harvesting via a plug colony is both EXPENSIVE and is very INEFFICIENT.

Hydrogen by far, is the most valuable of the 3 resources.

Build your first planet, until you can build Gaias, the STOP developing that planet. It should be ABANDONED as soon as practical. Developing it beyond Gaia shipbuilding, is a waste of resources and time.

Chose what game plan you want to do. However, placing more than one planet in any one system will limit your game play in the future.
– Strongholds with us are spread through galaxies.
– Spread in 1/2/3 Galaxies, separated by about 20 systems from each colony.
– Do not have more than one planet in any system, unless it is going to replace your first planet.

A colony placed near our high ranked players, means;
– It is far easier to receive gifts of resources (kegs of bloodwine). Being off in the boonies on your own, or with a couple of other new players, does not make a stronghold. It does however, create a food source for higher ranked players, who are happy to hit junior players.
– It is easier to be group defended.

The more Gaias that are used to create plug colonies (ie under DFs), means it will be harder and harder to obtain high Field Count permanent planets when and where you want them.

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