Newsletter #15 6/6/10

SWaRM Attacks
Not been many reports on forum this week unfortunately.

One from me, a new (id) went boom, a strange one for an (id), big fleet but next to no resources, still a nice haul from the debris field, 3,921,300 ore and 2,220,300 crystal. Report here.

In a nice hit from William Ngo on A No Hoper (A New Hope) in g23, 2,487,000 ore and 1,479,300 crystal was left in orbit and a horde of 550,846 in stolen resources was had.

War Battles
As I have said, any battle where 1 ship or 1 defence turret falls is a victory. So on that note here’s a few this week…
Captian Scimitar, ranked around the #3400 mark has lost another 1,064,000 in defenses this week and they will continue to fall until they are no more.
jason mosley has joined in the fun from his planet in g11, with a small moral victory over Craig Childs (#18000) getting away with 16,575 ore, 16,574 crystal, and 8,951 hydrogen. He also left a nice field over another of Craigs worlds, 183,600 ore and 101,400 crystal.
In another hit Glynn Hays (#3700) lost 860,000 in defenses.

I know there are a lot more hits on Dark Day going on, and I wish more people would share these victories with us.

Operation Nuke
Well, I’ll leave this one to Manuk… He has kindly written us a massive piece that’s too big to fit into the newsletter, it can be found here.

But from me, I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part in the intel gathering, the nuking, the initial attacks and of course all the attacks still going on there. With Darth banned, Pacifist suspend, and now Steiner neutralised, we own g48 a large portion of g48. I believe Manuk and Rob are now looking at taking out all the Dark Fools in g48, and I wish them success with it.

SWaRM Toolbar Update
Hopefully many of you have the Firefox Toolbar installed. It is a fantastic tool created by Stu|. It gives you all SFC related links in one handy drop down, it updates the Parser as you go, and now has the Battle Report Parser.

The Battle Report Parser enables you to upload your battles to the database, it provides you with a handy link so you can share all your glorious battles quickly and easily. Example here….

Further updates and features will be continually added in the weeks and months to come, so I urge you all to do the right thing and switch to Firefox and download the amazing toolbar, today.

A Few Small Notes
– Firstly the Princess Ardolla fiasco, the matter is closed and no contact from BFG has been had.

– It’s been repeated many, many times. The ingame message board is not to be abused. Not just in the sense of we don’t need to know every little detail of your status ingame, but stupid names for topics as well. Name all your topics with the galaxy it refers to, the type of topic, and the details. So for example:

g23: Trade, Have Hydro, Require Ore
g48: Under Attack, Lands 0455 gametime

The ingame thread will be updated in the next week to contain a better level of brief guides.

– Repeated begging for resources is not acceptable, as much as this is a team game, this is not farmville. Donations are fine, but do not go around asking for constant help. Even I have had to ask for a loan of Hydro to fleetsave in the past, all of which were repaid swiftly with large amounts of interest. Asking for donations to do research or building is not acceptable.

– For those of you using the forum regularly, thanks, it is noticed and appreciated. For those of you not using it regularly or even at all, well I guess you won’t be reading this, and quite likely won’t be with us for much longer… But all forum users need to do Ctrl+F5 to see the new banner.

Next Weeks Issue…
I am hoping that next weeks issue will take a different format, possibly a download… I’ve never been satisfied with the way it is currently and it’s a one man show. So I’m looking for a co-editor, someone with a sense of humour and good knowledge of the game and of SWaRM itself.

Alliance Rank
Our rank has slipped a bit this week, mainly to the fact I’ve removed around ten members for either breaking the rules or going (i)
Overall: #33
Fleet: #28
Destroyed Ships: #30

Top2000 Club
There are at least 7 players that I expect to reach the top2000 in the next few weeks so keep up the hard work and many, many more of you will get your name here.

190 Warlord Supreme 869,475
344 Klarg 706,174
398 Jack Ass 662,298
425 William Ngo 640,914
597 Eric Sloan 549,586
843 Admiral_Nemesis 459,249
994 Zaphod Beeblebrax 425,238
1,500 Commander Michail 345,508
1,652 Sting Sinclair 326,483
1,856 Rogrog 305,408
1,893 Tacoman 301,616
1,973 Peter Griffin 783370 (d) 294,648


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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