Newsletter #10 1/5/10

A Sad Week For SWaRM
Leaver #1, Clem
Well SWaRM I have some bad news. I think I’m hanging it up…

I’ve come to realize that while I very much enjoyed getting to where I am in the game that once you are at high level the amount of time etc. that needs to be invested, and the attention that you attract, from players who treat the game like a full time job just makes it not fun anymore.

I think our interaction with Exiled showed me that there are players who will stop at nothing to get what they want and there are player like David Steiner who will coordinate such backstabs for fun. With the prevalance of moons popping up everywhere the opportunity for treachery and the time one would need to keep investing just to keep their own ships safe keeps rising. When a game isn’t fun, it’s lost its purpose and there is no need to keep playing.

I’m going to assist the local SWaRM guys in G48 with resoruces and chances for moons with what I have.

I’ve been thinking about this since even before I got burned by Darth Pauladius and honestly that was a last ditch effort to try and do something to protect our fellow SWaRM in G48 from Pacifist. The game was becoming just “not fun” anymore. A great deal of time was required to search for and find inactives to farm or to stalk active players… but in the end I was ruining others game experience (detroying their fleets) to enjoy my own and, while fun at first, only lasts for so long.

About the most fun was helping the new guys along and dealing retribution for wrongs, but in some cases that is just impossible with guys like Exiled out there and there un-ending parade of guys willing to play through lies, deciet and treachary.

I hope you understand and SWaRM remains strong (and fun!) throughout G48 and throughout the universe!

Your Loyal Ally and Friend

Well it’s been a privelege and an honour Clem. Seems Ace is going to have his work cut out over the coming weeks. As with Rick, your acess to public IRC and Forum will remain indefinetly, so don’t be a stranger.

Leaver #2, Eartling Rick
Hey Guys and Girls,

Earthling Rick, here. I regret to announce that I am quitting the game, for an indefinite period, as some of you may be aware, due to issues trying to balance it with work and health related concerns. It’s a cool game, and I love it, and my time here at SWaRM has been the most enjoyable time that I’ve had in recent memory, going back decades. The Warlord and his Officers have really put together a cool thing in SWaRM, with their command structure, their IRC and External Forum. For god’s sake, don’t deprive yourselves of those resources if you’re into this game. These guys lend their might to your weakness and help you gain strength, and, they’re fun to play with. That means a lot. I went from like 12k or 13k in rank, down to 6k+ with their help shortly after I joined SWaRM. I would NOT have done it without using the IRC. Please use it. It works!!! And don’t be afraid to come out of d-mode, either. D-mode is less stressful, but also less fun!!! Use it when you need it, but don’t live in it. I’ve rarely been hit, because I never leave anything around to be worth attacking. I lugged my stuff around with me like a gypsy, and spent it where I needed it. That’s how I roll.

I gotta tell you guys this. In his interview, in the last Newsletter #9, Stephen had mentioned to Warlord that he’d been described by a fellow SWaRM member as an “old retired guy from the UK…” I can’t help but think, that “other member” was me. I’ve mentioned words to that effect to one or two guys before, as I have had this vision of an older, graying, gentlemanly fellow with a state of the art phone roaming from pub to pub and performing other British retiree’s daily activities, whilst commanding his alliance throughout the day. You can imagine my bubble was burst somewhat when I learned he is only almost 23. I cracked up. I wanted him to be an old British guy. I guess it’s the sophisticated air about him that he conveys. That must be it. He’s still cool though. He’ll be there all too soon unfortunately, and I wish him and the rest of you the best on your journey. It’s funny how we all imagine each other from our online names, isn’t it?!?!? I, myself, am really not from the Earth at all. I just told you all that to try and make some friends. I was stranded on this rock about 15,000 years ago and made some of your ancestors build the pyramids for me. Yeah, …..I shared the secrets of fire and the wheel and what not. I was bored. What can I say? Boy,…those were the days. I digress! It’s been a blast folks. I truly enjoy having been a small part of every one of you, even though I didn’t interact with as many of you as I would’ve liked. We are ALL of like mind to a degree, in as much as we are all, obviously sci-fi fans. Enjoy the game, enjoy your time here at SWaRM, and most of all enjoy your lives.
Peace! Earthling Rick, out!!!

Lively till the end Rick, was sorry to see you come out of d, was nice having someone cleanup after me in g25 lol. Sorry to see you go mate, best of luck.

Leaver #3, Deweysphere
I am leaving the game for the time being. Before coming to SWaRM, I was a member of Dark Star ( a very small and inactive alliance). I left them out of sheer boredom, and when I joined SWaRM, I didn’t really expect anything better. The game really opened up for me after joining, as I realized all of the benefits possible being part of an active alliance. I wish I would have been a bit more active in group attacks, etc. I only realized how much fun this game (and Alliance) can be once I decided to hang it up for a while.

I work at a university in Canada and it was sometimes difficult to stay on top of F/R saves. I got about as high as #5000ish in rank, but got caught napping a few times and found myself trying to rebuild. The last time this happened was early this week, and since I will be traveling a fair bit in the next few months, I decided to get away from the game until I am back and settled.

This is conference season for me, and I will be in various Canadian cities until June, then in the UK for July, I am back teaching for 3 weeks in August (12 hour days), and then off to Australia in early September. I didn’t think I would be of much use to the alliance for the next while, so the decision to leave the game seemed to make sense.

Since announcing my retirement, I have had a fantastic time coordinating the disposing of my ships and resources. I had a terrific experience helping Klaattu get a moon and I look forward to other collaborations before I go. (lots of ships and resources yet to distribute to SWaRM members)

Thanks to everyone who helped me out, particularly, Klaattu, Warlord and Steven Turk who recruited me. I plan to be back at the end of the summer. I will definitely apply for admission to SWaRM when I return, and I hope to be a more active member – now that I know the potential of working effectively within an alliance. Best of luck to all of you.

Been nice having you around Dewey, all the best.

Thanks to all our departing members for doing so openly, and for the hard work they have put in while actively playing. Sad too see you all go but you have left memories here and your all welcome to come back anytime. And thank you for the fleet crashing and resource donations. The moons will be a boon to us all.

Change To Rule #7
The rule surrounding who is attackable and who is not has from today been ammended.

No attacks on top32 alliances without clearence from command. With the exception of New Hope.

Game Updates
The game has not been updated recently and this latest update is yet another annoying one. The known changes are:

– Alliance Leader can now create 10 custom ranks ingame. Which I have now set up.
– You can no long add any more than 100 items to a build queue at any time.

The Minja
I’m on good terms with the O B (former KBF guys) in g25. Their leader General Kras Zhantal has been watching the chillin alliance with his Oracle and sees Camelot1968 #282 attacking a SWaRM guy Rhino45 in 25.324. Rhino is only ranked ~30k so it’s pretty weak to see a top player picking on a little guy like that. Rhino is offline but Kras sends me a note about the attack with only 39min to go. I’m right next door so 31min later I have 20 athenas waiting to greet Camelot. 8min after that there was a 150k debris field.

Written by Eric Sloan

A ‘Couple’ Of Things From Me
Firstly, thanks to everyone for their continued efforts, especially those in g48, I know it’s been a tough few weeks, but the day will come, believe me.

Secondly, the ingame message board is for important stuff only, I get sick of seeing the same old questions asked, questions that are answered by both this forum, and by the game wiki, failing that, ask on IRC. For full details read ‘8 Simple Rules and Important Info’ on the ingame board.

Thirdly, please please help keep the parser up to date, it’s a massively useful tool.

Fourthly, once in a while it’d be nice to see some chatter going on here, there’s very little of it going on, and it’s depressing.

Fifthly, on a sad note, a close ally to those who play with SWaRM Ex, the leader of SoulStorm has been diagnosed with cancer, I send him my best wishes. Messages can be passed via Chris, here

And last but by no means least, I’ve begun work on reverse coding the game, by this I mean I’ve broken the game into pieces, I’ve already created a spreadsheet that allows you to work out your ETA to a planet without having that ship available to test. As well as stat calcs, fleetsave calcs, anti ninja calcs and income calcs. It’s slow going and it hurts my head. But I need some kind of direction to go, what do you think would be useful to be able to do without access to certain things.
For the link and updates, see here.
Thanks to Klaattu and Stu| for lending me their brains this week, it’s been a long time since I did anything like this, it’s all coming back slowly.

SWaRM Attacks
Had another set of excellent battles this week, starting with another of mine.
Theres a story behind my latest 7.5mil debris. One that shows the dreaded * is not always a bad thing. With my ETA under 30minutes I checked for activity and saw the *, but no probe or message, so I sent a probe, to find that a fleet had returned, thus the *. So after redoing the calc to find that amazingly I could still win the battle, although losses were somewhat higher than I’d like. Still another bunch of kill points and a big debris field. Report here.

Tacoman has again been busy this week with countless more raids on two weak alliances, who seem to getting annoyed with being attacked. Keep up the good work.

In his first ship Vs ship attack, one our newest players, Commander Bigger Bug, came out victorious
The attacking side acquired 26,809 ore, 22,397 crystal, and 8,094 hydrogen. There now float 8,400 ore and 3,600 crystal at this location.
The first ones always memorable, mine was a complete mess (long story), so well done on being the Victor.

I’ve said it before and I’ll carry on saying it until people listen. One of the best things about being in an alliance is the banter between players, and what better way to ‘brag’ than to show off your battles. So if you have a small victory or make a massive debris field, share it so we can all have a look.

Promotions and Vacancies
With the departure of Clem I have another spot in command open that I’m hoping to fill sooner rather than later.

This week I welcome, Rob Gale as Battle Officer and Manuk as General Officer.

There are still vacancies for:

1 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
2 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
This week sees us climb two places, keep up the great work.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #32
Destroyed Ships: #37

Top2000 Club
The title has been altered, lets see how many we can get into this one.

318 Warlord Supreme
363 William Ngo
441 Klarg
447 Jack Ass
886 Admiral_Nemesis
894 Eric Sloan
1,322 Peter Griffin 783370
1,418 Commander Michail
1,599 Zaphod Beeblebrax
1,742 Dead Meat
1,923 Tacoman
1,944 Rogrog (d)

IRC Quotes
In the return of my favourite section we have Klaattu (Leader of SWaRM Ex) show that he’s turning into a commited High Commander,
[22:40] gonna have to find somewhere to go out to eat. May take transit to d-town.
[22:41] Tired. worked 12 shift last night. Been up since 7PM, now 2 pm.
[22:42] <@Tyr> lol then wtf u doing on here?
[22:42] <@Tyr> ur turning into me mate
[22:42] just checked into hotel, getting settled, gotta fleet save, get food then bed.
[22:43] maybe.
[22:43] 🙂

An Interview With…
Unfortunately this weeks interview didn’t happen, my fault for letting the week slip away. So next week I will have to remember to do it earlier in the week.

Next week, it’s going to be a spur of the moment job, so lookout


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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