Newsletter #7 10/4/10

Records Update
When you all joined the forum you were asked to input your coordinates, both homeworld and colonies. These are only accessable to the officers for security reasons. But many are now outdated. So I would like to ask that everyone takes a few minutes to update their coords.

To do this please go to ‘User Control Panel’, Profile and then scroll down to the box on the bottom of the page. Please try to keep to the format XX:YY:ZZ

Ninja Tactics
We have finally started to bait targets this last week. Meaning we have someone sit with res home and a colony in a different galaxy waiting for the !, and other people sitting waiting to send group defense. Not managed to catch anyone yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

A New Hope Poll
The poll has now ended, with somewhat fewer people bothering to vote than we would of liked. The vote started of heavily swinging towards pushing forward with the NaP again but as more info was added people started to realise how unorganised they actually are.

The vote ended with the majority saying we open them as targets. Bare in mind this is not war, nor will be hunt them down deliberately, they will be treated just like any other alliance.

To connect to IRC
– Log in to the forum and tick the ‘stay loggin in’ box
– Go to
– Your name will be filled in for you
– Click Connect
– You’ll find yourself in #swarmcore, our public channel which is shared with extreme section and anyone who wants to join the channel
– Go to the top of the page
– Click #thehive, our private channel, restricted to only SWaRM members.

The best way to gain ranks is to have all colony slots filled up. Whether you keep them nearby for resource gathering or have them as moving battle bases. Having colonies in different galaxies will open up your hunting areas, we have people all over the place who would love some new attack buddies, myself included. I would also love to see more of our sectors full of our own members.

Help Guide

Help Guides
There are some new help guides available in the FAQ section, and hopefully more will be added in the coming days.

This week has seen some familiar people go back to the top of my hit list. dburn and Star Prince David (23:225) thought that my days income of 600k res and a few ships warrented using 40missiles on me to get it, shame they got bugger all. But theyve reawoken my interest in them. The Hive will pay them a visit (The Hive being my mobile colony). They also managed to catch a small fleet after I forgot to set my alarm, damned people setting up attacks on IRC, I just can’t resist.

SWaRM Attacks
Not seen any reports this week unfortunately. On Friday afternoon I managed to get a few raids going in g23 and g25, could have had many more if more people were around. All went well except one involving Zaphod (sorry again dude, my mistake).

If you have a decent battle, please take the time to share the report with us all here

This week we have had another member from the recently fallen SST join our ranks, we have also had all members from the ‘Ironside Alliance’ join us. I welcome you all to SWaRM.

Promotions and Vacancies
This week has seen Admiral Nemesis join the command team, he assumes the role of Intel Officer.

There are still vacancies for:

2 x Battle/Tactic Officers, to find and stalk targets.

All the positions require IRC use and forum activity. If you feel you would like to apply, or would like to recommend someone, then email me or pm me on here. I would like people to come forward wanting the extra responsibility and the chance to help improve the alliance as a whole.

Alliance Rank

Overall: #36
Fleet: #30
Destroyed Ships: #43

Top1000 Club
#408 Klarg
#477 Warlord Supreme
#510 William Ngo
#706 Jack Ass
#744 Clemenceau
#939 Eric Sloan

You Know Your Addicted To Starfleet When….
We’ve had some great replies to this, but we can do better.
Your ideas here

An Interview With Steven Turk
[18:35] Good evening mate
[18:35] hello
[18:35] how are you this fine evening?
[18:36] Do you really want to know….
[18:36] sure 🙂
[18:36] I had a colonospy yesterday and my arse is very sore
[18:37] * Tyr clenches his ass cheeks
[18:37] you poor soul, you have my sympathy
[18:37] dam hemroids
[18:37] everything was fine though
[18:39] Doctor stated I had the worst hemroids “east of the Mississippi”
[18:39] you should add that to your sig
[18:39] Steven Turk
[18:39] Intel / Recruitment Officer
[18:39] I start treatment later in the month
[18:39] Owner of the worst….
[18:39] nahh I dont think so
[18:39] lol would certainly be a conversation starter 🙂
[18:40] anyway back to the fictional world that is SFC
[18:40] The wife would use a well placed elbow to my ribs
[18:40] if I did
[18:41] how long you been with SWaRM?
[18:41] 😛
[18:41] lol women do have their ‘subtle’ ways 😀
[18:41] Ive been thinking on this question since I knew you would be interviewing me I think I joined just before Christmas but not positive
[18:42] haha
[18:42] A long time friend of mine joined SFC and got me to join also He had a few weeks on me
[18:42] well my records show 4th Jan u joined forum
[18:43] We tried to form our own alliance he was too far away and we were too naive about the game…. We disolved the alliance
[18:44] You had sent me a message prior to tha and I sent my app
[18:44] nice to know a few of my recruits are still here 🙂
[18:44] i stopped recruiting after a while, was too time consuming and my other duties were slipping
[18:44] which brings me nicely to recruitment
[18:44] I like the more subtle ways… when in doubt she can bring pizza nude that always works
[18:45] 😀
[18:45] which of course is your forte
[18:45] yep
[18:45] howd you end up as head of recruitment
[18:45] Its all about the law of large numbers
[18:46] Its sort of a long story but You can blame Project Hate for it
[18:46] I was very new in the game and had not even attacked anyone
[18:46] other than inactives
[18:47] And Hate attacked a couple of my colonies
[18:47] I couldnt even probe him
[18:48] Hate took out quite a number of people, thats how he got to where he is now
[18:48] So I attacked LGC people about my own level(this was before the SWaRM golden rules)
[18:49] So I get a warning from their leader Messiah2K that I need to leave them alone or he would send Hate to take care of me…. Noww that made alot of sense…. Hate started it….
[18:49] yeh thats the way LGC work
[18:49] they like to lie to each to get what they want
[18:49] My buddy who is in LGC warned me that they were going to take me out so I left them alone
[18:50] The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth so I decided on my own that I would make my allliance stronger…
[18:50] I began recruiting
[18:50] Later you gave me the official title
[18:51] Got me involved in coming to Irc/Chat
[18:51] well you earned it, you showed initiative and determination
[18:51] i also liked the fact you came to me and told me your intentions
[18:52] I learned that if are willing to chat people up you could gain some information that is very helpful to the alliance
[18:52] If you see a big float ask who is responsible
[18:53] always nice to know whats going on around u
[18:53] Thank you I want SWaRM to be big enough one day to take on LGC…. and win
[18:54] dont we all 🙂
[18:54] Back to recruiting if you ask enough people anything they will say yes…. Its called the law of large numbers…. So I try to ask alot of people to join SWaRM
[18:55] very true, send out 100 messages, and you might get 5 people lol
[18:56] still amazes me the amount of people who wish to go solo
[18:56] far more fun being in SWaRM
[18:56] glad I revived it
[18:57] I take it in turns sometimes I will do a bunch of invites sometimes Im just not into it… SFC at its best is a social game… Chat allows you to get to know people that are in the alliance and maybe find someone that plays at the same time you do in order to do group attacks
[18:59] another IRC fan then 🙂
[18:59] In chat Ive seen it happen many times when an attack is about to hit someone even if a group defense cant be arranged several people will probe the attacker and it will warn off the attacker… You bet
[19:00] But your missing one of the most important features of Chat
[19:00] Being able to give advice to newer players
[19:00] I made ALOT of newbie mistakes when I joined this game
[19:01] Biggest was building an 87 field planet all the way up
[19:01] haha i did that too 😛
[19:02] IRC gives the opportunity to get important information…. (I dont feel as bad now) I have had opportuntity to help newer players not make the mistakes I have by giving out pointers in IRC
[19:03] Planetary Fields, Fleet/Resource Save, Understanding ARC net
[19:03] all make a massive difference
[19:04] Heres one I just learned the other day… You can reorder the ships in your shipyard que…. You cant cancel but you can move around what is built first
[19:04] ships and defensive items
[19:07] yeh can be useful when you want something early
[19:07] or to slow the q down when being attacked etc
[19:07] yep
[19:08] youve been with command a while now, whats it like being high and mighty?
[19:10] Well if you put in the time anyone can be here… It was not my original intention to be in command and someday someone else might need to take my place… but the key is that if we work together we can all have alot of fun and kill a bunch of enemy ships…
[19:11] hurray for killings ships
[19:11] one of my favourite past times
[19:12] I try to keep a picture that our decisions have to keep in mind they affect both the new player and the veteran player
[19:12] something i dont think everyone remembers
[19:14] well if youve nothing more to add, i think thats about it
[19:16] The big portion of this game is to communicate with as many people as possible if you get probed dont get mad ask questions… “Information is power and secrets are the best kind of information”
[19:17] Go out and Kill Some Ships
[19:17] wise words
[19:18] Enjoyed it…
[19:18] anyone you want to nominate for the next interview?
[19:21] hmmm Clem?
[19:21] ooo a toughie, will see what i can do 🙂
[19:24] Would give others an insight in doing diplomacy

Next week, it’s Clems turn to take the spotlight. However, with our opposite time zones it may not happen.

And in a coversation after the interview, it seems you can look to me being interviewed at some point in the future.


Sorry for the whole lack of stuff this week, not had any inspiration or stuff to work with.

I’d still like to hear from you as to new features or comments.

Anything you want to put forward, email me at [email protected]

I’ve been your host, Warlord aka Tyr

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