Newsletter #2 7/3/10

Newsletter #2 7/3/10
We have confirmed the NaP with g69 based Omega Alliance.
Talks are on going with KBF as we are both pestered by LGC/NINJA on a more frequent basis. Meanwhile the talks with several other promising alliances are still underway. We are also in talks with a strong alliance about a possible merger where they would join us, but talks are in the early stages.

We continue to be pestered by the same faces, mainly Lint and PACIFIST.
Talks with PACIFIST seem to going towards a full cease in hostilities. So we ask that noone probes him for the forseeable future, and we see how we stand in a week or two.

We have a new pest in Sean Newman [23:103:8]. He has already attacked at least two of us, so will now find a few more SWaRM faces in the area, including myself and williamngo. He has been probing at least me a lot and has already raided my colony once, getting away with a few thousand hydro, which I will be getting back with some interest in the coming days.

We have also been getting a lot of probes and attacks from LGC. Due to their size retaliating is not a very good option at the moment, so talks have started with various mutual friends, and hopefully things will come to fruition and give us a much wanted breather.

As many of you are aware, many many people are intentially creating moons on each other. Which no matter how unpopular this tactic is, it is not against any current game rules.

A list is available as to currently known moon locations, here. Many thanks to Topper Harley (cjassie) for his efforts in searching the parts of the universe for us.

Had this part all written out days ago, but it seems the recent changes to the way Oracles work have made the vote and any plans we had made kind of pointless. Now that the oracle cannot detect harvest fleets it almost makes the oracle pointless. So now the only benefit to a moon is the jumpgate, which costs a significant amount and takes a very long time to build (an initial 1000 hours), and is only useful if a player has two.

Before the changes were made we did make 3 attempts to create a moon on certain players, all efforts unfortunately failed. Talks will need to be restarted as to whether there is point in continuing now that the oracle is useless.

Welcome to all our latest recruits including Adm Paul62, Rocket J. Squirel, Greg Fortado, Lenn Martin, Brian Addison, Engress, Suarez and many others.
Our expansion throughout g35 and g69 is underway and is going well, I hope it will continue to do so. Thanks to our recruitment officers, Steven Turk and Capt. Rufus Scipio for their efforts. And thanks to Ace Harbinger for helping out this week.

Promotions and Vacancies
Instead of posting everytime a member is promoted, I will simply notify the person and they will get a mention here.

Congratulations to Topper Harley (cjassie) who is promoted the rank of SWaRMcore.

There are still vacancies for
2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to help with talks surrounding NaP agreements and mergers.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
3 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here.

I could also do with someone to give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

And if anyone would like to help me write this on a permanent basis then please get in touch.

Alliance Tech
In the coming week I hope to be able to announce a fantastic new bit of tech that will give us all a massive helping hand, but will also require constant help from all members.

We already have the parser, IRC and of course this forum.

The parser allows players to paste reports to parser which then turns into a more presentable format and provides a URL for all to access. This is mainly of use to those who use IRC as pasting reports to there is very difficult to read. To use the parser simply paste the report into the box at the top of the forum.

IRC remains the best way to communicate and get quick answers, I get fed up of saying it but it’s true as those already using it regularly can vouch for. To connect to IRC simple login to the forum and then open this link. The system will input your name for you assuming you filled in that box on application to the forum. Then simply click connect and you’ll find yourself where you need to be.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks, in part thanks to our latest recruits, to the removal of some dead weight and to peoples continued growth.
Overall: #54
Fleet: #44
Destroyed Ships: #61

Remember that having a full set of colonies is the first step to quick growth, and the safest way to have colonies is to not put them all in the same sector.

Top1000 Club
This week has seen another two members join myself (#532) and Klarg (#556) in the top1000. We welcome William Ngo (#781) and Peter Griffin 783370 (#999) to this prestigious group, it takes a lot of work to get up this far, so well done and keep it up.

Member Of The Week
Only one this week, Topper Harley (cjassie). In recognition of his efforts to hunt out moons and certain alliance members, he’s also provided us with many laughs on IRC. Topper has also been promoted to the rank of SWaRMcore as a thank you to him.

SWaRM Competition
Well time to announce the winner, as chosen by myself. The winner is calcifer, and the runners up are Chris Brown and Zaphod. Thanks to the others who entered. Now to come up with another competiton.

and the
Rest are


army of

Any thoughts for a new competition?

IRC Quotes
[19:31] so why is pacifist dead?
[19:33] <@[SWaRM]Tyr> he isnt, got a little ahead of myself thinkin sum1 had caught some of his fleet
[19:33] <@williamngo> 🙂
[19:33] Yea it was like Christmas, but then mam and dad said sorry son Santas dead, no more Christmas

[18:19] <@Insom`> people dont seem to like it when you purposely “give” yourself a moon
[18:20] Its like masturbation…a necessary evil

[19:15] project hate is a d***.


Well I’ve had a week to do this one and I hope you’ve found it useful.
Would still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

I’ve been your host, Warlord
anything you want, email me at [email protected]

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