Newsletter #6 2/4/10

My Hope…
In recent weeks I’ve thought about this more and more, as more and more people lose fleets to bad timings, real life commitments, ill family members and genuine mistakes. This game really does not promote team work, it does not reward it nor require it to succeed (there are countless players in the top100 who have never joined an alliance). Many of you try damned hard to do well and are constantly set back often through no fault of your own. I don’t like constantly reading that people have lost their fleet knowing full well that there’s nothing I can do to prevent it happening again. You deserve better.

Many of you will be aware of SWaRMs’ history and its origin. SWaRM was founded on a similar game, a game that requires teamwork, a game that demands it. That game is Planetarion (known as PA). It has had many players over the years, many played in their youth and moved onto the real world eventually. But there are still many who play.

The basic mechanics are similar, you build ships, you destroy each other. The fundamental difference is your resources are not stealable, but your ‘mines’ are, they are actually Asteroids (known as roids) that orbit your planets and can be stolen by attacking ships. The different that makes PA and its competitors superior, your alliance members can see your incoming, allowing defense to be organised fairly easily.
Instead of actions being done in ‘real time’ like on SFC, tasks are carried out on an hourly (known as a ‘tick’), other games may use a different timescale, so a research may take 12 ticks, which is 12 hours, an attack may have a 9 tick ETA, meaning the defending side would have 8 ticks to get ships there in defense. The game is also broken down into Rounds, with varying length

There are many games out there that use the basic principles of PA. PA has a fairly large playerbase and it is highly active. Over the years I’ve played countless variations, many have since fallen and no longer run, but there are many many versions around. Over the next few weeks I plan to find a decent one to play, one with a good player base and hourly ticks. It’s my hope that people will join me.

Most games run ‘Speed Rounds’ where tick speeds are drastically reduced, often down to 30 seconds or less. These games provide an excellent taster to what is involved in playing games like Planetarion.

Planetarion Speed Round Signup, 30 second ticks.

If anyone wants to know anything about Planetarion, ask me or Stu|

I do have a free weekend coming up, and I intend to put my old skills to the test on Planetarions speed round. I hope people will at least give it a shot, and show me what your really capable of.

A Message From…Zaphod
This week one of our newer members found a nice new inactive in G23 that was ripe for the pickin’. He managed to get in there first and snagged almost 700k resources. Not a bad haul! Well, it could have been better… a LOT better. See, our sorta new friend didn’t know about the galaxy search page. ( He mentioned his target as his ships returned home with the loot. I then searched for that player in the Galaxy search and found he had other planets in the Galaxy LOADED with resources and a nice fleet to wipe out and harvest. Here’s what was on the guy’s big planet:

* ore: 1,059,797
* crystal: 344,244
* hydrogen: 1,042,232

* Hermes Class Probe: 1
* Helios Class Solar Satellite: 9
* Artemis Class Fighter: 22
* Atlas Class Cargo: 9
* Apollo Class Fighter: 25
* Charon Class Transport: 2
* Hercules Class Cargo: 4
* Dionysus Class Recycler: 3
* Poseidon Class Cruiser: 1
* Gaia Class Colony Ship: 1
* Athena Class Battleship: 10
* Ares Class Bomber: 9
* Hades Class Battleship: 8
* Prometheus Class Destroyer: 12

* Laser Cannon: 5
* Anti-Ballistic Missile: 20
* Decoy: 1
* Gauss Cannon: 3

Between a couple of us in IRC at the time, we could have taken that target out with minimal loses and split the spoils…. we just would have to fly from G25…. 4-5 hours away. If those planets had been found with the first one, we probably would have made it, as they still haven’t been hit yet, ~3 hours after the initial planet was found, but have since been probed by others. So, the moral of the story is…. the more you read the forums and the more you communicate in IRC, the more loots you get!

There were 6 other planets in that system with between 300k and 600k of each resource.

P.S.- The SWaRM member in question also got in on a couple other group attacks in that galaxy, because he was in IRC. I guess what I am trying to say is… GET YOUR ASSES ON IRC!!!

Diplomacy Mode
Its been said before and will be said again, the fastest way to rebuild after being taken out is to stay out of d mode and to raid inactives. Going into d will only allow you gain income from your mines, and that is taxed. So staying out d mode is by far the best option. Should you wish to have a few days off after being taken out then going into d mode is a wise decision.

There are many among us who have been in d mode for a long time, whether this is to ‘rebuild’ or because your focusing on Extreme or for some other reason. I urge you to spend a few days practicing fleet saving while your in d mode, then to come out and play the game with the rest of us.

The Probe Network
Some of you will notice that I have started to probe fellow members to give them the (*). I urge others to do so to aid your fellow members.

Well I would hope that everyone has at least started to think about the New Hope Poll. This effects us all so please take the time to vote. You are free to change your vote as many times as you like, and I urge you to check back once in a while to see if there’s any new information been added.

Many people have been caught out recently with their trousers round their ankles, something we need to really try and avoid.

SWaRM Attacks
Not sure when this was introduced, but group attacks may no longer contain any more than six attacking fleets, nor may a Group Defend contain more than 6 fleets.

This week has seen quite a few nice solo raids that have paid off. Destroying other peoples ships is a great way to gain ranks. I think the best one of the week has to be the one early in the week on a player in g48 who thought it was appropriate to send me some strong abuse after other SWaRM members taking out his fleet. The response we sent was to go back for more. Wiggens in particular got a very tidy sum of 1.53mil over two attacks.
Following what I assume was the initial batch of attacks he sent me this message (slightly edited to remove bad language)
From: toasted
Title: hey jackass
go **** yourself and your alliance. you should be glad there is a computer screen between us. a little pussy like you should be very glad. oh and you can have my planets too and you and your alliance can shove them right up your *****.

But that only just beats the guy who chose to message all bar one of his attackers, with stupid messages of threats and requests for apologies. He even had the nerve to message me and threaten to destroy some of our smaller members. My response was to colonise right next to him. I’ll probe him every so often just to remind him I’m there.

This week has seen a small and active group from SST (StarShip Troopers ranked #20 with 400+ members) join us after wanting to be in an alliance with a stronger pressence in their areas. I welcome Manuk, Capt Manu and Kedran to SWaRM.

But as usual I have had to remove 8 members for failure to follow simple rules.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Steven Turk be promoted to senior officer for his outstanding work in recent months. I thank him for his continued hard work.

This week has also seen Topper Harley (cjassie) be promoted to Recruitment Officer.

The following people have been promoted to the rank of SWaRMcore in recognition of their hard work and efforts:

Gerald Hoose
Admiral Nemesis
Rob Gale
Greg Fortado
Earthling Rick W

Wear the name with honour and continue your hard work. I and all of command thank you.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Intel Officers, to help in gather intelligence on other alliances and assist in filling the Galaxy Parser.
2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.
1 x Diplomacy Officer, to assist in talks with other alliances regarding NaP arrangements and liase in shared projects.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

I could still do with someone to help give my FAQ section an overall, any volunteers would be appreciated. Slightly disappointed that noone is willing to help.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #39
Fleet: #35
Destroyed Ships: #43

I’d still like to see our destroyed ships rank increase quicker, but for that we need a little more luck in our attacking efforts. Be patient and it will come.

Top1000 Club
We lost a member of the top1000 club this week to the ever annoying Ian Ashford.

#378 Klarg
#443 Warlord Supreme
#620 William Ngo
#723 Jack Ass
#744 Eric Sloan
#899 Clemenceau

You Know Your Addicted To Starfleet When….
Started by Admiral Nemesis on the ingame board, not the proper place but it is a good idea.
Now on this forum here

Update To Daily Login Bonus
We’re revamping the daily login bonus. Now instead of a trivial amount of resources, you’ll get a lottery ticket for each consecutive day you have logged in, up to 10 tickets, for each of two lotteries.

Daily Lottery

1st Prize: 20,000 credits.
Runner Up Prize: 10 Artemis Class Light Fighters (which will be added to your homeworld).

Weekly Lottery

1st Prize: 100,000 credits.
Runner Up Prize: 2 Athena Class Battleships (which will be added to your homeworld).

There will be 9 Runners Up in both lotteries.

An Interview With…Stu|
[22:20] You will be interviewed
[22:20] and you will damn enjoy it!
[22:20] i say i will not!
[22:21] what if I beg 😛
[22:21] go on then
[22:21] 😛
[22:21] * Tyr begs
[22:21] ok then
[22:22] so, weve known each other quite a while
[22:22] a little while
[22:22] thats an understatement lol
[22:22] year or two
[22:22] 😛
[22:23] weve had some fun over the years
[22:23] yus, we have
[22:23] and i for one hope it continues many years to come
[22:24] so howd you end up with SWaRM?
[22:24] you’ve been practising this haven’t you
[22:24] too well scripted
[22:24] 😛
[22:24] lol its all spontanious i assure you
[22:25] i ended up with SWaRM wayyyyy back when I played Planetarion. I think I joined sometime in round 5/6
[22:25] so thats about 8 years ago
[22:25] more than that i think
[22:25] more like 10 innit
[22:26] well pa is 10 this year
[22:26] lies, i played pa when i was in college
[22:26] i was 16 then
[22:26] now im 27
[22:27] apparently wiki says otherwise
[22:27] maybe it was late in my 16th year then
[22:27] see i am right occasionally
[22:28] always nice innit
[22:29] well since youve been with SWaRM youve become a legend with countless leaders, from the first, anom, to the most recent, myself
[22:30] youve certainly made a lot of friends over the years and have been with me to several ventures
[22:30] i hope so
[22:30] miss a lot of them these days
[22:31] you and me both, SWaRM has had some amazing members over the years
[22:31] im still hopeful we’ll find some more to bring back 🙂
[22:32] So whats your take on the latest branch to SWaRM
[22:32] well, i say the tech we have is awesome
[22:32] i say congratulate the fellow who did that
[22:32] 😛
[22:32] having been SWaRM on at least 3 other games, being officer of various sections
[22:32] youll get your thanks when you finish the list 🙂
[22:33] but it seems to have the same old style we had back in the day
[22:33] thats something ive tried very hard to reinstate
[22:33] i like it
[22:34] of all the alliances ive been with over the years, from my days with SD on starsphere, to my days in BFoP on spaceminers, ive never enjoyed myself as much as the time we spent with SWaRM
[22:34] It was a massive blow for us to lose Alexei early this year
[22:34] heh SD
[22:35] thats goin back quite a few years
[22:35] i worked with Ave many times over the years
[22:35] and would happily do so again
[22:35] I would very much like to take SWaRM back to PA or PIA one day
[22:36] that would be nice
[22:36] i think some of the members we have here would love it and show what their truely capable of
[22:37] well, if we do. i’ll gladly join
[22:37] i still have some contacts in pa
[22:37] im sure you do 🙂
[22:38] going back to SFC though
[22:38] k
[22:38] I drafted you in from outside the game
[22:38] and you soon flew up the ranks
[22:38] howd you manage that?
[22:38] my awesomeness knows no bounds
[22:39] plus, gaining ranks is easy
[22:39] at the start
[22:39] if you put the time in
[22:40] your a member of the command team, whats your take on the folks in command
[22:41] they all have their own strengths and use them well
[22:42] they are a good bunch, would like to expand but id rather people came and asked about it
[22:42] rather than me going to them all the time
[22:43] well, we need to make sure that people are recognised for their efforts
[22:43] as you do already
[22:43] i do try
[22:44] but, as for people asking for more responsibility, people tend not to do that
[22:44] i try to avoid it at all costs
[22:44] true and unfortunate
[22:44] well your known for laziness lol
[22:44] but i somehow end up volunteering to do stuff
[22:44] well hinting helped 🙂
[22:45] heh, yes
[22:46] so what magically piece of tech are you working on atm?
[22:46] nothing at the moment
[22:46] wrong answer 🙁
[22:46] i recently volunteered to give the site a cleanup
[22:47] and make it faster and better
[22:47] so…
[22:47] but then again i did tell you to take a break after doing the parser
[22:47] i think next on your list is a battle report parser innit
[22:48] yes it was, with all the battles both good and bad going on i think it’d be nice to be able to display them in a more sharable format
[22:48] i for one love to read of other peoples successes
[22:48] it only inspires me to do more myself
[22:48] and would like to think it has a similar effect on others
[22:48] i tend not to attack other people
[22:49] haven’t got much time
[22:49] with baby and all
[22:49] how are mother and child?
[22:49] good, as per
[22:49] good
[22:49] you could of called grace something swarm related, that would of been cool 🙂
[22:50] lol, i doubt debs would have agreed with that
[22:50] you could have done it covertly 😛
[22:52] lol
[22:53] i cant think of anythin else to ask mate
[22:54] so unless you have something to add
[22:54] nope, never liked these things 😛
[22:55] noone does my friend, noone does
[22:57] well thanks for your time
[22:58] no probs mate!

Next week, it’s StevenTurks turn to take the spotlight.


This weeks newsletter is released earlier than normal to the fact it’s a holiday, and I for one would like to have a short rest. I hope you all have a nice few days off for those of you who are lucky enough to get it.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments. I’d also like people to start putting forward suggestions.

Anything you want put forward, email me at [email protected]

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