Game Style and Planet Locations

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Do not have more than one planet in a single system. There is no worthy game advantage to multipile planets in one system. Only limitations and disadvantages to your future game play.

It is however, a GREAT advantage to an attacker, to have many attackable planets in one system. So you become FOOD. Might as well stick yourself in the oven, and when done, put yourself on the table, and open the front door. Lift the door mat up, so everyone can see it says “WELCOME”!!!

Colonize by: spreading yourself out… through one galaxy… about 20 systems apart,

OR spread equally across all 35 galaxies. Active players, will generate DF’s that are left for other members to harvest.


Attacks can occur from neighbours, Hephs or MACs (mobile attack colonies}. If all one one’s planets are in one system, all unattended ships and resources are easily plundered from each planet. An attack from a heph or Mac, in your system, can take about half an hour, from launch to hit. All of your ships destroyed, and half of your resources taken. It could take months to recover. The advantage to being spread out, is that one might lose ships in one system, but the others will likely be safe.

DFs (Debris Fields) are very important to the game and one’s development. When spread out, there will be more DFs to steal from. DFs can be created from players being hit, or from NPCs {computer generated player)

Strongholds with only SWaRM members is preferred. Next best is with NAP (Non Aggression Pact) members.

NPC’s (computer generated targets) are constantly shifting. Imagine being a trapper, and you have 9 traps. If you place them where animals are likely to be, putting one trap in each good location, makes sense. Putting all of your traps in one location, means you will not get enough furs to survive. NPCs are like those animals….. they are spread out.

Spread out DISADVANTAGE. The cost of moving resources is higher, other than by Heph. Ships can be moved via warp gates, but resources cannot be. When advanced enough, with a Heph, vast quantities of resources can be moved, for very little cost. The disadvantage is small, compared to the advantages of being closer to inactive players, DF fields, and NPC hunting.



  • Reduced cost to move resources and ships between planets.
  • Fast sharing may decrease Building build times, and collectively decrease ship build times.
  • Cooperatively defending….. This is only possible when an attack comes from outside your system. If a heph or MAC drops in and attacks, it is almost impossible to move fleets from one planet to another in time to arrive before the attacking fleet does.

Moons with warp gates, almost nullifies the disadvantage of distance, because of the ability to move ships instantaneously across galaxies. Resources however, cannot be moved through a gate.


Players who become inactive, and have large amounts of resources, are rare, and likely scattered through the galaxies and systems. Players who are active and attack-able, are also scattered. NPCs (computer generated targets) materialize almost randomly, are there for some hours, and then dematerialize. If ALL or most of your planets are in 1 or 2 systems, the odds of your being able to take advantage of those resource sources are vastly reduced. It will be harder to either grow in rank, or maintain rank. A lack of resources, especially hydrogen, makes players drop into (d) and remain there. Interest in the game, often lost, and players quit. The probem is self created, by mass colonization in one small area.

Either inactive, or active…. it is like having your eggs in one basket… and dropping the basket. I have dropped a Heph into an almost plugged system. Dropped a colony or two to plug the last slot/s then launched simultanious attacks on all available planets/moons. Leave your ‘toys’ out, someone will take them.

The 3rd style….. ONE GALAXY

KLARG is now spread out within one galaxy. NPCs that generate in his proximity become targets, and by moving a Zeus attack fleet via moon warp gate, he can move a fleet quickly to an attack position. The distances between planets, are reflective upon the time it takes for Zeus fleets to travel, increasing the chances of successful attacks on NPCs.
Utilizing a heph, with a huge dions fleet, enables picking up, up to 3 DFs in one day. That would be impossible to perform if the heph had to cross to a different galaxy.

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