Thumbs up SWaRM – the alliance with a heart – is recruiting 🙂
SWaRM – the alliance with a heart.

Created R4
Type of alliance: defensive
Policy: democratic

SWaRM was formed on the premise that even the smallest planets can be a force to be reckoned with. We welcome new players with little to no knowledge of the game, help will be given.

To join SWaRM you must be active in:
SWaRM forums
IRC (idling when not online isn?t necessary, idling peeps can?t send def.)
have one or all of these ICQ, MSN, AIM addresses (pref MSN)
provide us with a valid e-mail address

You will be accepted for a trial period in which you will be monitored by one of SWaRMs officers, timelength will vary; the more active, the quicker you will get promoted. This is to seperate the truely interested and the ones that don?t actually care.

Our rules are simple:
if you wish to be helped then you must help others.
you cannot be inactive and then just appear and ask for help.
if you are inactive for a period of one week or so, without notifying your coming absence or have a good reason for your absence when returning, you will be kicked from SWaRM. No alliance benefits from inactive members…..
if you continually refuse to help other SWaRM members then you will be kicked from the alliance. We are a tight family and helping eachother is rule number 1.

If you think that you can work by these rules then feel free to apply for membership because you are obviously “of the right kind” and will fit in nicely! Visit us at #swarmcore and present yourself – there should be an officer and/or HC present between CEST 18:00 – 23:00. (yep, we grant time to RL when in-between rounds)

Written By anom 2004 (unedited)