As stated by several of the High Commanders, SWaRM started in a game called Planetarion. PA (Planetarion abbreviated) is one of the first games that had the setup Starfleet used. It wasn’t based in real time, but instead used turns, or ticks, of an hour. Research, construction of ship creation would last from somewhere 8 hours up to two days. Yes it was a game that had a slow pacing.

Anywho, the alliance was started by two people. R4ven and Anom. They set up the first forum, on a site called avidgamers and started working together. For a while the alliance grew and prospered, though it stuck at a low count of members. This was mostly by the choice of the creators, who wanted a small band of active players who knew eachother and would be ready to help one another. They went for the personal approach.

SWaRM was created early in round 4 of Planetarion (2001), the first HC was Raven. Anom joined up then, first under review and two weeks later as HC. She also brought Lytol, AKA Samurai, into the alliance. He was a gal mate of her. Lytol became HC after only a week. She also brought Atarix into the alliance who made HC after 1 day. Lell was the co-creator and also one of the first HC. SWaRM did great the first few weeks, quickly getting 60 more or less active members. The aim was then to set up the alliance so it could start good in round 5.

Round 5 started in late August. SWaRM was created in late May. But one day, when anom was on vacation and Raven was attending a shiprace. Lytol tried to take over. Lytol was a special person, the kind of person that could talk an eskimo into buying ice. He got many members to follow him. After a lot of talking he got control of the alliance and it ended that Raven and Lell were so fed up, they left SWaRM and started The White Dragons. After anom came back, with Lell and Raven gone only Cath, a HC that had replaced Atarix, remained with Lytol ofcourse. The somewhat stubborn anom then swore to put things right in SWaRM. After a short while Cath left for TWD shortly after, because she had grown tired about the way things were going. Anom fought Lytol with reasoning and logic in the forum and maybe by never letting go.

Towards the end of round 6 of Planetarion Lytol finally fell in his own trap. Another HC then, Queen Alexis, got so tired of him she just deleted his account. This caused a lot of stir, yet another HC, Bassie, reinstated him as HC. But then Lytol miscalculated – he wrote a thread and said he´d leave SWaRM if that was the will of the members. Unfortunately for Lytol and fortunately for SWaRM, the members had grown tired of all his whinning and “poor me” threads. He actually made sure that more then 50% of all that happened at SWaRM was about him personally. No one objected to him leaving so he had to take his hat and go. Thus ended the greatest threat our alliance faced that time. The alliance had shrunk to as little as 30 members back then because of the troubles internally. Queen A, beastie and anom were HCs – we were in the in-between rounds time and neither of them were ever online. anom brought in Chris aka Hairy aka sm00th and a peep anom met on IRC called Rusty and the three of them remade SWaRM and had it ready for round 7. And from then on SWaRM owned harmony and was the way Raven had intended it to be.

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