Newsletter #1 – 28/2/10

Well it’s been a while since my last update. So returning to an old format, and returning it to a newsletter format. Here goes.

We have signed some promising NaP’s in recent weeks, noteably the NaP with Kai, we have another impressive one in the pipeline and details will be made available as and when. We have also had some offers come in which were rejected for various reasons.

Our attack on the Marquis (Admiral Lint) two weeks ago seems to have gotten us no additional attention from them, so hopefully we continue to stay a minor annoyance to them rather than a major threat.
Our first attack on PACIFIST failed, but another will be arranged, his agression and threatening attitude will not go unpunished. We have had offers from a few of our allies to assist us should we require it.

We’ve recently taken on many new faces, and I welcome you all to SWaRM. Amongst the new recruits is our newest officer, Capt Rufus Scipio, who joins StevenTurk as a Recruitment Officer.

There are still vacancies for 2 x Intel Officer, 1 x Recruitment Officer, ? x Battle Officers, 1 x Forum Moderator and 1 x Web Tech. Anyone who wishes to put themselves forward, or nominate someone else, simply send me a ‘pm’ on the forum, or message me ingame.

Alliance Rank
Our rank continues to improve, we’re now ranker #59 overall, #48 for fleet, and #64 for destroyed ships. I would like to see us continue our assent up the leaderboard, especially in the destroyed ships area.

Members Of The …
No idea how often I will do this, so for now this section will remain ‘Members Of The …’
Firstly, DeadMeat, for his continued attacks and dedication despite being fairly alone in g24.
Secondly, Zaphod, after losing his fleet a couple of weeks ago, and for proving my point of staying out of (d) mode when destroyed, he has quickly rebuilt his fleet and has already passed where he was at before. And for his almost permanent pressence on IRC.

IRC Quotes
Only one for this issue, Zaphod has a slightly larger than average head…
[21:06] I’m pretty sure I’m awesome in some other reality, too.


Well thats all I can come up with for this first issue. If there’s something you want me to add for the next one, then let me know. Or if there’s something you yourself would like to contribute, a comic strip? a picture? a new section?

Well, I’ve been your host, Warlord
anything you want email me at [email protected]

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