Fleet And Resource Saving (FRS)

While offline (and not in Diplomacy Mode) your planets are open to be raided by other players. It is important to learn how to Fleet & Resource Save (FRS), this is done by loading your resources into a fleet and sending them on a harvest mission to another planet, sending the fleet away to return when your next online is key to surviving if choosing to play outside of diplomacy mode.

When in the home page, look under the resources window. “all planets” is in blue.

Click on that, and a page will open up. The first is resources on all planets, moons and heph (moving or not). Another window shows all ships. Again… planets, moons and heph.

When FRSing…. ALWAYS go to those pages, and check to make sure that EVERYTHING is FRS’d. There are several times, when I thought that all were done, and then find one that was not. Somehow I had missed it. Tonight was another, and a large fleet would have been left on a moon.

Another round of the BLITZ/PILGRIMS war could have been lost tonight, because of a mistake.

Tybor’s Master

Another hint with FRSing.

An FRS over one’s own planet/moon, is far cheaper to do (10% speeed) and still get close to an 8 hr round trip. It seems to be ideal….. however….

If probed and your planet/moon defences cause probe pilots to lose their lives, the evidence is the DF. IF you are being monitored, and the observer figures out when you went off line, and knows when the DF dissapeared (yes, some players including me, do this) then they can calculate when your fleet will return. Already knowing your fleet size, they can launch an attack, while you are “sawing logs”. IT is a gamble that the player will not be online when the fleets meet. Or, will not have enought time to re-FRS to save his fleet.

So….. what do you do?

Send 2 fleets, that consists of 3 or 4 dions, and a zeus. Send that first fleet at a 20% speed. Then the Main Fleet at 10% speed. If you are being monitored, then that mini fleet will pick up the DF earlier than your Main Fleet would have.

It might cause the death of that small fleet, but it is a worthy sacrafice compared to a Main Fleet.

Tybor’s Master

And yet another FRS tip….

Avoid routine. An example…. my over planet/moons are now a 6 hr round trip… not giving enough time for a full sleep. So I FRS on another planet slot, where there is no DF. Last night, instead of an 8 hr round trip (100% speed) I chose 80%, giving me a 10 hr round trip.

I am currently using a temporary planet, that does not show up on the Parser, to write this and other posts above. I have checked mail, and galaxy searched all my planets for enemy space craft. I have NOT used the galaxy page on my ‘secret’ planet’s location, so it does not get parsed.

A few minutes ago, I slowly ‘activated’ all moons, perhaps indicating to an observer that fleets have been returning.

They have not. They are still 1.5 to 2 hours away from returning.

I utilize the same ‘secret’ planet when I am merely monitoring the game, hoping for someone to attack a ‘stationary’ fleet. I would then be able to in the last few seconds, switch to a moon loaded with Zeus, and warp them in to the moon being attacked.

When monitoring the game, that ‘secret’ planet has the fleets page loaded. Each time I “check in” I refresh/re-load the page. There have been times, when that red triangle over a planet/moon, has not yet registered, and the attack shows up on the fleets page.

Today, I will be abandoning that ‘secret’ planet, and replacing it with another.

Tybor’s Master

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