Over the years SWaRM has been home to many people, and unfortunately, in the long time SWaRM has been around, we have lost people from our family. Here we lay tribute to those friends we have lost.


After finding out that we had lost Eragon from our lives I spent the evening in tears. I’d known Eragon for many years having played a game he ran called SpaceMiners, when I started SWaRM on SFC he came and joined us and spent years playing with us. I have many happy memories of countless hours chatting about life, swapping tactics, and planning the downfall of our enemies. His passing hurt but he will always remain with me.


Kram ‘O Kram

Jerald Hathaway 11 Jan 2021

The best friend that I had here. We met here in the hive long ago, and once I sent him a little hydro to frs, it was not the quantity but the kind gesture that he liked a lot and so he wanted to repay in any way for years by sending hydro back and helping me with anything, that’s how kind his soul was.

We do the same job and past years we had lot of chats on IRC about our work and other stuff while playing long sessions of SFC, when we all here were used to share more time. Then when the game went downhill (compared to what it was once) we founded Free, and we tried to find a reason to still play this game.

We had discussions too, as it happens with friends, but in the end we always have forgiven each other. I’ll miss him and I’m sorry for his daughters.


Jerold (Jerry) Hathaway… went in a supernova 2021 Jan 11.
His account will be fading from existence soon.
Jerry was here in SWaRM when I first arrived, and then left to form the FREE alliance, which is where he was when I re-connected.

Direct, honest and easy going. A pleasure to deal with here.
You will be missed Jerry.

Tyrbor’s Master

If anyone has any additional tributes they would like adding here then get in touch or reply in the comments.