Newsletter #3 14/3/10

Not had any new NaP’s to announce this week. Talks have nearly concluded with one large alliance, and talks with 281st are pretty much over and they will not be merging nor we will be NaPping. When talks have officially ended I will let everyone know and attacks will resume.

Hopefully talks with PACIFIST has had the desired effect and he is no longer attacking us. If anyone can inform me of any probings or attacks from him then please do let me know.

Things also seem to have gone quiet from Lint and Sean Newman has been neutralised.

However the attacks from LGC continue, including a small scale assault on a few peoples colonies and a suicide from their leader on my small feeder colony. They continue to try and make us hit back so they can retaliate in force.

LGC have this week released a statement on the game forum. You can a copy here. To summarize, they have ended all NaP’s and NaP talks, they are taking a very agressive approach to the universe and kicking those not of a certain rank.

Group Attacks
Hopefully more attacks will now be arranged regularly. Klarg has already arranged numerous attacks in g23 and g25. If you want to join in theb we suggest you come onto IRC. Hopefully I’ll get a few more people who wish to be officers and take on the responsibility of arranging attacks both on IRC and on the ingame message board.

Even if you only have a small amount of ships, targets will be found for you to join in with. The larger players are more than happy to provide the extra muscle needed.

A Message From Officer Klarg
Last week, Klarg helped two new alliance members to successful group attacks. Klarg is willing to lend muscle to group attacks to help you gain resources and kill ships. Klarg’s attack ships are located in g23, g25, g56, and g79. It’s preferable if you are on IRC so attacks can be planned immediately.
– Ugly and Hideous Klarg

We have seen numerous new members join in the last week. But I am again disappointed by the lack of new members joining the fourum, if we hadn’t had to keep kicking members recently then we would easily of his 200 or more by now.

If you feel that numbers in your area are a little low then let me know and we’ll try to push recruitment in those areas.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen two members promoted to Junior Officers. So congratulations to:

Klarg, who assumes the role of Battle Officer, hopefully more group attacks will be organised in the coming weeks.
Herb n, who assumes the role as Diplomacy Officer

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here.

I could also do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

And if anyone would like to help me write this on a permanent basis then please get in touch.

Alliance Structure
High Command
Warlord Supreme ([SWaRM]Tyr)

Battle Officer

Recruitment Officers
Capt. Rufus Scipio

Diplomacy Officers
Herb n

Intelligence Officer

General Officer
Insomnikal (Insom)
William Ngo

Neil Jani (Eragon)

Alliance Tech
This week has seen the finishing touches done the Galaxy Parser. Although there are still a few minor, the parser is now up and running. This tool allows us to copy and paste the galaxy page to the database, allowing us to search for various things, alliance, player name, moons and more will be added.

The adding and searching is done here.
Adding is done using the pop out box on the right.

People will need to help keep the database up to date, a few of us have gotten the main galaxies of interest inputted over the past week, but I will need volunteers to help keep it updated.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: #51
Fleet: #40
Destroyed Ships: #59

Hopefully in the coming weeks more attacks will be organised and traps set which will shoot us up the destroyed ship rankings.

Top1000 Club
Hopefully more people will soon join us in the top1000. Warlord, Klarg, William Ngo and Peter Griffin 783370 continue their climb up the ranks, with many others closing the gap on our top 3.

#484 Klarg
#513 Warlord Supreme
#669 William Ngo
#917 Peter Griffin 783370

Many of you have grown significantly in recent weeks and are nearing the top1000, so thank you for your continued hard work.

SWaRM Competition
Not really competitions, but there’s a few new topics in the spam area for all to enjoy and take part in. Including ‘Funny Stories From Real Life’ and ‘Continues Story #2’.

Hopefully more flashes of inspirations will come, or even better, ideas from someone other than me.

IRC Quotes
Nothing of note this week.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

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