Newsletter #4 21/3/10

Our NaP’s with several small alliances have ended this week after a command decision to free up the extra targets. More NaP’s may be ended in the coming weeks, and will be announced as and when this happens.

NinjaPirateSpaceAssassins [NPSA] NaP ended
Republic Alliance [allied] NaP ended
Missa Solemnis [solemnis] NaP ended
United MicroSerfs [UMS] NaP ended
Sith Lords of Revenge [SLR] NaP replaced with NaP to Shadowguard II [SF4]

LGC continue their attacks. But if people fleetsave then they won’t be targetted, they are hunting for ships to kill, in the same way that everyone does.

This week has seen The Founders declare war on EMPIRE. A move that may well cost Founders dearly. So if you have EMPIRE or Founders members nearby, keep an eye out for the debris.

We have also this week had a member attack Obsidian, which unfortunatly may have serious consequences for the rest of us in g23 and g25. Our rules are there for a reason, and breaching them is taken very seriously.

Group Attacks
The first group attack of the week took place in g24, although we came out victorious, it seems someone got a little happy with sending too many dio’s. A hard lesson was learned by the organiser and participants, that as well as organising the attack, the dio’s must too be organised. Another way around the problem is to have one person gather all debris and dish it out accordingly.

The second group attack of the week saw a task force of DeadMeat, Klarg, Insom, WilliamNgo, Wouster and Michael Richards take down a sizeable target, the battle only lasted 3 rounds and resulted in an easy victory and a huge debris field of 5,871,600 ore and 3,258,450 crystal. They also stole 681,501 ore, 430,871 crystal, and 132,862 hydrogen on the first raid. Multiple follow up raids resulted in further gain. Congratulations to all those involved.

The third was a raid on a player known to have quit after being obliterated by Ian Ashford. His homeworld had a large amount of defenses which stood no chance against the onslaught of mine and Klargs mass missile attack. Total gain was around 1.5mil, not a bad nights work.

A Message From Battle Officer Klarg
Do you have a bothersome opponent nearby? Have they been probing you a little too often? Do you need more resources? Would you like to put someone into the wall?

Well, there are fleets on standby for group attacks in several galaxies. Last week, successful group attacks were held in most of our areas. There’s always room for more. Higher ranked players are willing to provide the muscle to help you get additional resources.

Come to IRC and we’ll work out the details to clobber your next opponent.

– Ugly and Hideous Klarg

This week has seen another set of recruits join, including Dale Hobbs, Asolma, Commander Kaimo, David Heal, Lankman, Captain Myrna, Styles Fritzaland and Wiggens. We welcome you all to SWaRM.

This week has also seen us lose one member to the dreaded (i) and 5 members lost due to failure to join forum. Yet our numbers continue to grow.

Promotions and Vacancies
There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Forum Moderator, to help in keeping the forum tidy and well organised.
1 x Web Tech, to help Stu| keep up with my ever growing wish list.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I still could do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: 45
Fleet: 38
Destroyed Ships: 52

Top1000 Club
This week has seen two more members join the prestigious top1000 club. We welcome Jack Ass and Eric Sloan and thank them for their efforts. We also now have members in the top500 again and many members are continuing to grow and fly up the ranks. Thank you to all.

#438 Klarg
#460 Warlord Supreme
#653 William Ngo
#846 Eric Sloan
#957 Peter Griffin 783370
#970 Jack Ass

Stupid…Stupid Mistakes
Well we’ve all made mistakes, forgotten to fleetsave, bought the wrong ship, started the wrong building etc etc etc. But how about sending a fleet on harvest rather than a deploy? Bah, that’s no mistake I hear you say, well…It is when that deploy was over 4 galaxies away, and was moving a mere 2000 ships, at a total cost of 600k Hydro. Now that’s a mistake!!!

Anyone else has any stupid mistakes, then send them in…

Cool Names
We have a chance to assist a member in coming up with a cool and meaningful ruler name. So please put up your suggestions here.

An Interview With…Zaphod
[19:23] <[SWaRM]Tyr> evening bud
[19:24] evenin
[19:24] what’s shakin?
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> im going to start doing interviews with people for the newsletter
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and little old you is first…
[19:24] awwww, you’re gonna make me blush
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> turtles don’t blush
[19:24] <[SWaRM]Tyr> do they?
[19:25] here I thought I was in trouble
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you, never 😛
[19:25] it’s hard to tell… they just kinda turn a slightly darker share of green
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> lol
[19:25] and you can only see if they have their head out
[19:25] which this turtle doesn’t 😛
[19:25] <[SWaRM]Tyr> 😛 anyway buisness…
[19:26] I figure another week of this crap and I’ll start amassing another armada 🙂
[19:26] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how are you today?
[19:26] I’m great! Sunny day, no work, got laid.
[19:26] all around a great day!
[19:26] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds like a great day
[19:27] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how long you been with SWaRM?
[19:28] Since the end of January
[19:28] * ZaphodInHisShel puts away his cheat sheet on the forums.
[19:28] <[SWaRM]Tyr> 🙂
[19:28] <[SWaRM]Tyr> What made you join?
[19:30] Well, I had a couple of random invites from people in my neighborhood…. one of which was from Chris (Lord Marshal). Of the people who invited me, he and the Alliance seemed to have their shit together more. That and I didn’t like the idea of joining either an alliance that was too small, or ridiculously huge.
[19:30] Too small and you get eaten… too large and you get swallowed up in the crowd and it becomes hard to coordinate.
[19:30] <[SWaRM]Tyr> So how you enjoyed your time here so far?
[19:31] I’ve been having a great time… the vets have all been tolerant of my silly questions and taught me a lot… and the crew that hangs out in IRC is a lot of fun. Great to pass the time in between meetings at work.
[19:32] Although I am a little disappointed….
[19:32] <[SWaRM]Tyr> in?
[19:32] I was told there would be punch and pie…..
[19:32] there was NO punch and pie
[19:32] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I will endeavor to get some soon
[19:33] Apple or Cherry 🙂
[19:33] <[SWaRM]Tyr> hell lets have both
[19:34] I like the way you think
[19:35] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Whats your take on the forum?
[19:36] It’s a great resource, when I keep up with it. Things on my side have been pretty busy, so I’ve fallen a bit behind. I need to take a bit and catch up. I am liking that some people have moved from forums only, over to IRC, though.
[19:37] The forums are great for storing info and intel, but the real time of IRC is a huge help
[19:37] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds like your a fan of IRC
[19:38] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you’ve lost your fleet a couple of times recently due to your drunken callings
[19:38] <[SWaRM]Tyr> why didn’t you go into d mode like almost everyone else does
[19:40] Well, once your fleet is gone, whoever attacked with enough force to wipe you out isn’t going to waste their time hitting you for the remaining scraps
[19:40] so rather than wasting the resources on the “tax” for being in (d) mode, I spend them on something productive
[19:41] I can keep raiding inactives, after building a couple cargo ships, for practically nothing and just pick myself back up a lot faster
[19:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sounds logical
[19:41] That and (d) mode is boring
[19:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> that i can vouch for
[19:42] blech… 68 field colony in EX :-/
[19:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> well, anything else you want to add?
[19:47] Oracle services available and increasing in G25:24 😀 Only 3 systems range, right now, but increasing as I go
[19:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> 🙂
[19:50] <[SWaRM]Tyr> well thanks for your time
[19:51] Any time… you’re sending the resources to my home planet, right?
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> what resources would this be?
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> i only have
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Ore 1,460,108
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Crystal 1,050,112
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Hydrogen 1,052,563
[19:52] <[SWaRM]Tyr> not got enough to share sorry
[19:53] Oh, this wasn’t a paid interview?!
[19:53] <[SWaRM]Tyr> no 😛
[19:53] * ZaphodInHisShel storms out, muttering.

Next week, it’s klargs turn to take the spotlight…probably best not have too bright a light…

SWaRM Extreme Update
On Extreme we have a smaller group (50 and rising), including many from different alliances. This week saw me step down my command there to put all my focus back on the normal game, it was planned weeks ago but with my replacement away on holiday it was postponed.

So Klaatu now joins me on the High Command, with his focus solely on Extreme. I will stay on Extreme for the foreseeable future to lend support with the intention of leaving fully in the next few weeks. I have the utmost confidence in Klaatu and the newly appointed officers to continue with SWaRM’s ideals and to further increase our ever growing strength and reputation.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

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