Newsletter #12 16/5/10

Group Attack Information
During plans for a group assault early this week an age old question came up. The question of whose tech is used during battle. It’s always been believed that the system can only use one set of tech, so it takes the highest. This theory probably came to be because only allows one to be set. So I requested that Dead Meat contact BFG and get the answer.


“Donny Williams, May 11 12:12 (EDT):

Hi there, I have looked through the wikki and could not find an answer on a certain aspect of the group attack / defend. The Tech levels used to calculate the battle, are they taken from the Highest player on each side so everyone gets the highest tech or individually? If individually could you please explain how this is achieved.

Thank you

Dead Meat ”


John Hunka, May 11 13:19 (EDT):

The ships that each player possesses in the battle participate in the battle with that player’s techs. When a target is randomly selected, it is a specific one of that ship type that is selected, so if a Hades is shot by another ships, the shields and hull of the Hades is based upon the owner of that Hades. .

So each players ships are subject to their own tech levels.

Diplomacy and Rule #7
The Leader of Kai has this week stepped down due to Real Life issues. Kai Decker has assumed command in his absence.

As part of our efforts to provide more low risk targets we are currently in the process of gaining intel on all alliances in the top30 and judging who is an actual threat and who is ‘an oversized pile of….’.

Our NaP with UFP will end at 18:42 17/5/10, anyone reported to probe a UFP member before that time will be removed from SWaRM. At this time UFP will become the second alliance to be excluded from rule #7. UFP have many members but not so many strong ones. Their strongest player has one planet in g23 and is ranked top100.

Yet Another Warning About Fleetsaving!
People are forever leaving their fleets unattended. Well if your going to leave your fleet sitting home then expect to be attacked and attacked and attacked again. A friend in UF6 sent me this today…

In the attack from Schilling’s Bloody Sock [37:59:2] on Jeter [37:59:4]:
The attacking side acquired 3,486,106 ore, 1,515,223 crystal, and 1,118,571 hydrogen.
There now float 43,477,800 ore and 30,553,050 crystal at this location.

The defending fleet contained 6 Zeus and a large supporting fleet. No amount of ships or defenses is safe if left unattended.

The Game Rules
I have come across several cases in the past month where game rules have not been followed. All cases have been dealt with but I don’t wish to have to deal with anything involving the game rules or SWaRM rules again, I have better things to do.
The admins have finally updated the ‘Rules’ page which has a link located at the bottom of every page ingame. * denotes my comments

The following rules have been implemented in Starfleet Commander. Failure to comply will result in punitive action, including confiscation of ships, resources, research/building levels, or even total banning from the game at Blue Frog Gaming’s sole discretion.

When trading resources you must use the following ratios:
Resources Max Ratio Min Ratio
Ore to Hydrogen 3:1 2:1
Ore to Crystal 2:1 1.5:1
Crystal to Hydrogen 2:1 1:1
Sending resources to a lower ranked player is allowed. Thus in a trade, the higher ranked player may give more resources for a trade than allowed by the trade ratio, however the lower ranked player may not. So for instance, the higher ranked player could give the lower ranked player 4 ore for 1 hydrogen.
It is against the rules to devise a scheme in which resources are transferred from a lower-ranked player to a higher ranked play (using the rankings from the Resources Spent leaderboard). *ie leaving resources on an unguarded planet.
You may not advertise any product or service in game. You may also not mass-message users with your crew links, alliance requests, or anything else.
Verbal Abuse
Conversation must be civil. Verbal abuse in messaging, even private messages, will not be tolerated. *ie, foul language, threats both on the person, their alliance or threat of reprisal from SWaRM.
It is illegal to request or send payment of any sort for withholding or canceling attacks.
Players may not use any sort of automated script or program to run missions or perform any other in-game actions.
Bug Exploitation
Players may not abuse any bug found in the game for profit and are expected to report any bugs they find to support immediately.
Multiple Accounts
Players are only allowed one account per Universe. *per universe means, 1 for Normal and 1 for Extreme
One Player Per Account
Each account may be accessed by only one player. *accessing another players account or having them access yours
It is illegal to harass other players, either through verbal messages or in-game actions including (but not limited to) sending repeated attacks or excessively slow attacks for no purpose other than to generate notifications, excessive pointless espionaging, etc. *slow attacks are attacks that take a lot of hours to land.

Sector Parser
Stu| has finally released the auto parser. This amazing tool for firefox has the ability to automatically upload the currently viewed sector to the Parser. Saving the hassle of copying and pasting it in manually. This script is legal as it performs no ingame actions.

For more details…

SWaRM Attacks
In the first real use of my Oracle I trapped a New Hope Officer that I’ve been trying to catch for a week. Caught a small fleet returning from an attack so I nuked the defenses to limit losses and sent my attack to land 1 second after his fleet returned. My dios were scheduled to land 20 seconds later. The battle was won with little losses, creating 1,792,200 ore and 1,567,500 crystal in debris. However it seems I was not the only person to Oracle him and someone else had planned to do the same as me and their dios were better timed than mine, so I got 0 resources. He has since teamed up with an R1 player to try and catch me, bring it on 🙂

In a show of Girl Power, Turtle and Princess teamed up to deadly effect in their first group attack together in g48. Netting a nice 350k with 17,400 ore and 10,500 crystal left floating. Well done ladies.

Gerald made a nice hit this week in g23 with the gains of

The attacking side acquired 229,028 ore, 53,279 crystal, and 157,577 hydrogen.
The attacking side acquired 114,624 ore, 26,720 crystal, and 78,831 hydrogen.
There now float 241,200 ore and 152,100 crystal at this location.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen three new people join the command team, I welcome…

Woustor as Diplomacy Officer
Zaphod as Battle Officer, g23/g24/g25/g48/g63

For the time being this fills command to the level I want. Should I feel fresh blood is required then it will be announced here.

Promotions To SWaRMcore
Turtle Kellie

Alliance Rank
This week has seen us jump another place. With the increase in IRC activity of late I fully expect to rapidly gain ranks again over the coming weeks.

Overall: #33
Fleet: #30
Destroyed Ships: #31

Top2000 Club
302 Warlord Supreme 623,359
386 Klarg 568,299
387 William Ngo 568,022
413 Jack Ass 544,427
758 Eric Sloan 405,821
829 Admiral_Nemesis 390,346
1,449 Commander Michail 289,901
1,488 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 285,954
1,532 Zaphod Beeblebrax 280,869
1,593 Dead Meat 276,398
1,725 Tacoman 264,431
1,836 Rogrog 255,874
1,901 Sting Sinclair 251,229

SWaRM Competitions
Not done one in a while, so let’s get some going.

This is one I hope people will put some effort and thought into, it’s a chance for you to get something good into the public domain. We are all familiar with the SFC Wiki, and most will know that the idea behind a wiki is anyone can create a page or edit a page. Many alliances have their own wiki entries and I think it’s high time we had one ourselves.
KBF, pretty poor…
UF6, somewhat minimal…
Empire, I like the idea of a hall of records…
T.O.O, hmm…..
ONYX, more information, but not well layed out…

So if you fancy a bash at this then make me a mock up page and email it to me… [email protected]

The page will also feature on the SWaRM Portal when it is created.

I’d really like to see a lot of these come my way…

Tried this before and got very little in the way of responses. Our current logo is one that was knocked up very quickly when the forum was first put online and could do with replacing. Not much in the way of criteria…

SWaRM as written
contain some form of bee or wasp

Would really like to get something for this this time…

An Interview With…
As part of his promotion Zaphod has been tasked with doing these interviews from now on. There are some interesting names being put forward and a few surprises…


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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