Getting Started

Stage One, First Planet:

The odds are, as a new member of SWaRM, you have received or will receive a KEG of BLOODWINE.
With that you will be able to develop your first planet substantially. Speedy developement (Buildings, and Shipyard) are both linked to building Foundry levels.
To be able to build a Foundry, you must:

  • Build (Buildings tab) Capitol to level 10,
  • Build (Buildings tab) “Research Lab” to level 10,
  • Then under the “Research” tab, research A.I. Tech to level 10.

A new icon near the bottom of the “Buildings” page will appear….”Foundry”.
Each level of Foundry you build will reduce the time to build everything by 50%.
Each level of “Shipyard” you build, both enables more types of ships to be built, and drops the time to build existing types.

At any time you want to check what is needed to build…
go to the “Tech” tab. Then, under the resources window on the right, will be the words “Full Index” in light blue. Clicking on that will take you to a page that detail what building levels, and research levels are required.

It is worth noting that is suggested your starting planet be abandoned in later steps so best not to upgrade this planet too far.

As build levels of everything increase, on the whole, the time required also increases. Try to have longer builds happen while you are away from the game. At work. Sleeping.
As your Foundry levels increase, build time goes down. Shipbuilding time goes down. The higher Capitol, Shipyard, and Research Lab levels go up, the time to build a particular item goes down.

“Foundry is love, foundry is life. I find it best to upgrade cap to lvl 10, then build a foundry. Then just alternate the two. When your capitol build time exceeds foundry build time, build a foundry. Rinse and repeat. My main shipyard world ended up with a lvl 22 capitol and lvl 18 foundry. I personally do no big shipbuilding, i.e. ares, athenas, hades, proms, and zeus, with anything less than foundry 15. With my lvl 18 foundry, I build a Zeus in 2 seconds…a heph in 12 seconds. I just built 2300 Atlas in less then one second.
Foundry is love, foundry is life.”


The hidden resources, under the gold STAR tab that takes you to the QUESTS page, I keep for instantly needed resources. Utilizing them as needed to instantly have resources to start developing a new planet, or moon is extremely helpful. If you sent resources along with a colony, then the few Hercs that came for the trip can start shuttling them to the Permanent planet. You will have Capitol level built, before those resources can get to your permanent planet.

Tybor’s Master

Stage Two, Expanding The Empire

You have upgraded your Shipyard, to build the Gaia. It is required to ‘Colonize’ other planets. (A single Gaia crashes into an empty planet slot, and creates a planet) Any ships that go with the Gaia remain intact, along with sent resources, and go into orbit around the new planet.

There are two basic styles of play. Spread your planets out through the 35 available galaxies, or keep them close together. Find out what you want to do, before you Colonize. Later, when you have a moon, and build a warp gate, you will be able to move ships (not resources or workers) instantly across the galaxies separating the 2 moon gates.

You may choose to expand to other galaxies (it is a strong safety recommendation to do so), and you may certainly ask to find out where you could/should go to. There is strength in numbers, and we do have groups of members.

Build and send 30-50 Gaias at one time. Along with resources and some cargo ships. Choose the system where you want to go (Glaxy page), click on “Colonize” and launch accordingly. The slower the flight, the less hydro will be consumed. Choose a landing time, when you will be online.

Your new colony will form, with between 40 and 320 Fields. The smaller the Field count, the smaller is the amount of development that can be done. The ideal, is to get a Field Count (FC) in the 300s.

If you have a lower FC, send one of the Gaia ships (that came along for the ride) to a different slot. Do not send resources or other ships this time. If you achieve your target FC, then send all the resources and ships to your new colony. Abandon the old one, ONLY AFTER ALL the ships and resources have landed.

ABANDONING a planet while there are ships moving that were launched from the planet, and all associated resources will also be Abandoned.

Stage Three, New Technology

Any Research builds done on your first planet, transfer to your new planet/s.
As before, focus on building Capitol and Foundry on the new planet. If you sent enough resources, you will be able to build all 10 levels of Capitol in a 24 hr period, then start the 50ish hour build for your first Foundry level.
To speed up your Research Build times….. research the Advanced Research Communication Network. The techs and levels necessary are:

  • Research Lab (level 10)
  • FTL Tech (level 7)
  • A.I. Tech (level 8)

This combines the labs of all planets, to work on each tech build.

  • ARC-N 1…. 2 planets,
  • ARC-N 2…. 3 planets, etc.


You now have more than 25000 resources spent points. All players at this level may attack each other with no rank restrictions. This means you are no longer protected from players many times stronger than you.

At this time you lost your ‘newbie’ protection and are fair game to be attacked unless you enter Diplomacy Mode (d mode) which can be turned on using the options page at the bottom of the game screen. While this protects you from being attacked (and prevents you attacking) it does reduce your income from mines significantly. You may wish to brave the universe without this protection, if so we suggest reading the guide on Fleet and Resource Saving.

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