Newsletter #11 9/5/10

A Serious Message From Me
As you are all now aware, I have a close relative with terminal cancer. With two younger sisters, a mother who will hold everything in and a grandfather who is already falling apart, I intend to remain strong. So the barriers have gone up so I will not be myself for the forseeable future. In light of this I may not always the most welcoming person to bring a problem or question to, so if you have any problems, or queries I ask that you take them to one of the officers, who will bring things to my attention as needed.

I apologise in advance to anyone I snap at, as my fuse is going to get very short very quickly.

With my online times likely to suffer at some point, more duties are being loaded onto the rest of command in preperation. So please give them all the support you can.

I thank you all for your well wishes and look forward to many more battles by your side. People with fleets near to me in g23 and g25 should be on IRC as often as possible, as I intend to go on a rampage with my oracle.

Recent Ingame Suspension
As many may have noticed a lot of high ranking players have been suspend lately. They define high ranking as top 10000. The reason behind the suspensions seems to be a game bug that has been abused. The bug involved getting extremely high levels of resources freely. So players with more than ‘X’ resources has been suspended, including our very own Insom, who was unsuspended within an hour as he was innocent. To put the kind of resources into context, this is one players planets
* ore: 3,865,043,584
* crystal: 1,294,756,310
* hydrogen: 367,531,779
* ore: 400,135,741
* crystal: 500,038,897
* hydrogen: 98,955,934
* ore: 441,156,781
* crystal: 160,041,120
* hydrogen: 100,105,091
* ore: 6,169,798,500
* crystal: 6,000,011,845
* hydrogen: 3,271,740,394
* ore: 5,324,944,844
* crystal: 4,444,943,451
* hydrogen: 884,675,565

Apparantly the bug was left in after scheduled maitenence, many claim they did not ‘cheat’ intentially but I find that hard to believe knowing what the bug was, it’s not something that this many players would accidently do. I bet those who gained such rediculous resources were more than happy to exploit it and spend as much as they could. They should all be banned, unless they messaged BFG to tell them about it.

Known suspendees
Darth Palidious (not related).
2 high ranking ODB member.
1 high ranking R1 member.
The very large portion of Bat’leth members, I’ve seen at least 25 so far.
KBF Leader
A selection of (V)(D)(VD)(VI) players.

Many have been either cleared or been dealt with and are now playing with the rest of us again. The bug has been removed. Those who have been found guilty appear to have been restarted to day one, serves the cheating sods right. Now is the time to take out the remaining Bat’leth players. It also appears that KBF has no ingame leader as he was one of those restarted.

With the restarts usually comes relocation, so for those players in the very upper reaches of the universe, beware, there are now some very experienced and annoyed players amongst you.

Game Updates
The game has not been updated again this week. The known changes are:

– Ship queue is now more stable, by grouping ships into batches of the same type the server does not lag when ordering a mass of ships
– You can once again add any number of ships to the queue at one time.

During a recent complaint (details in a section below) to BFG I passed on my frustration at the lack of communication from Admins as to the lack of information made available when updates are inplemented.

Words Of Wisdom From…Manuk
I’m writing this post because I’d like everybody to understand the importance of our IRC chat and our private website.
I’ve just colonized a planet in lower G48 and suddenly I got the first chance to use the few battleships I have there. Jerold and Stu wanted to strike a guy from NOVA (lots of them there) that was entering into dip. Jerold and Stu have a lot of ships there but since I was logged in our IRC chat then I could join with my 50 poseidons and 15 atlas! I also sent 14 dynos to get part of the 3,100,000 debris thas formed there. Stu got 2 million debris and should build up a Jerold statue 🙂
It’s cool to collaborate such way, it doesn’t matter how many ships one has! it’s great to strike together with your comrades as a whole 🙂
Woustor has spotted a little NEW HOPE guy fleet sitting duck in upper G48. Woustor is in the same system as the guy, he has few ships there, but since he was logged on the IRC chat then he asked for a group attack! I sent my ships, this time I had a lot of them to send since that’s my core area! I invited Woustor to join, juicy kill points for his rank and our alliance rank, and last but not least 223,000 debris to grab!

So… as you can read: if you want to rank up faster and if you want to help our alliance to improve in rank and respect, then it’s important to PARTICIPATE. Let’s use the IRC whenever is possible and read our private forum posts. The answers to basic questions that rookies have can be found on our website (and game’s wiki).

The most beautiful things with these online videogames are, in my opinion, the fact that you can collaborate, play, share, talk with other people, usually from other countries…. think about it 😉

The joy to be part of an active alliance, story1 and story2 in a more practical description (my planets are Bajor and Cardassia):


SWaRM Defends
Well Time have showed that they do intend actually play the game, having never seen many of their members, nor heard much intel on them, they finally attack us and they get slaughtered. So well done Lmadeous and Manuk for their excellent Group Defend. Report here.

SWaRM Attacks
During my night hunt I came across a nice new (id) close by with all planets close together and packed with ships and resources. With the help of William Ngo we managed to cover all the largest planets in one run. Shortly after the first attack landed Will noticed he was no long (id). We let the rest of the attacks run and our biggest hit landed fine, creating an nice debris field. Then the next attack landed, a minute later Will noticed that every planet we were still attacking and all those we had attacked were gone. We were both somewhat annoyed and I complained to BFG. Their reply was ‘We changed it about 2.5 months ago so you can abandon even if under attack’.

This week has also seen SWaRM (ie EricSloan) bring down it’s second (and his first) Zeus, although SWaRM cannot claim all the credit the attack was started by one of us, so tough luck but I’m claiming it as our kill. For the fantastic report here. Good job Eric, you’ve done us all proud.
Total SWaRM Zeus Kills: 2

This week I have finally put my oracles to use, not on the targets it was intended for but still a kill. A poor player ranked around the 12k mark felt the wrath of Warlord. Report here.

Gerald has found himself a nice new farm, his first set of raids netted him a nice tidy sum, report here.

The guys in the lower end of g48 have begun there offensive against anything around them, with their first group attack creating over 3mil in debris, a nice nice battle guys well done. Report here.

Promotions and Vacancies
I really could use another Dip Officer, if anyone is willing, or has a suggestion I’d like to hear asap please.

There are still vacancies for:

1 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
2 x Diplomotic Officer, responsible for talks regarding NaP’s, Wars and Mergers.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank
Our rank is nice and stable this week. We are gaining on those above us, and fully expect us to be top30 within a couple of weeks. Keep up the hard work folks.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #31
Destroyed Ships: #35

Top2000 Club
#292 Warlord Supreme
#366 William Ngo
#435 Jack Ass
#446 Klarg
#900 Admiral_Nemesis
#935 Eric Sloan
#1,396 Peter Griffin 783370
#1,409 Commander Michail
#1,532 Zaphod Beeblebrax
#1,556 Dead Meat
#1,879 Tacoman
#1,925 Sting Sinclair
#1,953 Rogrog

An Interview With…
Again the week slipped by, I’ll try and have someone else do the interviews from now on, any volunteers?


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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