Newsletter #5 27/3/10

A Message From ONYX
We have always had a good relationship with ONYX who currently have 560+ members and are ranked 22nd. And I hope that our relationship with them continues to improve in the future.

A few days ago the leader of ONYX, sent me this message.

You guys are doing good, keep up the good work, and please relay my praise to your members. I have been watching you guys climb the ladder like we did, and with fewer members too. Keep at it. 8)

Cmdr. Pollek
League of Liquid Fire (ONYX)

I always like to give praise where praise is due, and it’s nice to receive praise from our friends as well. So as Pollek has said, keep up the good work, I look forward to overtaking them in the rankings in the near future.

Fleet Saving
It is the most fundamental aspect to the game, and certainly the most vital. Without a fleet there is nothing you can do, no attacks, no missions, nothing. Without allowing your fleet time to grow you will never reach the top. All it takes to fleetsave is one Dionysus and about 30seconds.

Go to the fleet page, hit ‘Select All’, if you have a Dionysus home it will automatically set the mission as ‘Harvest’. Then load your resources onto the fleet by hitting the three ‘All’ tabs next to the resources. Select a planet to send to that will give make the fleet return at the required time (remembering that the displayed time is only one half of the journey), adjust the coords and speed until you get the time you want.

It’s better to have to wait 20minutes for your fleet to return than to not have a fleet at all. I tend to leave my probes home, then at least I can be hunting while my fleets return. And if someone attacks to take out my 30 probes, then that’s hardly a substantial loss.

We all have problems from time to time where we don’t know when we’ll be online, all we can do is make the best guess and pray to the SFC Gods that we don’t get caught out.

Read the rest of the newsletter for two very good examples of why you should do everything possible to fleetsave.

The Probe Network
This week has seen another member put forward the idea of a probe network amongst members, it has been suggested before when SWaRM was still in it’s infancy. But I’m glad it’s been brought up again as it does have some very beneficial points.

So the idea is that if you are offline, fellow members will probe your planets to give you the much loved *. This would hopefully deter many attackers. And at a time when aggressive players are popping up everywhere I think this may well have few of us lose fleets while offline.

This idea is in no way a reason to not fleetsave religiously.

So if you have any have something to add to the discussion please do so. When the time comes to make some form timetable

Talks have been extensive regarding a pending NaP request from a small alliance, ‘Dai Vader’s Imperial fleet’. The vote result from command lent towards a merger, however they wished to continue solo. They were referred to us by our good friends at Kai. The decision has been made to NaP with them and with the hopes of building a strong friendship like we have with ONYX and Kai.

Ok, this week has seen Ian Ashfords return to g23. He has taken out two of our members already. One being Insom, who had a none fleet saving policy despite several warnings. He instead built mass defenses as below
Missile – 2500
Laser – 1000
Pulse – 400
Particle – 300
Gauss – 50
Plasma – 10
Decoy – 1
Large Decoy – 1
This is all well and good, but when attacked by the likes of Ian who is ranked #2 and attacks with 870 Athena, 770 Hades, 189 Ares, 209 Prom, defenses will not save you or even slow him down. Ian is highly active and extremely agressive, but he won’t attack for no reason. If you leave your fleet home then he will find it and he will destroy it. So again I urge you to fleetsave religously.
The game is very unbalanced and benefits those of a larger size rather than the smaller player. I’m currently top500 and can attack players ranked around the 40k. Very unfair but it’s the way it is unfortunately.

This week has seen another of the large alliances struggle with internal politics. Several splinter groups have emerged from KBF, the True Klingon alliance has quickly gained over 100 members and has considerable strength. They will no doubt become a considerable threat.

This week has also seen the alliance ‘Founders’ go to war with ‘EMPIRE’, who in the last 72 hours have merged with the TANG alliance to form Ol’ Dirty Bastards. Remembering that the alliance ‘NOB’ is known to be an EMPIRE training alliance and I assume the agreement will stand with the newly formed OBD.

Group Attacks
Not heard of any (other than the one below) that were able to launch this week but it’s nice to see the effort being made, and the work will pay of eventually. If people set up successful group attacks please post the report to forum as a long lasting memory. Also if you have a good solo battle then please share the report on forum.
Project Olympus was a roaring success, SWaRM has now brought down its first Zeus. The Zeus and its support barely made a dent in the attacking forces of myself and Klarg. Just shows that regardless of your fleet, defenses or whether you have a thousand zeus, always, always fleetsave. The report is available here. My thanks to Klarg for his support. It is always an honor to fight by his side.

The Ingame Message Board
The last few weeks I’ve personally been very happy to see the board being used to plan many attacks, both successful and not so successful, but the intent is there and I’m proud that members are taking it unto themselves to arrange local attacks.

However I would like to see more activity on the Trade type posts, I am aware that every little bit of resources we all obtain has a purpose, but it may be of more use to other members. We all know how frustrating it is to be that little bit short for a certain Building or Research. So I would like to observe more people actively helping fellow members, if only in a small way.

I would also like to remind members that posts about having your fleet destroyed should be placed on the forum under the Retaliation Targets topic or by creating one yourself in the Attack Room.

This week we welcome another group of new recruits. Including wolfey star’s, bonsonium, Sam Sparrow and Zanador Starkiller, I welcome you all to SWaRM and I hope you enjoy your time here.

This week has yet again seen a large number be removed for failure to join the forum. We have also lost one member who left without any communication as to why.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Herb n choose to step down from his position as Junior Diplomacy Officer due to personal reasons. We thank him for his efforts in his brief time among the command team.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances.
1 x Recruitment Officer, to help in recruiting new members that meet certain criteria.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to assist in talks with other alliances regarding NaP arrangements and liase in shared projects.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I could still do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated. Slightly disappointed that noone is willing to help.

Alliance Rank
We continue our assent up the ranks.
Overall: 38
Fleet: 37
Destroyed Ships: 50

With our ever increasing rank comes changes to rule #7. Now that we are ranked #38, rule #7 is ammended to no attacks on top40 alliances. The ingame post will be amended to match.

Top1000 Club
This week another member has joined the elustrous top1000 club. We welcome Clemenceau to the top1000 and thank him for his hard work.
With the top group of players moving up the table more slowly it’s a good chance for many others to close the gap and many of you are gaining quickly. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off.

#399 Klarg
#456 Warlord Supreme
#664 William Ngo
#685 Eric Sloan
#827 Jack Ass
#912 Clemenceau
#969 Peter Griffin 783370

Stupid Stupid Mistakes
The feature makes a return this week to mention Sting Sinclairs most horrific mistake. Easily topping anything yet seen. He was disappointed to find his newly colonised planet had a small number of fields so quite rightfully abandoned the planet immedietly. However he forgot that he also sent a large amount of resources and ships along, which were immedietly lost when he abandoned.

The message here is obviously double and tripple check a planet is empty before colonising. The best way is to only send a gaia to colonise. Any other ships or resources you want to send, send them to land 30minutes later, and if the slots are low, recall before they deploy and then abandon.

An Interview With…Klarg
Well I know many people were looking forward to this one, don’t know why. Was hard to keep his focus away from his attacks but I did my best.

[18:40] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I assume you know what this is about
[18:41] Yeah …………. dunno why you want to explore the Ugliness.
[18:41] * [SWaRM]Tyr dims the lights
[18:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> haha well 🙂
[18:41] * Klarg tightens the drawstrings on his bags.
[18:41] <[SWaRM]Tyr> hmm where to start with you
[18:42] <[SWaRM]Tyr> When did you join SWaRM?
[18:42] Klarg joined SWaRM in December after a tangle with guys in 25:233. One of them didn’t like that Klarg was attacking and called for a group attack on Klarg.
[18:42] ugh
[18:43] Seemed like a nice alliance so Klarg joined despite his ugliness.
[18:43] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and do you still think were nice?
[18:43] Most of them. The jury is still out on Admiral Chris. 😉
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> your still annoyed we stopped you attacking him
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and im annoyed that I did stop you
[18:44] <[SWaRM]Tyr> o well, live and learn my friend
[18:44] Well, seeings that those guys left the alliance and gave us some treats when they left, Klarg is smiling now.
[18:45] * Klarg refrains from looking out the window.
[18:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Well as it stands, your our highest ranking member (just!)
[18:45] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how’d you get there?
[18:46] Klarg kept getting shoved by the Warlord. And relentless pursuit of the newly unfound “id” also helps.
[18:46] Klarg didn’t build a huge fleet at the beginning and concentrated on research.
[18:46] Klarg still way behind on fleet size compared to others.
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> so you have a personal battle with me lol
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> as I do you
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we seem to play leap frog a lot
[18:47] Klarg would never presume to have a contest with the great and fearless Warlord.
[18:47] Klarg never looks at the rankings.
[18:47] * Klarg coughs.
[18:47] * Klarg turns head.
[18:47] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I’m still quite a way ahead in destroyed ships, thats what counts 🙂
[18:48] <[SWaRM]Tyr> youve also recently been promoted to battle officer
[18:48] <[SWaRM]Tyr> how you finding that?
[18:48] Klarg is having fun with some of the younger players in finding targets. Klarg enjoys using the muscle ships to help others gain resources.
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> something we’ve always tried to do
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> but most prefer to be quiet and never ask
[18:49] IRC is great for planning these attacks on the fly. Wish more people were in there to plan attacks.
[18:49] <[SWaRM]Tyr> ah another fan of IRC 🙂
[18:51] Wanna hear about Klarg’s 2 funniest moments in StarFleet Commander?
[18:51] <[SWaRM]Tyr> of course
[18:52] Klarg attacked one guy’s planet and he responded by immediately abandoning four planets to avoid giving up resources.
[18:52] That happened in g23. The same thing happened in g56 about 2 months later.
[18:52] Hilarious
[18:53] Klarg thinks it was the Ugliness.
[18:53] <[SWaRM]Tyr> didnt he also send his remaining ships to attack you?
[18:53] Yeah … he sent his entire fleet of proms, hades, etc. ………
[18:53] Klarg forgets the number. Klarg’s harvesters had a nice lunch that day.
[18:59] <[SWaRM]Tyr> sorry for the slowness klarg, things have gone slightly pear shaped on ex
[19:00] <[SWaRM]Tyr> Whats your take on the forum? many people seem to not bother joining it, and even more seem to never login or take part in discussions…
[19:02] Klarg enjoys the forum. The galaxy parser is fantastic. Those guys putting in the hours of work are also relentless!
[19:03] * Klarg smiles as a report comes in on a missile strike on an opponent, wiping out his planet defenses in g56. Fleet arrives in 30 minutes!
[19:03] <[SWaRM]Tyr> How do you feel about some of SWaRM’s rules and policies
[19:03] <[SWaRM]Tyr> being an officer you see the background work that goes into them
[19:04] At first, Klarg didn’t like the restrictions on attacks. But as the alliance has moved up in the rankings, the restrictions have been reduced.
[19:04] It’s interesting on the long-range side to see that our alliance is active on possible NAPs that would benefit all members.
[19:05] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we are always open to NaP requests, but only ones that actually benefit us
[19:05] <[SWaRM]Tyr> nice when we find alliances like Kai who actively send us targets and intel
[19:06] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we have a good relationship with them building, which is always nice to have amongst all the hostilities out there
[19:07] For the future, Klarg is willing to move out to other galaxies beyond g23 and g25. Invitations are welcomed.
[19:08] <[SWaRM]Tyr> youve recently moved to g56 and g79 to assist, and it seems to have worked well for you
[19:08] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and your about to land in g27 to assist me with a small project
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> so now for the big question.
[19:09] rut row
[19:09] * [SWaRM]Tyr gets down on one knee
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> why do you talk in third person?
[19:09] * Klarg slowly starts to back up
[19:09] <[SWaRM]Tyr> 😛
[19:10] What are you talking about?
[19:10] * Klarg confused.
[19:11] * Klarg wanders back to the corner of the room and sticks peanut hulls into his ears.
[19:11] No more humming.
[19:11] * Klarg wishes the humming would go away.
[19:12] <[SWaRM]Tyr> you always ‘klarg this’ ‘klarg that’
[19:13] <[SWaRM]Tyr> and people want to know why 🙂
[19:13] * Klarg looks out the window and, thankfully, no policeman is driving by.
[19:14] * Klarg loosens the drawstrings on his bags.
[19:14] <[SWaRM]Tyr> focus klarg
[19:15] Klarg has a major attack landing in 17 minutes and 32 seconds.
[19:15] <[SWaRM]Tyr> we’ll be done by then, just focus lol
[19:16] 109 ships to be splashed by Klarg’s 50!
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> k, so your not gonna answer that one
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> where’d the whole ugliness thing come from
[19:16] <[SWaRM]Tyr> I still remember your first message to me
[19:17] <[SWaRM]Tyr> nothings changed since back then
[19:17] The ugliness was a part of Armada I for 10 years. Klarg sure wishes some of those guys would show up here. They too feared the hideousness of Klarg.
[19:18] <[SWaRM]Tyr> old school then
[19:19] Klarg is the oldest player in SWaRM. Klarg used to play Pacman for an hour on one quarter when the average game for other players was five minutes.
[19:19] 13 minutes
[19:20] <[SWaRM]Tyr> anything you want to add or to say to the rest of the alliance
[19:21] Klarg says one thing:
[19:21] ugh
[19:21] <[SWaRM]Tyr> seems like a good end
[19:21] <[SWaRM]Tyr> thanks klarg
[19:21] ugh

Next week, it’s Stu|s’ turn to take the spotlight, someone who has been a SWaRM Legend for almost a decade. I’m looking forward to this one.

IRC Quotes
Well this weeks IRC chatter had a somewhat familiar tone. Taking the mick out of each other, planning attacks, n00bie advice from the older players and of course the usual smut that Stu| usually starts.

[22:26] my fleet is frackin pitiful
[22:26] <@Klarg> Yeah, last night she said it was “frackin pitiful”.
[22:27] <@Klarg> Klarg said: “It’s cold out here.”

This week has been a good week on IRC, with a few new faces now using it regularly. I still wish more people would give it a chance.


I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

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