Newsletter #13 23/5/10

WAR: Dark Day
This week Dark Day have declared War on us. We have accepted and have begun taking them out at all places local to us. Once the initial attacks are over with we shall seek them out across the universe.

An ingame thread has been set up to allow us to log all activity from Dark Day, this will help to catch them in the future. I remind people, this is not the place to post espionage reports. Nor is it any use to post anything without the gametime it occured, such posts will be removed, so please don’t waste the officers time.

They have heard the buzz, now they shall feel the sting.

WAR: Attack Reports
All battles we win over Dark Day should be documented here.

Remember, a victory may not mean a killed fleet, but a 30% reduction in enemy defenses is still a victory to be praised, it makes the next one that much easier. I look forward to being able to post many battles in this section.

Seems we have driven one of their members out already…

“Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with the Dark Day alliance messages, so I don’t know any details about their war with Swarm. So when I saw all the attacks and realized it was because I was part of DD, I decided it wasn’t worth it and left.”

Ammendment To Rule #7
In our continued efforts to provide more ‘safe’ targets both KBF and Pug have now been opened to attack. So current exceptions to rule #7 are now, A New Hope, UFP, KBF, TFA and Pug. We have also ended several more NaP’s..


The above NaP’s will have officially ended on the day of this letters release.

We will be looking to open more targets in the next week. Eventually I expect Rule #7 to be replaced with a small list of none attackable alliances.

SWaRM Attacks
Well this week has seen us really take to the offensive. Another zeus was toppled, some big debris fields created, and a war has broken out.

First the Zeus, our new battle officer Rob Gale showed why he was chosen for the role, not only locating a Zeus but quickly organising it’s destruction. We believe the target was online during the attack and planned to fleetsave, but as he forgot about the scheduled downtime, the attack landed perfectly. Full report here. So a big well done to Turtle, Rob, Michail and Zaphod for a battle well won.
Total SWaRM Zeus Kills: 3

I personally have had a busy week. Trapping another fleet with oracle, creating 1,848,000 ore and 957,000 crystal in debris. Managed to catch an old foe from Invas with his fleet sitting again, resulting in a 3,746,400 ore and 2,265,900 debris field. A fullscale assault on my old nemesis Prince David, resulting in a debris field of 4,836,300 ore and 3,304,650. full reports can be found in the battle reports section of forum. Really need to invest in more dios so I can clean up all this mess myself, thanks to those who assisted in keeping the prizes for our cause and not theirs.

The SWaRM Vs. YO saga continues with another massive blow to the YO alliancee curtisy of Manuk, Warren, Michail and Rob. Target was discoved by Warren who requested backup and was eventually shown how to get onto IRC to get the attack finalized. The battle was won with ease and a nice gain was had for all involved. Special thanks from Manuk to Klaattu for the anti-ninja assist. Full report available here. Well done guys, anyone else smell War?

Promotions and Vacancies
The final member to command was confirmed a little after the last newsletter, so I welcome Eric Sloan to command as Diplomacy Officer.

The Title Of SWaRMcore
For those of you not aware of the meaning of those listed as SWaRMcore ingame and on forum it’s basically a title awarded to those we feel have earned a reward. By earning a reward I mean that they have shown themselves to be a member of outstanding character. By following all rules closely, by being active, supportive and by be being all they can be. It is a rank of honor and prestige and should be carried as such. If you are looking for a lead to follow then look to those carrying the SWaRMcore title.

SWaRM Command Team And Rules
Here’s a refresh of who is in charge of what, with listed IRC nick (where different to game name) and main locations where relevant.

High Command, ingame Leader and the Head of Command.
Warlord Supreme (Tyr)

Battle, responsible for setting up group attacks and providing targets for anyone who wants them.
Klarg Junior Officer (g25, g56, g63, g79)
RobGale Junior Officer (g48)
Zaphod Junior Officer (g23. g25, g48, g63)

Diplomacy, responsible for seeking and dealing with all NaP agreements, wars and ceasefires. Also have some role to play in Intel gathering.
Woustor Junior Officer
Ace Harbinger Junior Officer
Eric Sloan Junior Officer

Recruitment, responsible for seeking out new Recruits and merger possibilities.
Steven Turk Senior Officer
Capt. Rufus Scipio Junior Officer
Topper Harley (cjasie) Junior Officer
Ace Harbinger Junior Officer

Intel, responsible for gathering Intel. Information is power.
Steven Turk Senior Officer
Admiral Nemesis Junior Officer

Tech, responsible for alliance tech such as Forum, IRC, Parser and future developments.
Stu| Senior Officer

General, advisors to command and to all members, also assist in all duties.
Insomnikal (Insom) Junior Officer, g23
williamngo Junior Officer, g23
Manuk Junior Officer, g48

8 Golden Rules
1. Obey the rules of the game. Available at the bottom of every page ingame.
2. Do not be abusive to other members or other players. This includes private messages. The SWaRM name is not to be used in threats.
3. Use IRC as often as possible. The rewards are endless.
4. Be active on the forum.
5. Notify command prior to extended periods on inactivity. This only applies if you think there is a risk you will go (i), if this is the case then we suggest using vacation mode.
6. No attacks on allies are permitted. Anyone highlighted in green and listed on the relations tab ingame.
7.* Refrain from attacking top32 alliances without clearence from command. Listed under leaders tab.
8. The Ingame Message Board is for important topics only, defense calls, attacks and trade requests. All other chatter is to be done on IRC and the forum.

*Exceptions to rule #7. New Hope, KBF, Pug, UFP and TFA

Failure to comply with these rules may result in membership being terminated.

We in command follow a democratic way of life, all decisions are talked through and voted on. We see information as the key to coming to the correct decision. I may be in charge, but we decide everything as a collective force.

Any member who fails to join forum within seven days is removed. Certain exceptions can and have been granted.
Any member who goes (i) or (id) is removed and raided. Members who go (iv) are exempt from this as they expect to be away for long periods and are not attackable by anyone.

Check the ingame message board, there’s a convinient little thread titled IRC. Details also available on…Forum.

I’d like to see more people not only signing up and logging into the forum once in a blue moon, but actually contributing to the alliance. In the future we may look to offload people not participating in forum discussion. As it stands, less than half of members bothered to read the newsletter, this is something I find not only amazing and shocking but insulting to me personally.

Alliance Rank
This week has seen our Overall Rank slip one place. But that is far overshadowed by our leap of three ranks in the ever vital Ship Destroyed rankings. I’d happily see us fall further Overall if our Destroyed Ships went up and up as it is the only score you cannot lose.

Overall: #34
Fleet: #28
Destroyed Ships: #28

Top2000 Club
245 Warlord Supreme 711,053
379 Klarg 606,994
404 William Ngo 584,646
424 Jack Ass 571,049
712 Eric Sloan 446,543
879 Admiral_Nemesis 402,191
1,328 Zaphod Beeblebrax 323,542
1,511 Commander Michail 301,905
1,615 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 292,272
1,641 Dead Meat 290,347
1,790 Tacoman 276,288
1,816 Sting Sinclair 273,887
1,899 Rogrog 266,888

An Interview With…
Zaphod has been ‘busy’, personally I think he should just spend less time looking at porn, and more time doing SFC stuff. He assures me he’ll have one for us next week.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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